Catch-Up Edition: Received from Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, The Philippines, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea, & the U.S.

It’s kind of false to call this a catch-up edition, because at this point, I don’t think I’ll ever be caught up. I thought this would be a good way to keep track of my postcards, but who has time? Anyhow, after a very long absence, here we go with SOME of the cards I’ve received over the last few months since my last post.

Could there be any postcard more wonderful than this Grandma Duck card that found its way to me from Lelystad, Netherlands?


I also love this postcard from Qingdao, China!

More Doraemon! This one from Poland.

from a friend in the U.S…

loka made postcards 698

from Germany…


Also from Germany:

…and again.


…and again, again. This one below is from a guy who describes himself as a 30-year-old enthusiastic tobacco pipe smoker.


Received from Colorado, U.S.A. I had no idea Ikea sold postcards, did you? I don’t even know where I would start to look for them. The second I go in, the only thing I’m really looking for is the exit…

Here comes something tasty from Korea. The sender says, “nakjibogguem is a stir-fried octopus. It is made with chopped octopus and vegetables. Then make a marinade with red pepper sauce, soy sauce, garlic, salt, and sugar. Mix, marinade them and fry everything. It is pretty delicious with spicy taste. Hope you like it!”

I love this tasty dish of Chairman Mao’s Red Braised Pork from Shanghai, China:

From Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China:

Here’s a dish of food (“pyshenka with butter and piroshki (patty)) from Russia, and I it was dated 2015, about 4 years and 1 month before I received it. It turn out that the sender just apparently had the mid-20-teens on his mind: it was issued and mailed less than a month ago.

More Russian bread:

Received from Shanghai, China:

Received from China–must have been a Postcard Uniting meetup–lots of signatures!

From Hangzhou, China:

From South Korea:

From Shantou, China:

From Finland:


From Belarus:


More pink edibles from Belarus:


Something sweet from Russia:

From Poland:



From the Philippines:

This one from Russia kinda freaks me out…
…if you think it’s not freaky yet, pair it with the message scrawled on the back:

Why are you so prickly, Hedgehog?
–That’s me just in case. You know who my neighbors are? Foxes, wolves, bears.
Happy Postcrossing!

E E E K !


Do You Shop at ‘Forever 40?’ Sent to Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, & Taiwan

A lot of my Postcrossing cards have been landing at their destinations over the last week, so I am sending out four more to catch up a little.

Three of these are from that **ahem** surprise assortment.


The one that is not is that swell tiger, who is off to Chiayi City, Taiwan. The recipient’s list of cards she would like includes the ocean/beaches/colorful/funny, so here we go!

The card fulla greetings is off to Salzitter, Germany, to someone who more or less says she likes anything she gets: “I treasure every card that I have received.” She also likes stamps, and a message that actually says something (I like an actual message, too), and I have seen to it that she is getting both on this card.

“Merry Christmas” goes to Ulsan, South Korea, which I have learned is home to the world’s largest automobile assembly plant (Hyundai). This Postcrosser mentioned on her want list that Christmas themes are always welcome, which was welcome to me, as I was wondering what the heck I was going to do with that card!

Lastly, the mailbox card goes to someone who likes mailbox themes, and lives in Lelystad, Netherlands.  She writes that she is 60+ years of age, but feels “forever 40.”  Isn’t that the name of a mall store?  No, probably not, I guess.

Here are the stamps I applied to the two cards where the recipients specified that they enjoy stamps.  My favorites?  The top row & bottom row.  The middle three stamps I do not like at all, but the small denominations help me get up to the postage rate.

2015-10-31 11.03.55a

Received from Korea, Netherlands, and the United States

Five postcards in two days, through both Postcrossing & swap-bot.


This first pair comes from Netherlands.  The card with the colored pencils comes from Holland via Postcrossing, and the sender tells me she chose it because “it’s a part of toys.”  That confuses me, since colored pencils are actually art implements, and the user, in her profile, describes herself as an artist.  Ah, well!

Speaking  of art, you can probably guess that the image on the card to the right is a work by Christo.  It’s part of a swap-bot “art postcard” exchange.  The sender says she chose this for me because I like humor.

Moving on to the next set of cards:


At top left, from St. Paul, Minnesota, is something that came as part of a swap-bot “chunk-o-cardboard” trade. The sender insists she did NOT eat Little Debbie chocolate cupcakes, saying, “I hate the awful frosting.” I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten a product by that manufacturer, but if they are anything like Hostess, both the frosting AND the cake are filthsome.  The sender tells me what she bought were the “banana cakes and banana pudding rolls.”

That great stone dragon comes my way from Korea, thanks to Postcrossing. The sender writes, in part: “Do you like Korean food? There are many delicious food in Korea!!”  I do agree.  Makes me want to go out & get some right now, at 9:30 in the morning.  You know my favorite thing about going out for Korean food?  All the tiny plates of panchan.  Yum.

Finally there is the beach scene, which seems to have taken a beating in the post.  It comes to me from Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands, in a swap-bot “if money weren’t a problem, I’d…” trade.  The sender’s fantasy list includes employing housekeepers & handymen.  Some things are universal.

Cool stamps all around:



Sent to Kiev, Ukraine

Postcrossing time!

The card I sent to Chungnam, South Korea reached its destination after traveling 5,697 miles in 13 days.

Now, I get to send out another card, and this one is heading for: Kiev, Ukraine.  The recipient enjoys beautiful nature, including the sea–just like me–and so I sent her the first from my brand-new batch of postcards made from my photos!