You Go Away for a Few Days, and…Received from Canada, China, & Germany

I took a nice elongated weekend trip, and now that my mail service has restarted, a lot of postcards have come in through the slot!  A nice welcome home.


Manatees!  I love those guys.  It was mailed to me from a swap-botter in Sandwich, Illinois (a small town, she says about 60 miles away from Chicago).  She tells me:

“I visit Florida often to see family.  I’ve been able to see a number of aquariums and spotted dolphins and very small sharks in the waters.  Oh and alligators in the pond behind my mom’s home and on the golf course.  My favorite is the manatee.  This postcard and many others were available at Manatee Park in Fort Myers.  We spent an afternoon watching them come and go.  It was February and when the water gets cold they find warm water in an inlet.  The park is a natural habitat with viewing areas, educational events and they have a microphone in the water and speakers to listen from the viewing spots.

Sounds so nice!  I would love to see manatees in their natural home.  Something else I’d love to see in their natural home is orcas; that beautiful card in the middle is from Melissa in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who tells me the cetaceans are regular visitors to the area, and she was once able to see a pod.  I gasp internally thinking about the idea of seeing such a thing.  I wish all orcas were so free!

A third card I love is that Goofy art at the top right.  It’s from Altenburg, Germany, and is my one regular Postcrossing card received this time around.  Check below for the cool stamps & washi tape!  The sender tells me about where she lives:

“…Altenburg, a beautiful little big town with 164,000 inhabitants in the north of Germany. I’m 43 years old, and my motto is: give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day in your life!”


The next 2 cards came from the same person, though she wrote them about a month apart!  She is in Yangzhou, China, and she sent the cards via Postcrossing Forum trades.  The one at bottom left, with the three walking girls, is dated  July 16, when she wrote:

“We are having summer holiday now!  With countless of homework to do, of course.  And I only have to read for summer holiday.  We are to go back to school to have extra classes coz we are in grade 3 in senior school.  We’ve to prepare for the high school graduate exam in advance, it’s like SAT in your country.”

On August 24, on the garden card at bottom write, she told me,

“(This is) a Chinese-style garden in Hangzhou, just where the G20 this year takes place.  But I think the Chinese gardens in my hometown–Yangzhou–are the most graceful, the representative of which is Slender West.  Have you heard of it?

I had not!

Finally, at the bottom middle, is that interesting food!  It’s another Postcrossing Forum trade, this time from Dalian, China.  The sender tells me,

“On this postcard is a traditional Chinese food…  ‘Rolling Donkey’, haha!  Maybe in English, it’s called ‘Ludagunr.’  I’m not sure.  It’s glutinous rice rolls with sweet bean flour.  It’s very delicious!  Hope you’ll like it!”

This is something I’m not familiar with–and now I will have to seek it out!

Stamps, washi tape, & stuff:


Cute li’l warthog!

Beautiful Creatures: Sent to Indonesia & Taiwan

I like this animal batch going out.



The manatees–the last of the postcards I received from last year’s renewal of my Save the Manatee membership–are off to Bekasi, Indonesia, in a Postcrossing Forum Marine Life & Sea Creatures tag.  I hope I get another set of cards for this year’s renewal!  As I told the card’s recipient, I have never seen a manatee in the wild–only in aquariums.  I also saw the manatee’s Asian cousin, the dugong, during a visit to the Singapore Zoo.

The kitty is going out for another Postcrossing Forum trade, this one called “Taiwan Meets the World,” and it’s on its way to Taichung City, Taiwan.  This user, with whom I have traded before, notes on her profile that she likes cat cards.  See how accommodating I am?

Finally, a regular Postcrossing draw!  I was excited to see Taiwan come up, but deflated when I see the Postcrosser has not written a profile. Well, the wonderful tiger is off to Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, and I hope that receiving a card with a 14-line message (not including formatics like date & greeting), inspires this user to tell her fellow Postcrossers a little that would inspire them as they go about preparing mail for her!


2015-12-17 07.02.52


A Pair of Ciphers: Sent to Poland, Russia, & Turkey

3 New Postcrossing draws:


Pinocchio is going to a Postcrosser in Belgorodskaya, Russia, whose long list of likes includes Disney movie posters. She wanted a quote, so I gave her a favorite of mine from Groucho Marx:

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

That was the pleasurable part of this draw; in the case of the next two Postcrossers, I would go so far as to call them ciphers.  There are more words in one of my postcards than there are in both of their profiles combined!

The person in Kozieglowy, Poland, gets the Coplu cartoon because she mentioned “drawing,” and the member in Corlu, Turkey gets the manatees because she mentioned “animals.”  There we go!  Okay, I’ll say this in their defense: both are brand-new Postcrossers, and are about 16 years of age.  It’s to be hoped that as they go along & participate more & read more profiles, they will add more information to help others select a postcard for them, & even more importantly, learn about their lives & cultures.

To get halfway: Sent to Canada, England, Finland, & Italy

I seem to have reached a new Postcrossing milestone: I have sent enough postcards out, that I am now allowed to have as many as 12 going at a time.  To get halfway to my new allowance, I have mailed out these four cards:


Guidonia, Italy is the destination of the marine life card on the upper left.  The Postcrosser said, “my favorite theme postcards and ‘ medicine (nurses, doctors, health etc.)…Royalty and celebrities in General,” but since I had nothing with Nurse Jackie or the Kardashians, I sent this beautiful card, instead. I told her that I enjoy the Steinhart Aquarium (part of the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco), and how grateful I am for the library card benefit that allows the occasional free admission, as this museum charges way too much.

The Jetoy cats are going to Bournemouth, England, where the recipient says she enjoys hugging cats and looking at stars.  I love it when I am able to come up with a card that encapsulates two or more of a person’s interests!

The manatees will make their way, slowly, to Nuoramoinen, Finland.  This was among the most nature-y of my current cards, and the Postcrosser did say, “I love nature,animal and landscape cards, something which tells story of you town or country. Or just Suprise me!!”

Lastly, the interesting antlers are destined to land in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  The recipient said she would love cards with rainbows, and this was the closest thing I had.  This Postcrosser actually devoted most of her profile to listing expired cards, so, figuring she’s a devotee of dramatic events, I told her about the earthquake I experienced the night before.

Sent to Netherlands, Russia, Taiwan & Ukraine

Four more going out to fellow members of Postcrossing:


A bit of variety!

Moving clockwise from the upper right, the card featuring Arthur, Mr. Peabody & Sherman up on a California coastal bluff is a resend.  I noticed on the Postcrossing site that a card I’d sent to Tainan City, Taiwan had expired–perhaps gotten lost in the mail.  I don’t want this Postcrosser to miss out, so I am trying again!  This time, I was able to tell her that since the first attempt, I have gotten to explore the streets of her country–for all of 2 and 1/2 hours (I was able to take advantage of a layover).

That retro painting of Glacier National Park in Montana, which I uncovered in the drawers of my old family house, is now headed to Tilburg, Netherlands.  The recipient, who works for a home-care organization for elderly people, didn’t seem to have a lot of requirements in mind for postcards, simply writing that she likes “the normal kind of postcards. I don’t care for handmade or the folded kind, but I’m happy with every postcard you send.”  I figured she might like this one.

The manatee card goes to a Postcrosser in Ovidiopol, Ukraine, who, in a long list of postcards she’d enjoy receiving, included “exotic fish and marine animals.” I consider a manatee something very exotic, indeed–certainly something I’ve never seen in the wild; I live in the land of seals, sea lions, & sea otters.  I recently received this in a pack of manatee postcards as a thanks for my regular donations to the organization Save the Manatee.

Lastly, there is the card featuring art by the artist Coplu, which is on its way to someone in Novosibirsk, Russia who says she is an artist & would like cards featuring drawings. If you scroll back on this blog, you will see a few other Coplu cards I have sent–and I still have more to send in the future!

Which card is your favorite? I think I like three of them the best…