Snoopy-dog-dog: Received from Japan & the United States

Starting with the stamps, stickers, & tape this time, just because they are sooo cool.

2015-09-26 07.24.40a

I love those Japanese stamps, both the Peanuts & the tempura.  Those, & the tape, came on what has to be one of my favorite postcards I’ve received since my start in Postcrossing & swap-botting not much more than a year ago.  The postcards are below, and the wonderful Snoopy card came via a Postcrossing Forum “Snoopy/Peanuts tag” from someone in Tokyo who tells me her favorite Peanuts character is Woodstock.

The oddly-named bathing beauties, and the shiny goldfish sticker, come from around Kansas City (I don’t know which one), thanks to a swap-bot “weirder than weird” trade.  The sender mentions toy photography (a silly pastime of mine): she tells me she got a Moomin advent calendar, and took photos like mine with them.  Cool!  I’d like to see that.  Moomin are funny.  They have characters they call trolls, that look just like hippos.  I like hippos.

Finally, from the Little Rock, Arkansas area, comes that chunk-o-cardboard, through one of my favorite (okay, my absolute favorite) ongoing swap-bot trade.  I neglected to photograph the washi tape on the back, which looks like a colorful circuit board

.2015-09-26 07.11.53

Received from Germany and the United States


The Kansas City, Missouri card is from Kansas City, Missouri (via swap-bot), and the sender’s comments about her city are funny:

“As you can see, we don’t have much in the way of scenery here, unless you like looking at cornfields.  I enjoy swapping to see what other people get to look at.”

Eek!  Pippi Longstocking came to me from Germany via Postcrossing.  I’m going to slap a new back on this one & send it to a friend of mine in Seattle, Washington, along with a suggestion that he dress up like her for Halloween.

Stamps!  And my favorite part of this little haul would be those three little characters in hard hats:



Sent to Canada and the United States

Two more going out in swap-bot trades:


I don’t remember how the bird postcard came into my possession–perhaps in a swap-bot envelope-full-of-postcards type trade–but now it’s on its way to Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, in a “for the birds”-themed trade.  When I saw that opportunity on swap-bot, I remembered the card, and saw my chance to set it free!  I can’t tell you what kind of birds these are; the text on the back is printed in Chinese.  I wrote my message in English, though.

The other swap-bot trade here today is going to Kansas City, Missouri, and it is a “reuse a postcard” one, in which participants are to slap a new backing on a card we’ve received, & send it on to someone else.  I love these, even though I realize that in the end, it does not actually reduce the number of postcards in the house–though it does feel like it when I am sending it out!  I received this bus card from Hong Kong, and in sending it along the pipeline, I was careful to preserve my very favorite part: that snowman stamp!  Hope it doesn’t confuse the post office.