The Comic Section! Received from Belarus, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, & the U.S.

One of the upsides of being so horribly behind in cataloging my received postcards is that I am at least able to go through the accumulated cards (well, the ones that I can currently find) and do some grouping by theme. This time, it’s some toon-tastic cards, received through all of my current avenues: Postcrossing, Postcrossing Forum, Postcard United, swap-bot, and postcard pals!

First up: B. Kliban! I’m always thrilled to find Kliban Cats in my mail. They surrounded me when I grew up: they were marketed on t-shirts, bed sheets, soap dispensers, calendars, and on & on. The world today could use more Kliban cats. This came to me from a Postcrosser in Cedar Hill, Texas, who saw cards like this one in my favorites.


postcard 375

Every time I look at this image, I notice a new detail.

This Snoopy postcard looks like a piece of original art! The Postcrosser who sent it to me tells me she bought it during a visit to the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

postcard 373

I love, love, love, the style of very-early-era Peanuts art. I was thrilled to get this Lucy (my spirit animal) card from my post pal Cindi in Hawaii. Be sure to scroll down for the stickers, washi tape–and a great Disney Queen of Hearts stamp! And while you’re down there, do be sure to spend time with all of the other stamps, stickers, & washi tape. This is a good post for both sides of the cards I’ve received!

Time to move from Peanuts to Totoro. This wonderful scene came to me from a Postcrosser in Astoria, Oregon, who writes:

I am also a huge fan of Asian cuisine. We lived in Singapore for two years–yum! Ate in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia So much good food–love the crosss-cultural stuff. And lucky now to live on the West Coast–foodie heaven. Food carts are boss. Last weekend ate at a place called DJ’s Vinyl Vegan–it was fabulous. It was part of our weekend eat-fest in Astoria. Also had Scandinavian food at the Midsummer Festival. This weekend too hot to go out. Hope you are getting some good eats!

postcard 372

The other Totoro card came to me from Malaysia via Postcard United, from a sender who tells me that ol’ Totes is their favorite cartoon character.

Next up: a pair of Finding Nemo cards. Let me interrupt myself to say that I was at Disney California Adventure last week, and after many visits having ignored the attraction, I finally went to “Turtle Talk with Crush,” and let me tell you–I am never going to skip over it again! Hilarious! Reminded me of a Paula Poundstone performance (and I’ve been to many).

Okay, the cards. The first of them came to me via regular Postcrossing, from Minsk, Belarus, with the following message:

I am a senior student at Linguistic University where I study the English and French languages and American and British Country Studies. I like traveling, reading books, and birds. I have a monk parakeet (Rudy). He can talk.

postcard 374

The other Nemo card came to me from St. Paul, Minnesota, via a swap-bot “Currently Reading” trade. The sender had a few books going at once, and she listed them for me:

The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter, by Theodora Goss

Enigma: the Battle for the Code, by Hugh Sebag-Montefiore

Blind Ambition: The White House Years, by John Dean

Okay, the last 3 are Sanrio: Hello Kitty Country! I sometimes enter Postcrossing Forum tags where every other person is to receive a Hello Kitty card. Since I do not have any to send, I enter on the receiving rounds…and then promptly say that I’d really love to receive Badtz-Maru (or any one of several other ancillary characters). This first card, sent from somewhere in Japan, stars Badtz!

postcard 375a

The big Hello Kitty card came from Lausanne, Switzerland, and the smaller one made its way from Nakatsu, Ōita, Japan.

postcard 376

Hey, we made it through! now enjoy the stamps, stickers, washi tape, and a few of the messages. Let me know what you liked! I feel really accomplished right now, to have logged 10 more of my back postcards.

postcard 380postcard 379postcard 378postcard 377

Hello Again: Sent to Belarus, Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, & Malaysia

Hello there, it’s been a while! I am so behind in posting here.  I’ve still been posting–that is, mailing & receiving mail–but other things have been getting in my way of keeping track of it all: more work, more tired, trying to fit in more time for reading & other important things.  I’ve got a fistful of mail ready to go out, so let’s look at it before I send it off!

These all come from Postcrossing Forum trades, most from the offers threads, where a user gets to choose which postcard they will receive from a sender. I love looking through those, and discovering I have a card another user would love to receive.  Let’s start with Lucy here, because there is a story.  Not much of a story, but it’s as dramatic as things got this time around, so let’s go with it.

postcard toon Peanuts Lucy

I got tagged by a possible recipient in Germany, who wanted me to send the card blank in an envelope, because he wanted it for a friend. This is exactly not why I joined Postcrossing. Postcards are meant to be written on, stamped, and dropped directly into the mail box. This fella knew that, because it’s now part of my Postcrossing Forum signature.  Eventually, he settled on the idea that I could mail it directly to his friend–which is what I did (with a note that started off by saying so-and-so thought he would like this card).  Off it goes to Berlin, Germany.

Let’s go on to more Peanuts, and also more Germany: Snoopy here was requested by a Postcrosser in Köln (AKA Cologne), Germany.

postcard toon Peanuts Dark and Stormy

More toons, this time going to Selangor, Malaysia, to someone who likes children’s book illustrations.

postcard toon Eric Carle Museum Elephant and Piggie art studio

Do you know Elephant & Piggie? They are by the wonderful Mo Willems, who also wrote Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. If you’ve not exposed yourself to his work, you are missing out.

Someone in Minsk, Belarus, wanted this windmill postcard from my offer album, so that is exactly what she shall get.

postcard a postcard fair 11

The “North Central Coast Wineries” map card was requested by someone in Yotsukaido, Japan. I told her I go to Monterey a lot, but I wasn’t at all aware of the wineries in the area before buying this postcard (at a gas station way down in San Luis Obispo County).

postcard a map SLO wineries

I took a nice little trip to Trinidad–CALIFORNIA–a few months ago.  This card was requested by a Postcrosser in Hefei, Anhui, China.

postcard a California Trinidad

The last card goes to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in a “last movie I’ve seen” tag. I never saw “Maudie,” though I did see the preview.  The last movie I’ve seen is Victoria and Abdul, starring Judi Dench.

postcard a movie maudie

Stamps, stickers, washi tape: see anything you like?

postcard 265

postcard 266

Aren’t Movie Ads Always Better Than their Movies? Sent to Belarus, Chile, China, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Africa, & the U.S.

Starting with a trio of cards going out in a swap-bot trade.  The giraffe goes to an animal lover in Santiago, Chile; and the lighthouse goes to a lighthouse lover in Newnan, Georgia, U.S.A.


Next up is an image from the book “Furqan’s First Flat Top,” by Robert Liu-Trujillo. That goes to Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


The “California Has Everything” card went out in a Postcrossing Forum tag to Hidaka, Saitama, Japan.  The Postcrosser said she liked map cards, so there she goes.  Not great for navigation, but I don’t think that’s necessarily what most map card lovers have in mind.

This movie poster postcard is going out to Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, in a Postcrossing Forum “last movie I’ve seen” tag.  Nice when the theater has free postcards for their movies!  Sometimes I like the availability of postcards more than I like the movies I see.  Such was the case with this film.

postcard a movie Wedding Plan

I have clicked on Postcrossing’s “send a postcard” button 3 more times, and landed on eastern Europe with each click.  The gargoyle head goes to Bad Säckingen, Germany, and though I’d love to know more about it–including where it can be found–this card is from the Disappointassortment, so zero information was forthcoming.


The scene from Hearst Castle goes to a castle lover in Minsk, Belarus; and the tiger should be landing in Yaroslavl, Russia.

John cards TIGER 2

Time for a look at some of the back sides: Stamps!  Stickers!  Washi tape!




Well, I have nothing nice to say about that: Received from Belarus, China, & Taiwan


That’s Tianzhu Peak on the left, and as the caption on the back of the big card describes it, it is “one of the main peaks of Wudang Mount; elevation: 1612 meters.”  The card came to me from Shanghai, China, thanks to a Postcrosing Forum “China to Any Country” tag trade.  The sender asks me, “do you like Chinese food?  I love spicy food most.” Scroll down & have a look at all the beautiful stamps that are on the back of this card!

The other two cards this time are regular Postcrossing incomings; the one with the face came to me from Minsk, Belarus.  The sender tells me:

“I like to read, too.  I prefer paper books.  One day my friend recommended me to read some book I could not find it in the store. So I printed it and made binding.  I liked to do it very much.  Now, I do not buy books.  I’m making it myself.  🙂  Usually I read the book faster than make it.  :)”

Well, I have nothing nice to say about that.

Beautiful stamps, though, go down again & have a look!

The final card comes from Taipei, Taiwan, from a sender who writes in two languages:

“…summer is coming soon.  Here we’ll eat watermelon, ice cream, cold noodles…etc.”

Sounds lovely, I want to go join her!


FOOOOOD! Received from Belarus, China, & the U.S.

I tend to receive a lot of food-related cards.  Here are three of the most recent!


That big, happy burger card was fashioned from the cover of a pad of stickers, and it comes from a swap-bot member in Trenton, New Jersey as part of a chunk of cardboard recycled content postcard trade.  When you look at the other photo, you’ll see one of the stickers.  The sender of this card tells me, “my husband & I have a large toy museum in storage until we can find a suitable, affordable location!”  I can’t wait to see that!

The other two cards are regular Postcrossing incomings.  The babka is from Minsk, Belarus, and the sender tells me:

“People say that Belarussians are very calm and hospitable.  We like guests.  That’s why we have our own cuisine.  Our most famous dish draniki, but this one may be even more tasty.  Hope you can cook it.”

And now for something I really like!  From Hefei, China comes that wonderful assortment of xiaolong bao, soup, and more.  The card’s sender tells me:

“I’m a food enthusiast.  Do you know one food that a stick of sugar-coated haws?  It is very delicious.  Next Monday is our Lantern Festival.  I will enjoy sweet dumplings.”

I have never had sugar-coated haws, have you?  I’ve certainly had draniki, and made it it many times myself (though I know it by a different name).  What’s your favorite food from today’s post?  I’m calling XLB!

Stamps, stickers, & postmarks:


California Coastal Madness: Sent to Canada & Belarus

I clicked on “Send a Postcard” on Postcrossing two more times!


The Hearst Castle card goes to Minsk, Belarus, and the tiger below Morro Rock goes to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The two locales depicted in these postcards are a mere 35 minutes apart, along the Central California Coast.  Hearst Castle, the project of millionaire publisher William Randolph Hearst (with super architect Julia Morgan’s artistry), hosted many movie stars of the 1920s-40s.  Now, it’s a state park offering several different tours–and I have been on them many times.  Hearst even had a personal zoo up there in the hills above the San Simeon coast, and though he is long gone, if you are driving along the Pacific Coast Highway near the site, you may very well see herds of zebras grazing in the hills, not far from cattle!

Zebras San Simeon 2012

Meanwhile, down south on the coast in Morro Bay, you will likely see otters, sea lions, & seals–but tigers are a rare sight.  This one reached the sand bar by kayak, and was floated back out again.  “Take only photos, leave only footprints,” after all.

OK, THEN! Sent to Belarus, Finland, Russia, and Taiwan

Lots of my Postcrossing cards have reached their destination in the last week–one with the heartbreak of an empty “hooray message”— and my traveling cards have dipped below the halfway point, so I am sending four more out into the world (and by “the world,” I mean “mostly just Europe”).


The dancer is going to Minsk, Belarus, to a Postcrosser who said she’d enjoy seeing cards showing dances.  I believe this dancer is demonstrating Mexican Ballet Folklórico .

The Russian Blue cat is going to Moscow, Russia, to a cat lover with two cats of her own.

Liberty’s torch is off on its way to an elementary school teacher in Kaohsiung, Taiwan who included on her interest list UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and black & white photography–and this card from the New York Landmarks postcard book covers both bases. This Postcrosser expressed an interest in learning about other countries’ histories, culture, & scenery, and did provide an extensive list of “likes”–but I sure wanted to be careful not to get on her bad side:

If possible,please
NO envelope.
NO folder cards.
NO animals.
NO plants.
NO Christmas.
NO photo.
NO copy from internet.
I would like to receive a real postcard.Thanks!

Sorry if I am picky.


Lastly, I swear I would have not sent out that hideous postcard, one of the least pleasant from my Mystery Assortment from H*ck, but the recipient totally indicated she might just love it.  No, I swear.  She lives in Jämsä, Finland, and her like list included hearts (twice in a row, she wrote that), and “loving couples.” If nothing else, that postcard features a heart & a loving couple.  I hope she loves it; I was really afraid I was going to have to slip that card into a gag gift box for a friend somewhere.  I especially hope she enjoys this card, as I did not fulfill her apparent greatest wish: to have all Postcrossers send her cat figurines.  She iterated & reiterated–repeatedly–that she want us all to send her cat figurines.  She wants cat figurines; she wants them:

I collect little cat figurines made glass, porcelain, wood, and so on. I want allways more cats everywhere from the world. Now I have almost 1000 cat figurines…
I venture to ask the following: If you find or if you have little cat figurines which I wrote above… I’m so happy if you can send me one…. would be great to have small cats around the world…. I would be very grateful !!!!


R W A N D A ! Received from Belarus, Germany, & Rwanda

Whoa, I got a card this week from Rwanda!


The only postcard interaction I’ve previously had with Africa was with South Africa.  Usually with Postcrossing, it’s EuropeEuropeEurope, so this was a thrill.  I can tell that getting a card from Rwanda is a true Postcrossing rarity, as their ID codes are still below 200 (compare that to 7-digit codes for U.S. senders).

The card is from Kigali, Rwanda, and the sender tells me:

“Greetings from Rwanda, a tiny country in central east Africa.  It truly earns its nickname of Land of a Thousand Hills.  Two big exports are coffee and tea.  The leaves are picked by hand.  This country has come a long way in 20 years but there is still a lot of poverty.”

Getting back to EuropeEuropeEurope, the Vanity Fair card is from Hagen, Germany, from a sender who has herself been on a long, strange trip:

“A few days ago, I returned from a journey to New Jersey, Maine, and Canada.  Everything was great – the people, the countryside, the hotels…”


Finally, there is the still life, and a story to go with it.

That card is from Minsk, Belarus, and it reads:

“I don’t know that about what I can write to you.  My tastes are very unusual.  I love traveling.  I traveled almost half of the globe. You can send me a postcard with interesting places of the area where you live.”

Wha’?!?  No, and here’s why: don’t tell me you don’t know what to write to me–and then ask me to send you something!  Also, the postcard was half-blank: the solicitation you see was followed by blank space equal in volume to the part of the card which bore writing.  Also missing: the Postcrossing I.D.  I had to go through the process on the website to provide all the information about the card I could, so that the Postcrossing detectives could hunt down the perp sender.  Which they did.

Now that I was able to go in & see who she is, I can see she is quite new to the game: she’s been in just over 2 weeks, and mine is only the second of her cards to have “landed.”  She also looks quite young: perhaps preteen.  Of course, that is no excuse whatsoever: I certainly could have managed to bang out more than 3 lines on a postcard before I started in with requests.  I am relieved, though, that this was not an adult 300 cards into the game sending out something like this!



“It’s a Disaster:” Received from Belarus, Lithuania, & the United States

A pair each of Postcrossing & swap-bot incomings this time–from Minsk, Belarus; Zarasai, Lithuania; and Alabama & Connecticut, U.S.A.:

2015-10-07 07.24.21

Since I’m rushing through this, I’ll just write about the top left card, which was sent to me by a Postcrosser in Minsk, Belarus.  She tells me:

“Here’s a card which shows you some items of household with their names in Belarusian… Could you believe that these cards were issued to motivate people to talk their native Belarusian language? The problem is that we mostly speak Russian.  It’s a disaster.”

Stamps & postmarks!

2015-10-07 07.23.45

Catching Up: Sent to Belarus, Canada, Finland, Germany, & the Netherlands

So much catching up to do, after a need for computer repair left me for weeks with a frustrating, limited device (or as some people call it, a tablet).  Five out through Postcrossing today!

2015-09-25 17.24.12

Since I have a lot of catching up to do, I’m not going to offer the amount of detail I usually attempt, but I’ll make a couple of brief notes about the cards & stamps.

The three illustrated animal cards come from “The Animal Box: 100 Postcards by 10 Artists.”  I do quite like the sea turtle stamp.  I should also note that the Postcrosser in the Netherlands specifically said she likes flamingoes.

The Postcrosser in Finland said she would, more than anything, like postcards that are “weird, bizarre, tacky, strange…” and so I pulled that meaty card from an old Klutz Press book, “The World’s Tackiest Postcards.”

The remaining, beautifully-photographed, card is my own work.

A couple of the outgoing cards are affixed with a small stamp collection, as you see below.  I try to use as many stamps as possible to get up to the current $1.20 international rate when the Postcrossers say they are fans of stamps.

2015-09-25 17.28.16-2