Just No Accounting: Received from Japan, Russia, & Taiwan

Three in a day–that’s a lot for me!


First comes the wonderful little chef, from Ibaraki, Japan, courtesy of a Postcrossing Forum food package postcard tag.  The sender tells me she has made the card from a “choco anpan” box:

“This is a Japanese small bread-shaped snack.  It’s delicious and it’s so cute. :P”

Take a look down below for the wonderful food stickers (and the super-cool stamps) on the reverse side of her card.

More deliciousness on the next card, which came to me from a Postcrosser in Taipei, Taiwan.  I have tried all of the foods listed, with the exception of the fried sub-sandwich.  As for the steamed buns, AKA xiaolongbao / XLB / 小籠包, well, I’ve had those twice in the last 3 weeks or so!

Finally, from a Postcrosser in Petrozavodsk, Russia, comes the card depicting a sidewalk.  Now, I was looking at that card, wondering if that scene is the best this locale has to offer–and then I recalled the postcards I see that depict my own city.  Let’s just say that there is no accounting for postcard designers.  I will let the postcard’s sender have the final word on her locale:

“This is a very beautiful, quiet and cozy town.  It is the capital of the Republic of Karelia (on the north of Russia).”

A wonderful assemblage of stamps, stickers, & such: