Jazz Up Dinner for Less! Received from Russia, Ukraine, & the U.S.

I recognized this top card pretty quickly as a Picasso.  Nope, don’t know the work, just noted the style.  It came to me from a Postcrosser in Kirov, Russia who wishes me “good luck this summer!”  The card traveled 5,776 miles in 21 days to find me.


The other Postcrossing card this time is the woman buckling under all of those decorative layers, and it comes to me from Armyansk, Crimea, Ukraine (after having traveled 6,462 miles in 18 days).  The sender writes:

“…I’m from the Crimea, which is part of Russia now.  It’s summer and it’s hot here.  We live near the Black Sea.  I like everything connected with ethnic, so I choose this card for you! :)”

Finally, it’s an upcycled cardboard postcard, thanks to swap-bot!  It comes from a swapper near San Antonio, Texas, and I love the big sun rubber stamp she lays down next to the stamp.  Check it out!