Two Down from the Disappointassortment: Sent to China, England, France, Germany, & Netherlands

EuropeEuropeEuropeEurope this time–and also China!


Mulan is going to Kunming, China, in a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag trade.  No, I would not have sent a Disney Mulan card to China, without the user specifically specifying she would like such a thing.  By the way, I love Disney (and Pixar) concept art.  Heck, when it comes to Pixar, I like the concept sketches much better than the finished product!

The rest of the cards are regular Postcrossing draws (by the way: I am newly at the level of being allowed 13 cards traveling at a time–though this week’s four out only take me up to 9 now traveling).  The rabbit goes to a bunny fanatic in Maastricht, Netherlands.

I couldn’t tell the recipients of the boat & garden cards where those nice shots had been taken; both are part of the disappointassortment, which doesn’t bother to share such vital details.  The person who wanted a boat card lives in Lille, France, and she is the mother of two grown children in their 20s–and she enjoys riding around on her Harley.

The garden goes to a fellow garden lover in Kent, England, a woman who met her husband the day she moved into her home–he was her new next-door neighbor!  Isn’t that sweet?  And they look absolutely happy in the photo she posted–do you think that means they still live next door to one another?

That gorgeous tiger went off to Iserlohn, Germany, to a student who said she might like a card with Hello Kitty–or maybe the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Since I had neither of those, it was nice she also expressed interest in “a special one or a funny one (or) maybe one which is connected to yourself or expressing yourself in a way.” That gorgeous tiger is all of those things.

Stamps for the stamp lover receiving the boat card:

2015-11-10 11.18.52

Mammals on Wheels: Sent to China, Germany, & Netherlands

Doing some more catch-up from the time I went on postcarding, while my computer was off at the spa.  A couple of Postcrossing draws this time, plus a send via the site’s forum.

2015-09-15 05.54.29

The manatees went–probably by air, who knows–to Beelen, Germany.

Maastricht, Netherlands got the bull.  I just saw a lot of cows in this Postcrosser’s profile, so I reached into the “Animal Box” and grabbed the bull by the postcard.

The tuk-tuks went to Chongqing, China, part of a Postcrossing Forum “my last trip” tag trade.  Can you guess where I went?  I can!