Animal & Food Edition: Received from China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, & the U.S.

I love these two little seals! They came to me from Germany via Postcrossing Forum, and the sender writes:

“I saw some cards like this at your favorites so I decide to send you this one. The word ‘wasserratten’ means ‘water rats,’ we also call people who loves to swim this way.”


The meerkats came from a sender in Italy who seems to have confused them for another animal:

“A few years ago, I visited, together with some friends, a zoo safari not far from my home. The first animal I saw was a lemur, standing on the top of his lair, who watched us curious.”

The wonderful pandas come from Fuzhou, China, but it’s food the sender has in mind:

“In Fuzhou, my favorite snack is called meat yan. Unlike other kinds of wontons, the wrapper of it is made of minced meat and sweet potato flour. I tastes so good that you should try it some day!”


This offers the perfect transition into the food postcard version of my post. The sweet postcard below if from my friend Cindi in Hawaii, and it shows hula pie. Even better is the Snoopily-decorated back of the card, which appears toward the bottom of this post.

The table laden with Indian delicacies comes from Chennai, India, via Postcard United. The sender writes:

Greetings from Chennai, one of the major cities in India. Here we speak Tamil, one of the longest surviving languages in the world. I am sending you a card that features some of the famous food in India.

Don’t miss the beautiful, huge stamp that was on the back of this card, featuring a scene from the Ramayana!

Postcard426That mapo tofu sung to me so loudly that I went out & ordered it one night, and ate a homemade version the next! It came to me from Japan via a Postcrossing Forum food package postcard tag. The sender writes:

“This is a package of ‘mapo tofu.’ Do you know it? Its taste is spicy and hot. I like it.”

Next comes the soup, and it’s from Hong Kong:

“Hope you like my own postcard. Noodle soup is Asian staple food.”


The last postcard came to me from Germany from the regular Postcrossing, and the sender tells me:

“I’m sending you this card depicting the specialty of my region: Schäufele. It’s the shoulder part of the pork and the meat on the bone. Has to be very tender but it has a crispy crust. Yum!”

Okay, stamp time! In the first row, don’t miss Hong Kong’s Kitchenware Street! I’ll have to check it out next time I am there.



An Extra Finger: Received from Chile, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, & Taiwan

I’ve got a handful with an extra finger, all from either Postcrossing Forum trades or Postcard United.  Let’s start with my favorite postcard from this round, that very pretty food map from Taiwan.


The sender tells me that the card is “showing local cuisines in different area.  You can find rice dumpling, xiao long bao, beef noodle soup, pearl bubble tea, fried oyster egg, fruits snow ice, I feel hungry now writing this card LOL.”

Me, too!  And in case you’re still virtually hungry, you can virtually feed yourself with those plates full of sushi from Japan. This card’s sender writes:

“I live in a small town in Osaka with my family and some pets.  Osaka is the second largest city in Japan.  I’m a big fan of U.S. and have visited there 3 times.  My last trip was to CA last December.  It was amazing and want to come back again.”

I asked her where she went while she was in California. She told me, “we went to Disneyland of course, Disney Adventure, Hollywood, Universal Studios etc! I will never forget the amazing holiday there. My daughters keep saying they’re dying to be back again…so do I!!!”

Next up is the hipster raccoon, and it came to me from a sender in Russia who is also a traveler: “I was in France, Spain, Ukraine, Israel, Egypt and India.  🙂 I like to read books about travel too.  My favorite author is Karin Muller!”


The Alice in Wonderland drawing came to me not from one of the sources I earlier cited, but swap-bot, and its sender tells me about her region of Chile:

“We have beaches and to the other side mountains with volcano, national parks and huge, tall and millennial trees called Araucaria.  I think you like here (9th region of Chile, La Araucanía ).

Next up, from northern Italy, is what the sender describes as a public swimming pool in her city.  I have this pegged as a retro card, but how would I know?   What do YOU think–old card, or new?


Finally, there’s that perfectly lovely view of Utah’s Bryce Canyon, on a card which ended up being the most disappointing of the lot for me.  WHY?  Because it was sent to me from Malaysia. I’m fairly certain she would have been disappointed if I were to send her a Malaysia postcard.  What do you think?

Anyhow, the stamps on the back of the card are gorgeous–it’s hard to beat Malaysia’s stamps, in my book–and she wrote a nice message:

“Oh, I had a lovely time reading through your profile; you really do enjoy lots of things 🙂 I’m glad that you enjoy Malaysian cuisine!  What’s your favourite dish? Have you tried durians before and sambal petai, I wonder? I’m 19 y.o., studying arts and social sciences.  I hope one day to make a positive change for the natives of my land.”

How about these stamps?  In addition to the Malaysian ones, I also like the Taiwanese fish & elephants, and the food from Japan.



I Hate Ketchup, & I Don’t Like Having to Play Catch Up: Received from Canada, China, Greece, Italy, Singapore, & the U.S.

It’s a silly thing, isn’t it?  I don’t want to have to post huge lots of postcards at a time (like the 8 here today), nor do I want to have to post too often–but I do enjoy having at least one postcard waiting for me when I check my mailbox each day!  I really just need to get over myself.

I just love the first postcard, depicting Singapore‘s Haji Lane.  I love it so much, I asked for it!  I received it in one of the Postcrossing Forum “you choose” tags in which I’ve been participating lately, where we post the cards we have available, and the person tagging us chooses which one we are to send.

I love it so much, because I’ve stood there, myself!  I took this photo:


That mural is on the side of a Mexican restaurant.  Yup, a Mexican restaurant in Singapore.  I can’t tell you how the food was, because I didn’t try it, but I sure did love the mural!



The card’s sender asks:

“Can you tell me what is your favorite food in Singapore?  I like Hainan Chicken Rice and Hokkien Prawn Mee.”

I ate an awful lot of wonderful food while I was in Singapore, but I told her that one meal that stood out as a favorite was the buah keluak at Daisy’s Dream Kitchen.  An interesting fact about buah keluak: it’s a nut, that in its natural state, contains cyanide. It must be treated before it is eated.

The card beneath the Haji Lane card is of Hainan Dongshan Ridge in China.  It comes to me via a Postcrossing Forum China Meets the World tag, and the sender writes:

“Hainan is the southwest province in our country.  It is very beautiful.  I have been there when I was 12 years old.  Maybe you can travel there when you visit China!”

Next up is the reindeer, which is the last card of 3 I received from somewhere around Hartford, Connecticut in a swap-bot trade of modified postcards.  I was pretty proud of the ones I sent out.  At first, I didn’t realize this postcard had been stamped up–and then I noticed the muddy penguins.

Let’s look at the touristy cards next.  The Greetings From Canada card is a surprise from Melissa, and the Lago di Garda is a regular Postcrossing send from Brescia, Italy.  The sender tells me about herself:

“I live near a beautiful lake.  I love painting and I am now studying the Japanese painting.  I remember a beautiful Japanese garden in San Francisco.  🙂  “


I find that “Hello from Cape May, N.J.” card very odd.  Never mind that font reflected off the water: it seems as if the entire thing were pasted together.  Do you think the bird & boat were originally in the photo?  I sure don’t.  This is from a swap-bot “postcard roulette” trade, and the sender writes:

“I saw that you like beaches so I am sending this PC.  It is one of my favorite sunset beaches.  I checked out your flickr photos and must say, I LOVE your toy photos…very creative and fun.  When I’m geocaching, I take photos of a small stuffed bear but the toys are great.”

The next card, depicting a butterfly brooch, is also from the postcard roulette trade, and came to me from New Orleans, Louisiana. What I love about this card is what is on the BACK: 2 old bird stamps & a puffy Snoopy sticker.  You’ll see all that down below.


The last card comes from Greece, & was hewn from a box of cigarettes.  It’s another swap-bot trade, this one of “upcycled cardboard,” and then sender tells me more than I ever wanted to know about cigs:

“We sell cigarettes in our shop.  These superslims came out a few years ago.  People can buy a carton or 1 pack.  In England they have 10 or 20 in a pack.  We only have 20’s.  Wishing you health, happiness & faith.”

I chuckled at that last part, about health.

Okay, time for stamps, postmarks, stickers, & washi tape.  Lots of good stuff down here.



Hitting the Box: Received from Brazil, Italy, Germany, & Russia


Oops, I seem to have scanned that bottom-right image sideways.  No matter!

That teacup-cat postcard comes from a sender in Moscow, Russia.  He is 16, and has been Postcrossing for over 4 years.  In his profile, he gets pretty specific about what he would like to see from other Postcrossers:

If you can, please, send me a postcard in an envelope with your favourite tea bag inside. Also, if you don’t mind, take a selfie with your friends or family and put the photo inside. Please, tell me any life story which was the most exciting/happy/sad… You can also tell me some interesting facts about yourself, your life, the place where you live, the country.

And now, here his the entire text of the postcard he sent me:

“Hello, my name is —-.  Greetings from Moscow, Russia.  Hope you’ll like this cute postcard!  Best wishes, —-.”


I’ve got two pieces of recycling to share this time.  The first, at top right, is via a Postcrossing Forum food package tag, and it comes from Reggio nell’Emilia, Italy.  Hey, it’s box wine!  The sender, who is originally from Brazil, tells me:

“…it’s called Sangiovese del Rubicone, it’s produced here in this region.  We are lately buying this kind of wine, it’s called ‘bag in box.’  The wine remains untouched by the air and so it prevents the oxidation of the wine.  We use this wine for lunch and culinary uses and we keep the good bottles for special occasions. 😉 “

I’m more of a chocolate guy, so I was happy to see this box panel come in from Porto Seguro, Brazil, thanks to the latest “chunk of cardboard” trade on swap-bot.  The sender provided the back story:

“I made this PC from an Easter egg box I won this year.  Flavor milk chocolate egg with truffle stuffed shell without added sugar, but it was still sweet.  Lol!  Is very delicious!!!  Cacau Show is a famous Brazilian manufacturer chocolates.  I hope you enjoy!”

Well, I can’t actually enjoy the chocolates, since she just sent me the chunk of cardboard, but that “no added sugar” thing is really sticking with me: after all, chocolate does not sweeten itself!  I wonder if the egg makers just bought already-produced chocolate, and can say they are being honest making this ridiculous boast.  Dunno.

The old-school still life, which I seem to have uphended, is a Postcrossing send from Berlin, Germany.  The sender writes:

“You see a picture from one of Berlin’s great museums.  Beware of the lobster!  He is a suspicious guardian of all these delicious fruits.”

Okay, someone’s been hitting the “bag in box.”

Stamps, postmarks, & washi tape:


I love that chili pepper stamp from Brazil.

Let Me Say Something at This Point: Sent to Italy & Poland

I logged into Postcrossing, & I clicked twice more on “send a postcard!”


The “Building a House” card goes to someone in Zagajnik, Poland (about 5,779 miles away from me) who says that she enjoys reading (as well as writing, traveling, & spending time with her friends).  Now, just about a handful of cards remain in my big box o’ book-cover postcards which were just about all I was working with when I began Postcrossing about a year and a half ago.

Let me say something at this point: since this recipient didn’t state any preferences as to what card she might like to receive, I took a little tour through my stash, and reached hopefully for THE DISAPPOINTASSORTMENT.  I went through every single remaining card–and there are a ton left–twice, and didn’t come close to finding something nice to send, but I did, even firmer than before, decide I hate the disappointassortment.  Sooo many cards I would just feel bad about sending someone.  That was just a really bad purchase, and that’s that.

Back to more pleasant topics: the other postcard going out today on a trip of 6,023 miles, to fair Verona, Italy.  The Postcrosser is a school secretary who says collecting & swapping postcards is her main hobby.  She’s been on the site for more than 3 years, and in that time has sent out more than 350 postcards. Her interests for topics included interesting places from our country, castles, and fairies, so I thought a scene from Children’s Fairyland, the original fairy tale theme park, would be just the thing!

I just came up with more rant about the disappointassortment, but I’ll save it.  I would love to hear about your bad purchases, though, so please share.

Tough as Napped Leather: Received from Finland, Germany, & Italy



That little rat who is cooking is actually supposed to be a bear.  The card comes from Uusikaupunki, Finland, and that is Turpo.  “Urpo & Turpo,” this Postcrosser tells me, is “a fanny animation.”  Let’s assume she means “funny,” okay?  Okay.  She goes on: “they are toy bears who want to do things when nobody is home.”

The card with all of the little Roman peeks is from Rome, Italy, and this Postcrosser tells me:

“I’m always so happy to write to someone in USA, a big big travel in your amazing country is one of my dreams!  :)”

Underneath those two cards is a swap-bot chunk-o-cardboard, and this one came to me from Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany.  The sender tells me all about Nappo:

“It is a very sticky nougat in diamond shape.  You get them in red, blue and green and they are yummy.  🙂  It is a traditional sweet from 1920s and never changed the package or recipe.  My grandpa used to say it is as tough and soft as napped leather.  What do you think?  Worth a try or better not?!”

Better not.  If I’m going for candy, I’ll skip the candy and go for chocolate!

Stamps, stickers, postmarks:


My German correspondent tells me that as a child, she always wanted to live in a lighthouse.  I might like that, too: if there were a LOT of room inside, and if I didn’t actually have to operate the thing!


Dreamy Space Food: Received from Italy, Poland, & Russia

3 Postcrossing arrivals in one day:


The dreamy space bunnies came from Zheleznogork, Russia (“a closed town in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, with a developed nuclear industry” — Wikipedia), with a message that reads, in part, “Greetings from the Siberian.”

The blueberry pancakes come from Piła, Poland, from a Postcrosser who tells me (in part):

“I like reading books.  My favorite genre is crime story.  But I also like those ‘foodie books.’ I wonder if you’ve read David Lebovitz books?  I’m sending you a postcard presenting small pancakes with delicious blueberries which we have during summer.”

Finally, a rare postcard from Italy (I don’t know if the postcard is rare; I’m just saying I don’t remember the last time I received a card from Italy). It came to me from near Francavilla al Mare, and the sender tells me the card & stamp “…are dedicated to the World Fair 2015 (in Milan) whose topic was been the food.” Sounds like an interesting event!

Stamps, stickers, postmarks:

2015-10-26 22.06.12

I like the fruit-face stamp. I hate the tank stamps. The stickers are lovely.

On–and off–water: Received from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, & the United States

Catching up on logging in…


Tigger & Piglet are from a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag trade, and they were sent to me from someone in Berlin, Germany who writes, “I like Disney since my childhood.”

The dandelion seeds blew over, via Postcrossing, from Apeldoorn, Netherlands. The sender tells me:

“For a short while I lived near the sea…and I loved it!! I really wish I could go back!  Here in the Netherlands if you blow away the fluff of a dandelion you can do a wish. And mine is to live near the sea one day again. Preferably a sea that is warm enough to swim in the whole year round. 🙂 Don’t like the cold water much. But a cold sea is even better than none and a river or lake is better than nothing! :)”

I agree with her on all points! Speaking of water, the unidentified coastal scene was sent to me from a Postcrosser in Bielefeld, Germany, but this water is no place near the card’s sender!  She writes:

“I also like walking on the beach, the sea, the salt in the air…but it’s so far away from here.  I haven’t any water around Bielefeld, no lake, no river, nothing. But you can live here.”

Well, now I feel depressed.

The Bulgaria postcard is from Bulgaria.  It was received via a swap-bot “Zazzle Me” trade in which we were to send cards we have had professionally printed.  The sender tells me:

“The colors of the Bulgarian flag stand for: –White: peace; –Green: hope & joy; –Red: strength & valour.”

From New York comes the Rockerfeller Center card, for a swap-bot “R” postcard swap.  If you scroll back in my blog, I think you’ll find what I mailed out was a Jetoy (“R”-is-for) Renaissance-style cat!  This swapper tells me:

“I see you enjoy traveling. I do, too.  We are going to Tokyo in Oct.  Really looking forward to it!”

Finally, from Rome, Italy, come all of those nighttime views.  It’s another Postcrossing card, from a sender who identifies herself as a “tattoo artist and student of architecture.” She goes on to write:

“I love alt, reading, watching movies, draw, and go to the beach.”

Stamps, stickers & postmarks:


To get halfway: Sent to Canada, England, Finland, & Italy

I seem to have reached a new Postcrossing milestone: I have sent enough postcards out, that I am now allowed to have as many as 12 going at a time.  To get halfway to my new allowance, I have mailed out these four cards:


Guidonia, Italy is the destination of the marine life card on the upper left.  The Postcrosser said, “my favorite theme postcards and ‘ medicine (nurses, doctors, health etc.)…Royalty and celebrities in General,” but since I had nothing with Nurse Jackie or the Kardashians, I sent this beautiful card, instead. I told her that I enjoy the Steinhart Aquarium (part of the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco), and how grateful I am for the library card benefit that allows the occasional free admission, as this museum charges way too much.

The Jetoy cats are going to Bournemouth, England, where the recipient says she enjoys hugging cats and looking at stars.  I love it when I am able to come up with a card that encapsulates two or more of a person’s interests!

The manatees will make their way, slowly, to Nuoramoinen, Finland.  This was among the most nature-y of my current cards, and the Postcrosser did say, “I love nature,animal and landscape cards, something which tells story of you town or country. Or just Suprise me!!”

Lastly, the interesting antlers are destined to land in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  The recipient said she would love cards with rainbows, and this was the closest thing I had.  This Postcrosser actually devoted most of her profile to listing expired cards, so, figuring she’s a devotee of dramatic events, I told her about the earthquake I experienced the night before.

Received from Italy, Taiwan, and the United States

A trio of cards have been waiting to be posted here:


The first, and my favorite of the three, is that illustrated card, which came via Postcrossing, and was sent to me from New Taipei City, Taiwan.  The sender writes:

“I’m glad to introduce my favorite place, Jioufen, in Taiwan.  Long long time ago there were only nine families in Jioufen.  Because “Jiou” means nine, so people call this place “Jioufen.”  In 1890, someone finds gold near Jioufen, and then a lot of people want to find gold in here.  But “now” you just can find many beverages and snacks in the streets.  If you have a chance you should experience by yourself.  Maybe you can find gold in Jioufen?”

If by “gold,” she means those delicious beverages & snacks, well, count me in!

Two bakers baking came to me from Sardinia, Italy, part of a Postcrossing Forum trade.  There’s a long note on the back, but I was not able to make out much of the handwriting.  I was able to understand that the bakers here are wearing a traditional costume (“which of course nobody wears anymore nowadays”), and are making a traditional bread made of durum wheat flour, made in  big round shapes, and is very thin and crisp.

Finally, the portrait came to me from the St. Paul, Minnesota area, part of a swap-bot “Zazzle Me” trade, in which swappers were to send any custom-printed cards.  I’ll note here that for the cards I’ve had made from my own photos, I did not use Zazzle. I have ordered a couple of t-shirts from that company, and the quality is just awful.  If I were to take a photo of the image transfers–and more importantly, the areas surrounding them–you would know what I mean. But this is off-topic. Back on!  The sender of this card tells me:

“I love Zazzle cards!  And I love old photos of Native Americans, they’re so fascinating!”