Mark as Logged: Received from England, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Romania, & the U.S.

This time around, I’m sharing some recently-arrived cards, as well as some much older ones that (as far as I know) I haven’t shared previously.  Keeping track is hard!

The “World Famous Brighton Rock” card came from a postal pal in Brighton, England today–and today I learned “Brighton Rock!”  I had to look that up online, because my friend was actually lamenting a familiar situation:

“As for Peanuts postcards, I’m no closer to finding any of them here, so I’ve had to cheat and make my own with stickers that I found in New York last month.  Quite a few of the Hallmark shops where I would normally buy Snoopy stuff from had either shut down or no longer stocked Peanuts merchandise, which was a bit disappointing, but didn’t ruin my vacation!”

Another postal pal, Cindi in Hawaii, knows exactly how to get Peanuts postcards: throw down for mail order from the Charles M. Schulz museum in California!  I love this new “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” Snoopy card.  Make sure you check in at the bottom of this post, for all of the wonderful stamps, stickers, & washi tape from the card’s back side.


The next card shows three guys I am always very, very, happy to see: The Three Caballeros.  It was sent to me from Seattle, Washington, at the end of 2015 for a Postcrossing Forum “request a Disney card” tag, and I haven’t marked it as logged in this space.  The sender drew a fun rubber ducky pic on the back, so be sure to scroll down for that.

Second set of cards begins with another card postmarked in December of 2015, from a Postcrosser in Hong Kong.  She wrote:

“This is a new shop that just opened near my apartment in Hong Kong, and they were giving out some nice postcards.  I hope you enjoyed some dim sum and egg tarts in Hong Kong.  Egg tarts are my favorite!  Also egg waffles.  So good!”

I did indeed enjoy some dim sum while in HK (don’t recall if egg tarts were part of it), and I was in fact looking to buy an egg waffle maker while I was in town!  That didn’t happen, but around the time I received this card, I received one as a gift!  Made some egg waffles just last week, in fact.


That scary, scary monkey card might just have to get sent off to someone else.  It came my way from the Netherlands in a Postcrossing Forum “ugly postcard” trade.  I think this, and 2 or 3 other cards from today’s entry, had been serving as bookmarks!  My poor book!

The snowy card next to the monkey is from a Postcrosser in Japan.  This only goes back to September of 2016.  The sender told me she lives in a small town in the mountains, and she doesn’t have any beach cards, so she decided to send me a snow card.

The last set starts with another snow card, this one recently received from Romania via Postcard United.  The sender tells me:

“I love to spend time in the countryside, where life seems not to have changed in ages.”


We’ve got a food package next, this from another Postcrossing Forum tag, and sent to me from someone in Raleigh, North Carolina, who writes:

“My husband loves lychee and I love mochi.  These were delicious.  Ever had them?  My parents tease me for loving mochi so much.  It’s called dduk in Korean.  They call me a dduk-bo which is essentially a person who loves dduk.  Rice cakes freeze pretty well.

I think it was the weekend before I received this card last month that I’d just been buying fresh mochi treats in San Jose’s Japantown, so this was very timely.

Final card is another from who-knows-how-long-ago, a Postcrossing incoming from Mexico.  There were, as you will see, Doraemon stickers on the back, and the sender explained:

“Here are a couple of Doraemon stickers I was given in Hong Kong at supermarket.  Very nice place and yummy food!  Anyways, this postcard is from my hometown, we have yummy food, too!”

Okay, that’s it for the fronts.  I’ll mark them as logged now, so you won’t have to be bothered with them again.  Now poke around the backsides–so many amazing finds down there this time!postcard014




A Hat on the Human is Worth 3 on the Birds: Received from Hong Kong, Mexico, & the United States

Three incoming!
The card at top left came from a Postcrosser in Hong Kong, and she says its from a new shop that opened near her apartment: “they were giving out some nice post cards!”  I took a look at the site, and saw an image similar to the postcard!  The sender also tells me, “I hope you enjoyed some dimsum and egg tarts in Hong Kong.  Egg tarts are my favorite!  Also, egg waffles, so good!”
Hey, it’s the Three Caballeros!  I love those guys!  That came to me from Seattle, Washington, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum “Request a Disney Card” tag, in which participants were to list the Disney-related cards they would like to get.  Would you like to see my list? Well, I will show you, anyway:
Chip & Dale
Huey, Dewey, & Louie
Uncle Scrooge
Anyone in the Donald Duck Family
3 Caballeros
Bre’r Rabbit/Bear/Fox
Oswald the Rabbit
Horace Horsecollar
Clarabelle Cow
That bottom postcard depicts Palacio Municipal in Zapotlán, Jalisco, Mexico, and the Postcrosser who sent it lives in Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico.  He has been Postcrossing for TEN YEARS!  I didn’t even know it had been around so long.  Speaking of Hong Kong, & things I like, he was given some Doraemon stickers at a supermarket in HK, and affixed them to the back of my postcard.  You’ll see them below (they are shinier in real life).
A good round for stamps, stickers, & even drawings:

Those ink-stamped characters, the HK Postcrosser tells me, mean travel.  The duck at the bottom traveled from Seattle.

To H*ck with Trader Joe’s: Received from Germany, Japan, Mexico, & the United States


Look at that coooool Snoopy postcard from Japan (& stay tuned for the awesomeness on the flip side)!  It came to me from Tokyo, Japan, part of a Postcrossing Forum USA-Asia tag, and based on this card & everything attached to the back of it, the sender must have been studying my profile & favorite cards.  She writes of the card, which says “Happy New Year”:

“I send this card though it’s a little early.  🙂 Japanese have a custom of sending New Year’s Day cards, nengajo, to greet their friends and relatives.  It’s similar to the Western custom of sending X’mas cards.  I already bought some cards including this card!”

That makes so much sense to me, sending New Year’s Cards–and in fact I have sent them in the past.  The difficulty here in the U.S. is that in order to do so, I have had to buy blank cards & write in “Happy New Year” (or on occasion, have some custom-printed.  That should change–or I should go card-shopping in Japan.

Okay, here is the back of the card (text removed).  Look at that Astro Boy stamp!  Look at everything else!  Or just skip down to the rest of the post; I will never know unless you tell me.


I recognized the colors & swirl right away on the card from Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany, sent as a part of a swap-bot chunk-of-cardboard swap.  I can’t show the back, as it is covered in text, but it is printed with a design of Kinder Surprise (or “Überraschung”) eggs–in fact, it is so covered in text, the sender even wrote over the darkest parts of the design, leaving part of her message to me undecipherable.  I was able to make out at least this much, though:

“I spend lots of pocket money on this! Ü-eggs, just to get the little toy inside & I give the chocolate to my brothers or sister.”

I do not eat Kinder chocolate, either, but I do not give it to poor, unsuspecting people.  The fact is, the stuff tastes awful (and that is putting it kindly).  I would rather put the toys in my mouth.  I just trash it as I am unwrapping the eggs.

Speaking of things that scare me: Trader Joe’s!  It’s another chunk of cardboard, this one from Atlantic Beach, Florida.  The sender writes:

“Trader Joe’s is one of those organic stores.”

Yeah, and judging by the shoppers at my local stores, its fans are vicious!  Do not get between them and the sampling station, I’ll tell you that!  A couple of months ago, I was pulling an item off of the shelf, and an old lady came along & rammed her cart into my rear end–and did not say a word!  Not, that is, until I slowly turned my head & gave her The Look.  The Look can be very effective.  I wish it would work when people block the path with their carts, though.  What happens to common sense & courtesy in that space?  That’s it: I’ve just decided that when I need to go to Trader Joe’s, I’m going to go to Sprouts, instead.

Hey!  I have received my first-ever swap/crossing card from Mexico (and only my second from all of Latin America, the first being from Brazil)!  It’s that funky gymnast.  Doesn’t that look like a character from that creepy Tom Hanks series?  No, not Toy Story, the other one–Da Vinci Code. Anyhow, this is from a Postcrosser in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, who tells me at the end of his message to “have a great day/week/month/year…