Recycling Day: Sent to India & the United States

It’s time for another round of one of my favorite swap-bot trades, the chunk-o-cardboard, in which we are to cut a panel off of a box & turn it into a postcard for our assigned partners!


Pour Fresca over the Golden Grahams, eat that, and then clean your mouth with a Milk Bone brushing chew!

Working from left to right, these are going to: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India; Palm Coast, Florida; and Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Stamps on the chunk-out-to-India:


Sent to Belgium, India, Netherlands, & the United States

Four going out, all in swap-bot trades.  This set of destinations pleases me in that it is much more international than I’ve become used to in being a part of swap-bot.


The Paddington card goes to Zwijndrecht, Netherlands, in a “children’s book illustration” swap.  Why, that is exactly what my big box ‘o’ old book cover postcards was MADE for!

The rest of the cards are for a “chunk o cardboard” swap. These are one of my favorites in which to participate, because depending upon my available supply of time & creativity when the swap comes along, I can either send out an unadorned slice of packaging, or I can collage it up to my heart’s content.

The horsey card above came together from an L&L Drive-In calendar and a bit from a Disney travel ad.  It is heading for Zaventem, Belgium.


The fishy card is going to Liverpool, New York.  I put it together using the cover of a junk mail magazine, and a couple of divers from a travel ad.

Finally comes the cartoon-stampy card.  The images were printed off the internet, and slapped onto my chunk-o-cardboard.  Off it goes to Kanpur, India.