Oh! Pickled herring! Received from Canada, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, & Poland

You hate it, you really hate it!  Still no takers for my offer of thoroughly-recyclable/compostable postcards!  If no one drops me a line soon asking for dibs on this mess, I’m shipping it off to a friend as a gag gift.



So many cards, I’m going to sort of race my way through them.

The Keep Calm and…Raise Hell card is from a Postcrosser in Rybnik, Poland.

The flowery painting card came from someplace in Germany, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum “last movie you saw” tag trade.  The sender tells me she saw Deadpool:

“Although I’m not a fan of Ryan Reynolds, I liked his performance a lot!  He was not only ‘cute.’ And the movie was funny too!  I like the Marvel films so much!  So I look forward to the next Deadpool.  And there will be one!”

The last movie I saw, by the way, was Sarbjit.

Next card is that bready one.  It’s another Postcrossing Forum card, this one for a “food package postcard” tag, and it was sent to me from the Netherlands.  The handwriting in the message was extremely hard to read, but I managed to make out that this is a popular bread at Christmastime, and the sender has made it in the past, but sometimes there just isn’t time–and so she bought the stuff in this box.

And then there’s the thing next to the pickles.  Oh!  Pickled herring!  And yes, we are still in the Netherlands with this one.  The sender tells me it’s:

“…Dutch food, though not everybody likes it because of its taste.  But I like it.  I live in a small fishing village called Ueh.  It used to be an island, but was connected to the mainland in 1939 by dykes.  We have a beach, but no tides 😦 because it is a lake.”

Why Latvia?  Because there are beaches!  So proclaims this Postcrossing card from Latvia, and the sender writes:

“Now you will have card from Latvia!”

Uh, thanks.

The last card is that one at bottom right, and it is quite a bit darker in real life, so I’m happy for my scan, which allows me to just barely make out a bit of this scene from Big Hero 6.  The card came to me from somewhere in Canada, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum “request a Disney card” tag.  I had provided a long list of Disney cards I’d like, but had to keep adding, due to my obscure desires.  I would be thrilled to receive a postcard bearing an image of Super Goof.

Stampy McStamperson: The Poland-registered Postcrossing card also bears Russian stamps–the only ones on that particular card that were cancelled.  Hmm!  My favorite stamp this time is the bird from Latvia.


Give Me Spider-Man & a Lady Monster: Sent to Germany, Latvia, & Netherlands

Several of my traveling Postcrossing cards have just reached their destinations, so I am throwing a few more into the wind:


Aah, Big Sur.  Just looking at that card makes me feel like going there right now.  The card goes to a 38-year-old mother in Assen, Netherlands who says she enjoys geocaching.  The list of postcard ideas she provided on her profile included single-view cards from our country or hometown, landmarks, and nature.

Superman is off–I assume by air–to Rīga, Latvia.  In my time Postcrossing, this is only my 3rd card to that country; I’ve been assigned Latvia once each calendar year!  I’ve yet to receive a card from there.  The recipient describes herself as a positive, friendly person, and yes, she did specifically write that she would like to receive a Superman postcard.

Me, I’d much rather find Spider-Man in my mailbox.

Finally, the Sherry Netherland Hotel (reminds me one of my favorite periods of Sesame Street, featuring the Furry Arms Hotel & its owner-monster, Sherry Netherland) is bound for Pinneberg, Germany.  This person says she likes postcards with black & white images, and cards showing architecture or old buildings.  Check, check, check.

Stamps, stamps, & washi tape:


From Veggie Burgers to Frisco: Sent to France, Germany, Latvia, & Malaysia


Several going out via Postcrossing.

The first is for the Postcrossing Forum Food Package Postcard tag, and it will wind up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  I told the Postcrosser there that this is one of my favorite meatless patties because it does not try to be like meat; it just tries to be delicious, and it succeeds. Now I have a couple of veg patties in my freezer with no box to remind me of their provenance.  Perhaps I shall go & prepare one now.

The manatee is going to Neulingen, Germany.  This Postcrosser said she enjoys reading, so I told her about a couple of the books I am reading right now.

The leopard goes to Bauska, Latvia.  The recipient mentioned in her profile that she enjoys traveling, so I wrote a bit about favorite travel spots of mine.

That “San Francisco Bay Area” card is destined for a Postcrosser in Châteaubriant, France, who expressed an interest in view postcards.  I jotted down that I prefer the S.F. Bay Area’s other two (bigger) big cities, San Jose & Oakland.  My expertise level in stating such an outrageous preference is that I spent 10 years working in “Frisco!”

Sent to Latvia, Malaysia, Netherlands, and South Africa

Just sent out several through Postcrossing…


Working clockwise from upper left:

The Coplu art goes to Somerset West, South Africa, where the Postcrosser mentioned liking Coca-Cola advertising.

Astro and his beach-combing dogs (captured at Duxbury Reef Reserve in Bolinas, California) go to Johor, Malaysia, where the card’s recipient says he likes comics.

Bleiswijk, Netherlands is the destination of the book cover card.  The Postcrosser was a bit of a cipher in her profile, and I decided, thus exactly the type of person who might like that card.

The beautiful Doraemon card is awarded to a user in Riga, Latvia who, I think, said something about liking landscapes.  The landscape on this card, by the way, is at Punalu’u Black Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.