How I Worked for Peanuts: Sent to Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, & Taiwan

I finally found some Peanuts postcards!  I’ve groused a time or three about how they are nearly impossible to find in the U.S., the only ones I’d previously found online being meant for teachers or doctors to send to their charges.  I bought a small set earlier this year at the Charlie Brown Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, and have used them in Postcrossing Forum’s “Peanuts/Snoopy” tag trade, knowing my days were numbered.  Well, I finally decided to comb the online store at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California, a city about two hours north of me, but not within my usual stomping grounds.  SUCCESS!  They had a few different designs, & I bought several of each (and then of course had to throw down for postage).  The bundle arrived yesterday, & now I am happy to be back in the Peanuts game!

This first card is already on its way to Chiayi City, Taiwan–not in the Snoopy trade, but in a “Taiwan Meets the World” trade, in which this recipient wrote in her list of card wishes, “SNOOPY!”  Pleased to be in a position to help.


The rest of the cards are going out on regular Postcrossing draws.  The “Printing” postcard–one of the few left in my big box ‘o book cover postcards I had to rely on back when I joined Postcrossing & swap-bot a year ago–is heading to Konnevesi, Finland.  The person set to receive this card thinks it is important that we know “there are no polarbears in Finland.”  Looking over the images of her favorite cards, I just decided that this seemed to be the closest I had in my stash to something which might strike her fancy.

Pismo Beach is heading for Netherlands!  Krommenie, specifically.  The Postcrosser there said he would enjoy “cards that give an good view of your country.” I think the California coastline is gorgeous, and this card offers a great view of a small part of it.

The Monterey multi-views go to Simferopol, Ukraine.  Or is it Russia?  I sent this one nearly a week ago, and in going back to post this I started by looking at a shot that I took of the card, which has a Postcrossing address label to Simferopol, Russia.  But in trying to find it on the Postcrossing site under my traveling or sent cards, I had no outgoing cards to Russia in the time frame!  I finally found the card number assigned to a member listed as living in Ukraine.  Sigh.  Blame Pootie-Poot. Anyhoo, this member’s profile shot depicts her wearing traditional German-style garb, and she tells the reader, “I am interested in Germany and I really love this country!  My favorite place is in Munich and it is Starbucks Cafe”  Wha’?

Finally, and speaking of Germany, that beautiful sea otter is going to Nürnberg, Germany to a teacher who enjoys receiving cards depicting oceans & sealife.