Received from Russia, Taiwan, & the United States

Two Postcrossing cards in from Russia for this post. I do get many from that country (yes, even two in a week), but this some post of this is just me catching up.  Heck, for all I know, I’ve even posted one or two before.

2015-11-06 18.36.06

What a crappy photo. Would it have taken me that much longer to scan the things?

The poppies are from Moscow, from a 35-year-old woman with two children who says:

“I love to travel to Russia and visit ancient cities and natural reserves.  I like nature!  During the trips I’ve photographed, and then share photos with friends.  A person must be able to see the true beauty & enjoy it!”

The watery scene is from Yekaterinburg, which the sender identifies as a “little Russian town,” but which Wikipedia identifies as the fourth-largest city in Russia, one on the border of Europe & Asia.  The card’s sender tells me:

“I have eaten in Thailand too–I liked seafood and fruits especially.  What is your favorite dish?”

I don’t care to try to narrow down to a “favorite dish,” but I will say that I often think of the wonderful, abundant, fresh & cheap fruit I was able to find absolutely everywhere during my Thailand trip!  I definitely miss the fruit.

Penny, as I’ve named her, the kitty on the railroad tracks, is from Keelung, Taiwan, part of a Postcrossing Forum “Taiwan Meets the World” trade.  The sender writes:

“Hope you doing well! Best wishes.  xoxo”

So much for meeting Taiwan.  Can’t help but look at all of the white space on the back of the card & think of what might have been.  I’m sure I’ve never mentioned before that I’d rather have a box panel from someone’s favorite cake mix, filled with a nice message on the back, than a gorgeous, expensive postcard left basically empty.

The more I look at the Andy Warhol card, the more I think I probably posted when I got it months ago.  Gotta refine that system.  I will keep it brief: it came from Jacksonville, Florida, in a swap-bot trade in which we were to write about a book we’d recently read.  This person is a big fan of The Kiss of Deception, part of a series by Mary E. Pearson.

Stamps, postmarks…

2015-11-06 18.37.11