Sent to Germany, South Korea, and the United States

Two more of my Postcrossing cards have been received–in fact, two cards I mailed on the same day were received on the same day!

My card to Munich, Germany traveled 9 days and 5,866 miles; and

my card to Lucerne, Switzerland traveled 5,835 miles in those same 9 days.

Time now to send out more cards!


Two of my recipients are very lucky! The third gets the ghost card.

My tiger cards go out to Hamburg, Germany (Postcrossing always has you with a card out to Germany, and one to Netherlands, it seems), and to Chungnam, South Korea.  The card to South Korea is headed for an American who has been living there for two years, teaching English.  So cool!

That ghost card–picked from my big box ‘o’ old book cover postcards seen so often on this blog–is going to Sandwich, Illinois.  Yeah, you read that right.  Do you want to know what that city is named for?  Sandwhich, New Hampshire. Seriously, I looked it up.

The card is part of a swap-bot “postcards through the alphabet: G” trade, and I started to tell the recipient that I am not interested in reading about ghosts, but then I remembered the Topper books by Thorne Smith.  Funny stuff.  Have you ever read them?  Or perhaps you’ve seen the movies or TV series.

Sent to: Germany & Switzerland

Two of my Postcrossing cards have been received:

To Russia, traveling 27 days and 5,543 miles;

and to Netherlands, traveling 8 days and 5,462 miles.

Some difference in travel time, huh?  The struggles!

Now I get to mail out two new postcards, and the locations I have been assigned are Munich, Germany, and Lucerne, Switzerland.  These two people have both been specially-selected to receive–

–“The Usual!”

postcard020 MORRO BAY

Very, very lucky people!