“Lots” of Old Postcards (Strolling Character Edition)

A few posts back, I shared several old Disney cards I’d snapped up for my Postcrossing stash via online auctions. There were a lot more where that came from, so here is part 2! This time, the focus is (at least mostly) on the costumed characters wandering the parks. You can tell these shots span some number of years, based on the work Mickey is continually having done!

Do you have any favorites here? I think that Dumbo at the bottom is interesting, and of course I always like Baloo, but I think in this batch, my fave is astronaut Mickey & Goofy standing in front of Space Mountain!

Pop-Tarts–and other inedible objects: Received from Northern Ireland, Russia, Slovenia, and the United States

Pop-Tarts: YUCK.  So dry, so hard, so unsatisfying.  Is this what hardtack was like?  This swap-bot chunk of cardboard (no more cardboard, really, than the product inside) from a grown woman  in Saint Paul, Minnesota who admits, “Pop-Tarts are never as good as I think they’ll be.  But I’m a sucker for pumpkin fall treats.”

2015-10-25 06.20.23

The rest of the cards came my way via Postcrossing.

The Giant’s Causeway–whoa!  It’s in Northern Ireland, and the sender from Derry tells me, “it’s one of our most famous landmarks/attractions.”  I looked it up, and learned from Wikipedia that this “…is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption.”  It’s so amazing, because as I viewed more photos, these seemed to me to be individual cement pourings assembled together.  I read further, and was satisfied by the legend that these were indeed made by man, or more precisely, by the giant Finn MacCool.

The drawing of the pair hugging came to me from Tyumen, Russia. This Postcrosser tells people in her profile that she is “waiting for cards with date and warm words.”  No date on the card she sent me, but here are the warm words: “I wish you good day.”  In her defense, the back of the card was already, for some reason, printed with 8 lines of text, with wide spaces between lines.  Created for people who don’t know what to write?

The Jungle Book card, a fun surprise, is from Slovenia.  Also not much writing on the back, also not much room left for writing, thanks to additional Mowgli & Baloo art.  Sure, I would have been able to squeeze in a decent-sized message on each of these two cards, but I am special!  Just like everyone else.

Stamps, stickers, postmarks & stuff:

2015-10-25 06.36.53

Love that pig.