Things found in water (or other liquid): Received from the Netherlands & Taiwan

3 new Postcrossing cards in through the mail slot: 2 from Netherlands, 1 from Taiwan.  DUCK!


That’s the one from Taiwan, the duck.  The sender says this is a famous bird in her country.  She also writes, “…please come to Taiwan again, and try every kind of Taiwan’s food!  You’ll love it!!”

The pears are from the Netherlands. The sender tells me that these stoofpeertjes are one of her favorite dishes, and “now it’s almost autumn and we like to eat this in this time of the year because it’s getting colder in Holland.”

Lastly, that wonderful seal card, also from the Netherlands.  This card’s sender says she is a student, and that recently “…I became a vegetarian and I really like to cook with healthy foods like vegetables, fruits and nuts!”

Stamps, and a really cool puffy fish sticker:

postcard332a    postcard332b


Catch of the Day, with Garlic & Tomatoes: Received from Netherlands & the United States

These JUST in:

2015-09-25 17.59.09

A trade of Disney postcards on swap-bot brings that Toy Story illustration, from a sender in Connecticut who says she hasn’t been to a Disney park since 1995, and never to the original site in California.

That coffee run originated in the Netherlands, from a Postcrosser who says that a recent cooking class she took taught her:

  • Italians never cook red meat with garlic
  • Tomatoes came to Italy from the United States


2015-09-25 17.57.54

Received from Germany, Netherlands, & the United States

Three incoming, both foreign & domestic…


Yes, that top card was rendered from a Trader Joe’s frozen food box.  It was for a swap-bot “chunk of cardboard” trade, from a fellow swapper in Oregon.  She says she loves Trader Joe’s, and I told her she is brave–that place is nuts!  Don’t even try to navigate the aisles near the sample station when people are venomously jockeying for position!

The other two cards, I received through Postcrossing.  The card on the left comes from a sender in the Netherlands who says she lives close to the coast–the North Sea.

The Normandie card did NOT come from France!  A Postcrosser from Bavaria, Germany picked that up while vacationing.  Do you notice how Europeans frequently take European vacations?

Stamps!  Note the matching postmark on the U.S. stamp.


Received from Korea, Netherlands, and the United States

Five postcards in two days, through both Postcrossing & swap-bot.


This first pair comes from Netherlands.  The card with the colored pencils comes from Holland via Postcrossing, and the sender tells me she chose it because “it’s a part of toys.”  That confuses me, since colored pencils are actually art implements, and the user, in her profile, describes herself as an artist.  Ah, well!

Speaking  of art, you can probably guess that the image on the card to the right is a work by Christo.  It’s part of a swap-bot “art postcard” exchange.  The sender says she chose this for me because I like humor.

Moving on to the next set of cards:


At top left, from St. Paul, Minnesota, is something that came as part of a swap-bot “chunk-o-cardboard” trade. The sender insists she did NOT eat Little Debbie chocolate cupcakes, saying, “I hate the awful frosting.” I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten a product by that manufacturer, but if they are anything like Hostess, both the frosting AND the cake are filthsome.  The sender tells me what she bought were the “banana cakes and banana pudding rolls.”

That great stone dragon comes my way from Korea, thanks to Postcrossing. The sender writes, in part: “Do you like Korean food? There are many delicious food in Korea!!”  I do agree.  Makes me want to go out & get some right now, at 9:30 in the morning.  You know my favorite thing about going out for Korean food?  All the tiny plates of panchan.  Yum.

Finally there is the beach scene, which seems to have taken a beating in the post.  It comes to me from Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands, in a swap-bot “if money weren’t a problem, I’d…” trade.  The sender’s fantasy list includes employing housekeepers & handymen.  Some things are universal.

Cool stamps all around:



Received from Netherlands

2 in through swap-bot, both from Netherlands!


The Garfield card is for a “Postcards Through the Alphabet: G” trade, in which “G” would seem to stand for, “GEE, that cat seems to be missing a vital body part!” The sender says I have an interesting hobby, telling me she really likes my pictures.

The card with the Frog Prince (by the artist Ernst Kahl is part of an illustrated postcard swap, and comes from a Hollander who tells me she loves crafts, snail mail, photography, her two bunnies, books, and TV series!  Oh, and music–especially on vinyl.  It’s nice to get a card from someone who has so much to say.

Nice stamps!


I especially love those birds. I think I’ve seen cousins of these two running around at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Received from: Netherlands, United Kingdom, California, & North Carolina!

A second “stuffed mailbox” day!


I LOVE the sea otter card!


UK stamps. I remember Joan Rivers saying that when she met the queen, only having seen her on stamps before, she went & licked the back of her head.


This Netherlands stamp is SO detailed, I could only make it out after seeing this super-sized image. Heck, I STILL can’t tell everything that’s going on here!