Dank. Pricey, but Dank: Sent to Germany, Hong Kong,Netherlands, Russia, & Taiwan

I’ve sent five more down the mailbox chute!  We start with two views of Hearst Castle.

The majestic exterior is a Postcrossing draw going to Texel, Netherlands, and the dank interior is a Postcard United draw which if all goes well will wind up in Magdeburg, Germany.



Rapunzel is headed for Hong Kong in a Postcrossing Forum tag.  The recipient likes Disney princesses.  This is a piece of concept art from one of the “Art of Disney” sets.  Have you ever noticed how the concept art (especially now in the digitally-rendered film age) is so often much more beautiful than the final product?


The Smurfs are off to Novosibirsk, Russia (the third-most populous city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg), in a Postcrossing Forum tag that’s all about looking at your partner’s favorites, and sending them a card you think they will like.  I know she’ll like this card, because it was one of her favorites!

Finally, Fremont went off via Postcard United to Tainan, Taiwan.  The recipient was interested in seeing & learning about local geography, so I told him about the winding canyon road near here that has been so often closed due to mudslides in unseasonably-heavy rains.

And so we have reached that time again: time for stamps, stickers, & washi tape:




Castle/Snoopy: Sent to China & Japan

Two on their way in Postcrossing Forum tags:


The Hearst Castle card is off in a “USA-Asia” trade to a Postcrosser in Wuhan, China, who says she is interested in postcards depicting famous places from their senders’ countries.

The other card goes out in the rarely-clicked-upon Snoopy/Peanuts tag trade, and it’s headed to a recipient in Tokyo, Japan, who says she loves Snoopy so much, she’s got a stuffed Snoopy that’s been with her for over 20 years, and she is looking to amass a collection of Snoopy postcards from all over the world.  Well, I made that card as Snoopy-stuffed as I could.  Between the front of the card & the back (see below), I count 11 images of Snoopy!  Hope she likes it.  She also tagged me in the thread, so I should be getting (another) cool Snoopy card from Japan at some point!

Stamps, stickers, & washi tape:


California Coastal Madness: Sent to Canada & Belarus

I clicked on “Send a Postcard” on Postcrossing two more times!


The Hearst Castle card goes to Minsk, Belarus, and the tiger below Morro Rock goes to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The two locales depicted in these postcards are a mere 35 minutes apart, along the Central California Coast.  Hearst Castle, the project of millionaire publisher William Randolph Hearst (with super architect Julia Morgan’s artistry), hosted many movie stars of the 1920s-40s.  Now, it’s a state park offering several different tours–and I have been on them many times.  Hearst even had a personal zoo up there in the hills above the San Simeon coast, and though he is long gone, if you are driving along the Pacific Coast Highway near the site, you may very well see herds of zebras grazing in the hills, not far from cattle!

Zebras San Simeon 2012

Meanwhile, down south on the coast in Morro Bay, you will likely see otters, sea lions, & seals–but tigers are a rare sight.  This one reached the sand bar by kayak, and was floated back out again.  “Take only photos, leave only footprints,” after all.

Sent to: Canada & Czech Republic

Two more of my cards sent out through Postcrossing have reached their destinations:

To Belarus, traveling 14 days and 5,863 miles;

and to Lithuania, traveling 7 days and 5,775 miles.

So, now it’s time to send out 2 more postcards!


Picked these up during a little day trip down to California’s Central Coast a couple of weeks back. Made several stops to increase my postcard stockpile. I THINK both of these came from a gas station in the city of Paso Robles!

The card on the left is going to Stonava, Czech Republic.  The young lady had a list of demands (including “send coins”), most of which I ignored, except for her request to send a map card.  And yes, I did follow her instruction to check her posts of received map cards to make sure this was not a duplicate.  Pfft.

The view of Hearst Castle goes out to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

Historically, Medicine Hat has been known for its large natural gas fields, being immortalized by Rudyard Kipling as having “all hell for a basement.” Because of these reserves, the city is known as “The Gas City.” — Wikipedia