“Please don’t send me something terrible or horrible.” Sent to China & Germany

I decided to spin the Postcrossing wheel a couple more times…


That Pumbaa & Timon card is actually going out via Postcrossing Forum, a USA to Any Country trade, and its recipient is in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.  I don’t know why, having seen this person’s profile, I still tagged them: the profile is almost 100% cards they would like to receive!  I mean, it helped me choose this card, but then–how is the goal of a connection achieved?  How do I know what to write that might be meaningful for this person?  Ugh.  If I had it to do over…  it’s a pretty big profile, but the only personal bit is “my name is —-, I come from China.”

I DO like the part that says, “please don’t send me anything terrible or horrible.”

I had an issue with my regular Postcrossing draw going to China, too.  It’s the card with the row houses, going to a “senior high school student” in Nanning, Guangxi, China.  She specified wanting cherry blossom cards, but that is one thing I just don’t have.  Fortunately, she gave me an out:

“If you don’t have a postcard about cherry blossoms,send me other it doesn’t matter.”


That user’s short profile was just confusing.  Here is most of the rest of it:

“I like reading. But I just like reading Chinese books. I really like cosplay! Even though I don’t like that.”

This is why I am hooked on ibuprofen.

Okay, finally we have Meissner, Hesse, Germany, the destination for that old b&w photo of NYC.  The card is going to a 47-year-old guy who is into motorcycles, geocaching, & calligraphy.  He said he’d like a postcard with old buildings, & I think I spotted some in that photo.

Stamps & washi tape: