My First Trip to Côte d’Ivoire: Sent to Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Singapore

Happy New Year! I’ve got a bunch of fronts & backs to share, from cards going out in Postcrossing Forum tags, and a few Postcard United clicks.

In this grouping below, clockwise from the top, where we start with a pair of food package postcards:

It’s-It cookies go to Saitama, Japan
Animals chocolate cookies are off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Robert Mallet Stevens’s “Museum” goes to Shaanxi, China
William H. Bradley’s “The Modern Poster” is headed for Abidjan, Ivory Coast. I don’t think I’ve ever had postal contact with that country! THANK YOU, Postcard United! I guess this will make up for some of the times they’ve given me an address here in my own country!

2018-12-31 09.17.22.jpg

Here’s the Great Bell of Mingun, in Myanmar. The card is making its way to Hong Kong.

Samuel Bourne the Great Bell of Mengoon Said to Weigh 90 Tons

A red panda off to Hokkaido, JapanAnimals Red Panda Happy Hollow Park and Zoo San Jose CA

This photorealistic view of Malaysia–my favorite of this round of postcards–goes off by request to Semarang, Indonesia.Malaysia loka made postcards (10)

Mickey goes to Sendai, Japan.

Disney Mickey painting the town in SF.jpg

That one was off in a Postcrossing Forum Disney card tag, as is Gaston, who is headed to Kyoto, Japan.

Disney USPS Gaston

This beautiful scene from coastal California goes to Melbourne, Australia.California North Coast

Another coastal scene, this one going to Saint Sever, France.
postcard a Cayucos 2.jpg

Charlie Brown & Woodstock are bound for Singapore!

Peanuts Snoopys Home Ice statues

Yangon, Myanmar

postcard toon Peanuts Snoopy

Hefeie, Anhui, China

California Map w cow panda Reno LV

Frank Lloyd Wright’s “May Basket” seems destined for Shenyang, Liaoning, China.
May Basket Frank Lloyd Wright

Time for stamps, stickers, & washi tape. A whole lot of awesomeness down here, I say. What do you think?


2018-12-31 09.12.312018-12-31 09.11.56

2018-12-31 09.14.35

thumbnail (1)

Snoopy x 3, Mickey, & More! Received from China, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, & the US

Lots of fun stuff this time around, from postal pals, Postcrossing Forum, Postcard United, & swap-bot!  It was an amazing day last week, when I reached into my mailbox to find THREE Snoopy cards!  They’re all so great.

2017-04-07 17.23.20a

This big Mickey card arrived on the same day.  He’s pretty awesome, too.  I opted to receive this card in a Postcrossing Forum “you choose” tag.  The sender lives in Germany, and she tells me:

“I’m a big Disney fan (especially of the old ‘classics’ like Beauty & the Beast, Pocahontas, & Aladdin.”

I like those movies too, but I call them modern classics, having been a grown-up by the time they came out!


I wonder whether that deer know that Hello Kitty is not a kitty.  It’s confusing.


Don’t miss the back of these cards!  Cindi creates a beautiful Peanuts overload–and I love that Krazy Kat stamp!


Kitten & bird stamps!  Chipmunk sticker!



Do you have any favorites here?  I sure do!  Well, practically all of them.

Holiday Special IV: Lawn Ornament Edition

There’s a neighborhood quite close to mine, populated by mock-Victorian homes, which are decorated quite austerely this time of year with white lights.

I avoid that place like the plague.

I head for the joy.  Yeah, THIS is the kind of thing I’m looking for!



For about 50 years, this neighborhood has been decked out with custom-made, stand-up displays depicting classic characters & the latest movies, and has been raising lots of money for charity in the process.

I’m not showing my favorites–just the ones that are somehow snail mail-related.  These last 3 photos attempt to duplicate the “greeting cards” that can be seen as the boats exit the It’s a Small World Holiday ride at Disneyland.  I’ve always wanted Disneyland to actually sell these cards–but it’s quite difficult to find nice It’s a Small World souvenirs of any kind.




One more Holiday Special to come!  Unless I post more than one.  Or just forget entirely.


“I Can’t Believe This Postcard Was Actually Produced!” Received from China, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, & the U.S.

I love those top two cards.  Donald & Mickey are gracing my first Japanese New Year postcard received this season!  I think the custom of nengajo is a great one: I love receiving those cards, and I wish the practice would migrate to the U.S. This card came to me from, yes, Japan, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum Disney card tag.


The beautiful sea turtle came to me from somewhere in the U.S., due to a marine life & sea creatures tag.  The sender tells me that the turtle…

“…reminds me of my trip to South Padre Island, Texas when I was a biology grad student.  There is a sea turtle rescue center there that we toured.  Amazing to see what great work they did, and the turtles that were being rehabilitated for release.  I’d like to go back one day to see how much it’s changed.”

If you think that lighthouse photo is just horrible, let me tell you: it’s much worse-looking in person. It came to me from Providence, Rhode Island, thanks to a swap-bot trade specifically for ugly postcards, and the sender says:

“I can’t believe this p/c was actually produced!  Terrible picture!”

Well, yes.

The other lighthouse is a marked improvement. It came to me from a brand-new Postcrosser in Saratov, Russia, and it took a long 56 days to find me!  I’m thinking the Saratov mail must be delivered via molasses, because I received that card on October 5, and the sender has had 3 more of their cards delivered–but has yet to receive a single card herself!  She needs to put some work into her profile: as of right now, there is not a single word on it.  Speaking of words, here’s what she wrote on the postcard she sent me:

“One learns people through the heart, not the eyes or the intellect.” –Mark Twain  (…and then some stuff in Russian… and then) “Best Wishes from Russia.”

The next card, the illustration of a woman illustrating, is also a Postcrossing incoming, this time from someone in southeastern China.  Her writing is very pretty, but I couldn’t really quite understand much more than that she was experiencing summery weather, and she is a fan of the great writer Haruki Murakami.  I love his stuff, too!  Have you read any of it?

The berries are another Postcrossing card, this one from Saint Petersburg, Russia.  The sender tells me she likes “nature, travels, sea, good books, and music.  Also I love photography.”

Finally, yet another Postcrossing card, this one from Malaysia.  It kinda makes me cry that the postcard does not depict beautiful Malaysian food, flowers, scenery, or anything Malaysian.  At least the stamps helped!

Stamp & postmark time: I love the Malaysian flowers, the American anglerfish, and the Japanese Donald Duck!



An Awesome One-Two Punch: Received from China & the U.S.

In my previous post, I shared what I called the high of my snail mail week; it was actually a week filled with highlights, if you take into account these two postcards I also received:


I love Doraemon!

I love Doraemon, & I love that Doraemon card I received from China, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum cartoon tag.  The sender writes:

“This is a Doraemon.  He can find anything in his pocket!”

It’s quite true: Doraemon’s pocket is the original Room of Requirement!

That cool, old-school Mickey Mouse movie poster is from a sender in the USA.  I actually requested it in an “offer tag” I also mentioned in my previous post.  With my memory, though, this was still a surprise!  The sender told me:

“I love these vintage Mickey cards.  I found them at a bookstore downstairs from my office.  They have all types of cards there.  It’s a perfect place for Postcrossers!”

Sounds wonderful.  I tend to have a tough time finding nice postcards nearby in the real world!

Time to check out the stamps:


19,344 Apart: Received from Germany and Germany

Lots of Postcrossing cards flying out of Germany–and TWO of them landed in my mailbox today!


Mickey w/a gun from Henstedt-Ulzburg; sushi from Winnenden

I love that Disney one so much.  Keeper.

The 2 cards were assigned to their senders by Postcrossing a week apart, and their registration numbers are 19,344 apart!  Busy German Postcrossers!

I looked up Postcrossing stats; Germany isn’t #1 in number of members, but those people do send out the most cards!  Here is Postcrossing’s Top 10 list of cards sent out by country:


The Top 3 here (omitting my country, the U.S.), does match the top 3 countries from which I receive cards, but not so much after that.  I could stand to receive a lot more cards from Taiwan & China!

And glancing on down the list, let me say that Postcrossers in the countries further down really need to prompt everyone they know to join!  Those of us at the top few slots are getting sick of each other, and I am unanimous in that.

Stinking Marshmallows! Received from France & the United States


Mickey!  I got him from Portland, Oregon, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag trade.  The sender shared a quote she attributes to Mickey Mouse:

“Live every moment as not to regret what you are about to do.”

I only just now realized he probably did not mean that in a malicious way.  I guess I identify way too much with Donald.

Bob the Lucky Charms Guy came to me from Iowa in a food package postcard trade, and the sender tells me:

“Sadly, at 41, Lucky Charms are still my all-time favorite cereal.  I love those stinking marshmallows.”

In thanking her for the cool card, I shared the fact that I missed out on a lot of cool cereal toys as a kid because I dislike marshmallows.  Only recently did it dawn upon me that I could have gotten some exercise by picking all of the “stinking” things out & carrying them out to the trash.

Lastly, from France, thanks to Postcrossing, come those views of Provence.  The sender tells me:

“I love nature, animals, dancing and music.”

Stamps!  The character on that French one makes me think of Egyptian gods.


On–and off–water: Received from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, & the United States

Catching up on logging in…


Tigger & Piglet are from a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag trade, and they were sent to me from someone in Berlin, Germany who writes, “I like Disney since my childhood.”

The dandelion seeds blew over, via Postcrossing, from Apeldoorn, Netherlands. The sender tells me:

“For a short while I lived near the sea…and I loved it!! I really wish I could go back!  Here in the Netherlands if you blow away the fluff of a dandelion you can do a wish. And mine is to live near the sea one day again. Preferably a sea that is warm enough to swim in the whole year round. 🙂 Don’t like the cold water much. But a cold sea is even better than none and a river or lake is better than nothing! :)”

I agree with her on all points! Speaking of water, the unidentified coastal scene was sent to me from a Postcrosser in Bielefeld, Germany, but this water is no place near the card’s sender!  She writes:

“I also like walking on the beach, the sea, the salt in the air…but it’s so far away from here.  I haven’t any water around Bielefeld, no lake, no river, nothing. But you can live here.”

Well, now I feel depressed.

The Bulgaria postcard is from Bulgaria.  It was received via a swap-bot “Zazzle Me” trade in which we were to send cards we have had professionally printed.  The sender tells me:

“The colors of the Bulgarian flag stand for: –White: peace; –Green: hope & joy; –Red: strength & valour.”

From New York comes the Rockerfeller Center card, for a swap-bot “R” postcard swap.  If you scroll back in my blog, I think you’ll find what I mailed out was a Jetoy (“R”-is-for) Renaissance-style cat!  This swapper tells me:

“I see you enjoy traveling. I do, too.  We are going to Tokyo in Oct.  Really looking forward to it!”

Finally, from Rome, Italy, come all of those nighttime views.  It’s another Postcrossing card, from a sender who identifies herself as a “tattoo artist and student of architecture.” She goes on to write:

“I love alt, reading, watching movies, draw, and go to the beach.”

Stamps, stickers & postmarks:


Sent to Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, and the U.S.A.

A busy postcard day, with cards flying off for both Postcrossing & swap-bot.


I made that Oreo postcard from a box of you-know-what; it’s for a swap-bot “create a postcard” trade, & it’s headed for Everett, Washington.  I’m a little concerned.  The person assigned to me as the recipient is very specific that she hates everything I love in life:

“…I’m really not a fan of cutesy, cartooney or animated things…I have very few dislikes…anime/kawaii/sanrio/cartoon themes, stickers…”

Just about everything–okay, absolutely everything–that inspires me to go crazy with a glue stick is cartoony in nature; even when I dress up a simple package, as I normally would have with this Oreo panel, it is with something cutesy & cartoony.  You may have seen my past efforts on this blog:


postcard24 postcard7

So like I was saying, this lady makes me sad.  I picture her in her home crafting studio, with lace, flowers, rusted metal & a soldering iron, picking up my charming Oreo postcard, & rushing to swap-bot to give me a poor rating.  Ohhh, those swap-bot ratings & the terror they bring to peoples’ hearts.  Are you a swap-botter?  Do you know the terror of which I speak?


The next two cards, both images of Italy, are for a different swap-bot trade, one called “not my country, not your country.”  The first goes to Redlands, California; the second to Muar, Johor, Malaysia.  Speaking of Italy & Malaysia: some people dream of going & eating pasta in Italy; you know where I want to go & gorge on noodles?  Malaysia. And that’s what I told the recipient of that card.

Not far from Malaysia is Thailand, a country where I was eating noodles just a couple of weeks ago.  I picked up some postcards there, including the Chiang Mai one above that I just sent off to a Postcrossing match in Heinola, Finland.  Her profile mentioned loving travel, so I thought she might enjoy this..

OH, time for another problem case!  Now, I am sure most people on Postcrossing are, like me, delightful people, but every once in a while, you run across someone who seems to care about nothing more than the specific postcards they expect to receive–nay, demand to receive. Take this user in Barcelona, Spainpor favor! Now, knowing that Postcrossing community guidelines state, “You can not make demands for specific postcards,” read this user’s profile:

“The postcards that I want in my collection are from cities (monuments, things that are in your city as beaches, mountains, and things that are in your city).  No old blank postcards in black please. Or anything other than cities.  I do not like other post, I do not post advertising or handmade. “

That’s it.  Postcrossing can be a wonderful way to learn about other people, other places, other cultures–but all I learned about this person was her postcard demands.  I feel like an unappreciated Santa Claus.  I have been assigned such a profile in the past, & it made me feel sad then, too–I even checked whether the site offered reassignments or waivers.  Anyhow, I  sent this user the card with all of the views of California, and I felt sad sending her something so nice.

Finally, back to the delightful people!  One of whom lives in Witten, Germany, and she says she loves books and animals.  That prompted me to dig back into my long-neglected big box-o-book-cover postcards, where I found this cover of The Hundred and One Dalmatians.  I told my fellow Postcrosser a dog story: how I took mine to the beach yesterday.

Sorry I didn’t have much to say today, it was a really uneventful postcard day.  I’d like to hear about your so-called uneventful postcard days & swapping frustrations, too!  Share!