Received from Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States

What a haul!  Five cards arrived in one day, including one of my favorite cards I’ve ever received (I’ll give you a hint: it’s Astro Boy)!


The gnomes on the beach came to me from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in a swap-bot “alter a postcard” trade (I shared the altered card I made here a few days ago). This piece was made by the person who created the trade, and I thanked her for both the card & the trade, which was a lot of fun.  I’m going to slap a new back on this card & mail it to a friend in San Francisco, California, who for some reason loves gnomes.  Share the wealth!

Lawzy, but that Astro Boy card is awesome.  Can’t tell it from the scan, but it’s got muted colors & a matte finish.  It was the first card coming out of the mailbox to catch my eye, and for the rest of the cards–even the funny gnomes–this was an impossible act to follow!  It came to me from Tokyo, Japan in a Postcrossing Forum “Japan-world” tag thread, in which one sender comes from Japan, the next someplace else, the next Japan, the next someplace else, etc.  This is a real keeper!

The spices came to me from Switzerland via Postcrossing.  Did you know Switzerland’s country code is CH?  I had to look it up to see what that was all about.  No, it’s not short for chocolate.  The country’s official name is  Confoederatio Helvetica.  There is a story behind that, but I’m only explaining why the country code is CH.  As you might be able to tell, this is my first postcard received from Switzerland.  The sender’s message made me laugh:

“I don’t like water, sea, lake, whatever. I prefer the winter with a lot of snow. 🙂 And I like eating, but not cooking.”

I laugh because there is no way that she & I would run across each other in real life!

The dunes are in Lithuania, but the card was sent to me from Netherlands, thanks to a swap-bot “not my country” trade.  The sender tells me, “I also like vacations with water and coasts, so we often go to islands.”

Lastly, there are the dolphins, part of a swap-bot “book lovers” trade, and mailed to me from West Virginia.  The user lists some favorite books: The Rosie Project, Drowning Ruth, Wild, Half Broke Heroes, Gone Girl, Caught (by Harlan Coben),Molokaʻi, mysteries by Steve Hamilton, and We Are Liars.

Stamp party!