Spicy Egg Curry: Sent to Finland & Indonesia

2015-12-27 09.59.41 A.jpg

Hold on, I’ll get to this part…

I sent a couple of cards off on their way, both for Postcrossing Forum trades…


Kitty has to go, and it’s going to a Jetoy-desiring Postcrosser in Kuopio, Finland, thanks to a “Hello Kitty/something from your wish list” trade in which her wish list included Jetoy cards.  So now before too long I should be getting, from someone, somewhere in the world, a Hello Kitty postcard.   I did make a note that I’d like it better still if I were to receive not necessarily Hello Kitty (who is not a cat), but one of her friends–fingers crossed for Badtz-Maru!

The dog is going to Bekasi, Indonesia, to a person whom I recently tagged in another Postcrosing Forum trade.  Back then, the tag was in a “marine life & sea creatures” trade; this time, it’s “Far East to America.”  I’m the America part.  The recipient had a list of desired postcards, and one of those desires was cards with dogs.

So, what did I write about?  Inda nu shaak, or carmamelized onion, coconut, & egg curry! I received Meera Sodha’s Made in India cookbook as a Christmas gift, and was looking forward to getting to work on the recipes.  I didn’t have to wait long; I was invited to a brunch, to which I was asked to bring “a vegetarian breakfast casserole.”  Of course, I wanted to bring something I would actually want to eat–so I thought of Indian food!  The finished dish was delicious: coconutty, tangy, sweet, spicy, and delicious– though it did make the most elderly of the attendees think she was “having hot flashes again.”

Stamps, washi tape, sticker: