Received from Italy, Taiwan, and the United States

A trio of cards have been waiting to be posted here:


The first, and my favorite of the three, is that illustrated card, which came via Postcrossing, and was sent to me from New Taipei City, Taiwan.  The sender writes:

“I’m glad to introduce my favorite place, Jioufen, in Taiwan.  Long long time ago there were only nine families in Jioufen.  Because “Jiou” means nine, so people call this place “Jioufen.”  In 1890, someone finds gold near Jioufen, and then a lot of people want to find gold in here.  But “now” you just can find many beverages and snacks in the streets.  If you have a chance you should experience by yourself.  Maybe you can find gold in Jioufen?”

If by “gold,” she means those delicious beverages & snacks, well, count me in!

Two bakers baking came to me from Sardinia, Italy, part of a Postcrossing Forum trade.  There’s a long note on the back, but I was not able to make out much of the handwriting.  I was able to understand that the bakers here are wearing a traditional costume (“which of course nobody wears anymore nowadays”), and are making a traditional bread made of durum wheat flour, made in  big round shapes, and is very thin and crisp.

Finally, the portrait came to me from the St. Paul, Minnesota area, part of a swap-bot “Zazzle Me” trade, in which swappers were to send any custom-printed cards.  I’ll note here that for the cards I’ve had made from my own photos, I did not use Zazzle. I have ordered a couple of t-shirts from that company, and the quality is just awful.  If I were to take a photo of the image transfers–and more importantly, the areas surrounding them–you would know what I mean. But this is off-topic. Back on!  The sender of this card tells me:

“I love Zazzle cards!  And I love old photos of Native Americans, they’re so fascinating!”