A Criminal with an Empty Space: Received from Germany, Japan, Netherlands, & Singapore

It’s been a good couple of days for postcards!


Pingu & friends as the upper left came to me from Tokyo, Japan, as part of a Postcrossing Forum “what did you do today?” tag trade.  This trader went to some toy stores, shopping for her nephew’s 3rd birthday.  He wanted a red light saber, and she is quite worried he may fall into the dark side.  Scroll down, and you will see part of the back of the card.  I really like the happy little red mountain, with the bright sun & swirling sea.  Also, there’s the lady on the stamp, who reminds me of the super-old U.S. comics character, Emmy Lou.

What a cool beer ad!  That is from a regular Postcrossing draw, and it came to me from Mosbach, Germany (9 days; 5,732 miles).  The sender tells me hers is a hilly, rural area near Heidelberg, “a world-known city for tourists and students.  You can meet there a lot of American and Japanese people.”

Those weird creatures Fred & Ed are rescued from what seems to be some sort of candy package, and they were created by a swap-bot memeber in Lelystad, Netherlands, for an “upcycled cardboard” trade. This is one special card.  Scroll down to the card right below my writing, and you will see what I mean: absolutely covered with text, and drawings, and very unusual stamps.  The two stamps on the right are a hard plastic material, with the right-most one having a black-and-white image of a building, overlaid with a golden facade.  The stamp right next to that depicts and ice skater–and when I tilt the postcard to & fro, I can watch the skater skate!  WHOA!  Now, I am fond of my country’s Charlie Brown Christmas stamps–but they don’t move!  You’ll see the sender has drawn a “criminal with an empty space,” a reference to my swap-bot profile, which notes my view that empty space on the back of a postcard seems criminal.

Another Postcrossing card at bottom left, the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.  It took 10 days to travel the 8,469 miles to get to me, and the sender asks if I’ve visited the just-about-to-close UnderWater World (about to shutter due to competition from a newer, bigger aquarium attraction).  I have, indeed.  There were parts I loved, and one thing that disturbed me: performing dolphins. These gorgeous Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphins, like much of UnderWater World’s stock, are being sent on to an attraction in China. By the way, if you love dolphins, killer whales, and other cute cetaceans, as I do, I highly recommend the films The Cove and Blackfish.

On a more pleasant note: Spirited Away!  It’s from a Postcrosser in Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan, part of a Studio Ghibli-related tag trade.  Beautiful stamps on the back, check out the last attached image.




A List for Santa: Sent to Germany & the Netherlands

And so I have sent 3 more cards off into the world, toward their new homes (or recycling bins)!


My handmade fish postcard is for a swap-bot trade of handmade fish postcards.  Its recipient lives in Halsteren, Netherlands.  She’s an arts & crafts teacher, so I hope she will not judge my efforts too harshly.

The donut is on its way to a Postcrosser in Paderborn, Germany.  She enjoys traveling, reading, baking, watching movies, and exploring genealogy.  She said she enjoys funny cards–so I hope she finds this card funny!

That ship postcard is setting sail for Lelystad, Netherlands, to a Postcrosser who wrote in her profile that she would like vintage cruise ships.  I can go on at length about what kind of postcards she would like to receive, as she did, but I can not tell you a single detail about the person herself.  The word profile indicates that one is supposed to fill it with some details about oneself, and not have it exist as solely, essentially, as a list for Santa–but we’ve covered this before.

And will again.

I just hope this recipient is not cheezed off over the fact that I marred the back of her new postcard by filling it with lines & lines of a little personal story!

Stamps, stamps, and washi tape:


Do You Shop at ‘Forever 40?’ Sent to Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, & Taiwan

A lot of my Postcrossing cards have been landing at their destinations over the last week, so I am sending out four more to catch up a little.

Three of these are from that **ahem** surprise assortment.


The one that is not is that swell tiger, who is off to Chiayi City, Taiwan. The recipient’s list of cards she would like includes the ocean/beaches/colorful/funny, so here we go!

The card fulla greetings is off to Salzitter, Germany, to someone who more or less says she likes anything she gets: “I treasure every card that I have received.” She also likes stamps, and a message that actually says something (I like an actual message, too), and I have seen to it that she is getting both on this card.

“Merry Christmas” goes to Ulsan, South Korea, which I have learned is home to the world’s largest automobile assembly plant (Hyundai). This Postcrosser mentioned on her want list that Christmas themes are always welcome, which was welcome to me, as I was wondering what the heck I was going to do with that card!

Lastly, the mailbox card goes to someone who likes mailbox themes, and lives in Lelystad, Netherlands.  She writes that she is 60+ years of age, but feels “forever 40.”  Isn’t that the name of a mall store?  No, probably not, I guess.

Here are the stamps I applied to the two cards where the recipients specified that they enjoy stamps.  My favorites?  The top row & bottom row.  The middle three stamps I do not like at all, but the small denominations help me get up to the postage rate.

2015-10-31 11.03.55a