Popeye & His Feline Friends: Sent to China, Czech Republic, France, & Scotland

I drew the names of four more Postcrossers today:


Popeye is on his way to say ahoy to a Postcrosser in Glasgow, Scotland.  In his profile, the recipient had a link to his flickr account showing photography he’d turned into postcards, so I thought I would send him one of the cards I’d created from my own shots.

The Morro Bay card goes to a woman in Saint-Nazaire, France who was hoping for cards showing the senders’ cities.  The cards of my city aren’t very well done–and furthermore, I don’t have any right now–so I sent her one of a city I enjoy visiting whenever I can.

The cartoon Sherlock is headed for Guangzhou, China.  The recipient of this one is a high school student who hopes to travel to Germany next year.  She expressed interest in animals & cartoon characters, among many other things.  Hope she likes this.

Lastly, I hope that sleeping duo is not disturbed on the way to Jičín, Czech Republic.  This Postcrosser did have a short list of likes, which included cats.  She didn’t say much of anything else, so I just talked about the weather.  Well, the season, really.  Basically, that fall is here, and I am looking forward to spring.  That’s just the way it is!

Sent to: England, Netherlands & the U.S.

5 sent out in a swap-bot “sender’s choice” trade:


A couple more from my big but slowly-shrinking box ‘o’ old book cover postcards seen frequently on this blog, plus a few from my day trip down the California coast last month. Wish I were there!

Clockwise from the upper left: the ceiling card goes to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the recipient mentioned being a fan of Douglas Adams, so I shared a quote of his I like:

The card at upper right went to O’Fallon, Illinois;

Mijrecht, The Netherlands was the destination of the Monterey card. I’ve been paired with this user before.

The card at bottom right goes to London.  I’ve also been paired with this user previously!

Finally, the card at bottom left goes to NeedeThe Netherlands.

Sent to: Groningen, Netherlands; Singapore; Deltona, Florida; and Frenchtown, New Jersey

First off: Postcrossing news.  A card I sent to Qingdao, China, has been received!  It took 24 days to travel 5,977 miles.  Now, I get to send out a new card–to Groningen, Netherlands!

2014-09-11 07.32.17c

Yes, this card has appeared on this blog before.  The fact there are 500 of them means it is also likely it will appear again. In fact, I am also sending one out, not via Postcrossing or swap-bot, to a friend in Singapore.

To Deltona, Florida, part of an “upcycled postcard” swap-bot trade:


Nancy here has walked down the The Snail Mail path before, too.

Also for the swap-bot “upcycled” trade, this masterpiece goes to Frenchtown, New Jersey.


Hmm, perhaps, I should have saved that one for an international art collector…

Sent to: Nordhauser, Germany & Roudnice nad Labem, Czech Republic

The smokestacks of the distillery in Nordhauser look like two great, big bottles of booze.

“The city (of Roudnice nad Labem) has very good civic amenities.”  — Wikipedia

A nice Postcrossing day yesterday: I was able to release TWO more cards out into the wild!  Once again, I notice that every time a card of mine arrives in Germany, I am assigned another German address for my next card.  There seem to be A LOT of German Postcrossers, is what I’m saying!  

I sent each of the two people copies of the same card:

postcard020 MORRO BAY

Grr. Argh.

This card should keep popping up on this blog (and in mailboxes around the world); I had 500 of them made!  This is a photo I took last year on a sand dune in Morro Bay, California. I found an online printer that ran off scads of this card for about $30–SOOPER CHEEEP!  Cooler to use the printer that can put a different shot on every card, like one Postcrossing friend of mine does–but it is quite pricey, especially by comparison.  Maybe if I get a lot deeper into all of this.  At least I chose an image I like, a lot.

On each of the 2 cards I sent out, I talked a little about Morro Bay, the birds that live there, and how safe they actually are from tigers.