Books take you places. So do buses & boats! Received from England, Hong Kong and Malaysia

An interesting one in here–a bus-in-bag!  Read on.


The “create your own story” card was sent to me from just outside Manchester, England, for a swap-bot “what are you reading” trade.  The sender tells me she is “currently engrossed in the ‘Star-Crossed‘ series by Rachel Higginson…fabulous book and very well written. Full of action and emotion.”

The big red bus (“Chinese zodiac bus-Year of the Pig 2007”) was from a Postcrossing Forum “Hong Kong to the World” tag (I sent a card to HK, and then someone from HK sent a card to me). What is very interesting is that this card came to me in a neat plastic bag.  I flipped it over, expecting somehow to see the stamp & postmark on top of the bag, but, no–it was all on the card, inside the bag!  I had to ask what that was all about, so I contacted the sender:

“I’m very interested in the plastic bag: do you mail it in the bag, & someone at the post office takes it out to cancel the stamp? Or perhaps you take it to the post office personally to be hand-canceled before you bag it? I need to know!”

The sender responded:

“I just finished all and put the postcard in the bag,HK postman are very friendly dont canceled my bag ,but I try do it in China not successiful ,only HK can ,ha ha !!”

Have you ever received a card in a bag–or sent one?  I am still pretty fascinated!

The Thailand card, depicting the floating market in Rajburi (“a trading place for small sampans with fruits and vegetable from outlaying area,” according to the caption) came to me from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, part of a swap-bot “not my country” postcard exchange.  The sender says she recently made her second visit to Bangkok:

“I’ve always liked the atmosphere and the people there. The stuff and food are cheap, there are just too many things to offer.  The weather is really humid, though.”

Stamps & stuff; I really like the Malaysian stamps, and the Snoopy tape on the Hong Kong card.