They Faded Away by 2009: Sent to Australia, England, Germany, & Poland

In the interest of keeping up, I present this super-fresh post of cards I just prepped to send out this morning.  Warning: today’s post of post marks a return to The Disappointassortment!


People Suck! That card’s going to Suffolk, England, in a Postcrossing Forum “you choose” tag.  My card was chosen by a retired woman who previously chose another card from this same lovely line.

Twister!  That’s an ad card, with a lot of printing on the back, going out to Munich, Germany, in a swap-bot trade of ad cards.  I remember working in S.F. years & years ago, and seeing racks of free postcards in plenty of cafes & bars.  This is something I don’t see any more, (well, not in my current stomping grounds) so I just looked it up, & found an online article stating that the two big companies distributing “free rack postcard advertising seem to have faded away by 2009.”  Heck, I find it hard to find postcards, in general–never mind just the free ones.

That beautiful dog is going to a dog lover (who lives with a Labrador Retriever) in Limanowa, Poland.  It’s part of a swap-bot “hello stranger” trade in which the whole point is just to send someone a nice message.  So appealing.

That horrible, horrible card is from The Disappointassortment, of course, and it’s off to Pinewood, Victoria, Australia, in a swap-bot trade of “weird/ugly postcards” (actually, they spelled it “wierd,” but never mind). I am so happy to finally be rid of that dungeon.  It’s been quite some time since I sent out a card from The Disappointassortment, and as soon as I flipped it over, I was reminded of yet another downside of this crappy “value” pack I bought online: the laminated writing surface, so ever-ready for an ink-smearing experience.  I slapped a little sticker on the back, in place of the ink-stamping experience I most often employ for random bits of white space.

Can we please move on to something more pleasant?  Here’s a peek a the back side of these cards: stamps, stamps, stickers, & washi tape!


The German swapper is very interesting in rubber stamping, so I stamped the heck out of her card (in addition to squeezing in plenty of writing).

WHYYYYY?!? Sent to Germany, Indonesia, & Russia

Ugh!  I drew the same country twice in a day!  😥

I drew 3 new Postcrossing draws in one morning: ::click:: Germany.  ::click:: Russia.  ::click:: GERMANY AGAIN!  Okay, we really need to get more people in more countries (outside of the U.S. & most of Europe) signed up with Postcrossing, so that it will work the way it ought–with only one postcard traveling to a given country at one time.  I would love to see a greater diversity of destinations & origin points.


Okay, enough with the rant, for this moment, at least.  The drive-through barn bridge (marked as “Slate Bridge, Swanzey, New Hampshire), is destined for a Postcrosser in Moscow, Russia.  She has been on the site for about 3 years, and she says she enjoys reading, traveling, movies, music, and being with her family & friends.

That arid-looking landscape (labeled as Badlands National Park, South Dakota) is off to Halle (Saale), Germany, to a 56-year-old Postcrossing Supporter who says he enjoys hard rock, American Football, reading, and astronomy.

The wonderful little beach scenario is going to Munich, Germany.  The recipient is a 30-year-old schoolteacher, and she says she likes getting colorful cards with lots of little details you may not notice upon first glance–and she notes that she finds that these are usually cartoon cards.  I think she should appreciate this vignette from near Half Moon Bay, California.

Finally, that dog card.  It’s heading off to my dog-loving postcard pal in Bekasi Utara, Indonesia.

Stamps, stamp, & washi tape:

2016-05-06 10.43.56

Furry, Fowl–and Foul: Received from Germany & Russia–and Russia

Three in: one from Germany (a Postcrossing Forum “USA to Any Country” trade) (in this situation, Germany being the “any country), and two from regular Postcrossing sends, BOTH from Russia!

I didn’t think that was supposed to happen–two traveling from the same country at the same time–but just days ago, I received two concurrent travelers from another company, Germany!  As I showed in my post at that time, both Russia & Germany are top participants in Postcrossing, but I wish there were either an algorythm or a membership drive to help better distribute the countries from which I receive–and to which I send–cards!


I looove that Donald card.

Did I mention that I looove that Donald card?  It’s the Postcrossing forum trade, from a sender in Munich, Germany.

From fowl to foul, there’s the “Heavy Christmas” card from Moscow, Russia.  The sender tells me:

“From time to time I draw heavy metal cards for my friends. This year I have a surplus so I decided to participate in postcrossing.  This is my very first letter in this project.”

What a gift to the world.

Finally, from St. Petersburg, Russia, the other Postcrossing card, this one with a friendly hedgehog.  The sender has some recommended reading for me:

“Surely read books Peter Mayle.  It has many books ‘foodie travelogue.’ For example: ‘A Year in Provence,’ ‘French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew,’ ‘A Good Year.” Hope you like this books.”


Hey, I didn’t even notice that “Little Prince” stamp until I viewed my enlarged scan!

Postcard from a Pole-Dance Enthusiast: Received from Belarus, England, and Germany

Three more in from Postcrossing:


I love that huge, close-up seal photo!  It was sent to me from Munich, Germany, and apparently traversed 5,865 miles in 80 days to be with me.  The sender’s translation of the postcard caption is one that may amuse you: “here is said, that the hair of the beard for the grey seal is an important grope organ. :)”

The balloon soldier came to me from Birmingham, England, after a journey of 5,253 miles and 52 days.  Well, that timing is the Postcrossing stat; the date written on the card indicates a travel time of about 8 days.  The sender writes, “please accept my apologies in the delay in sending this card.  I’ve had pneumonia.  Fun times!”  Yikes!  She has a lot more to say, in about 18 lines of tight, neat text, including the fact she is working on cross-stitching a Halo UNSC symbol: “I love all things geeky, especially if I can immortalise my favourite things in crafts.”

The masked cat & mouse are from Grodno, Belarus, and they traveled 5,811 miles and 14 days to be with me.  The sender tells me she is a heating & ventilation engineer whose hobbies are sports and pole-dance.

Stamps & postmarks:


Sent to Germany, South Korea, and the United States

Two more of my Postcrossing cards have been received–in fact, two cards I mailed on the same day were received on the same day!

My card to Munich, Germany traveled 9 days and 5,866 miles; and

my card to Lucerne, Switzerland traveled 5,835 miles in those same 9 days.

Time now to send out more cards!


Two of my recipients are very lucky! The third gets the ghost card.

My tiger cards go out to Hamburg, Germany (Postcrossing always has you with a card out to Germany, and one to Netherlands, it seems), and to Chungnam, South Korea.  The card to South Korea is headed for an American who has been living there for two years, teaching English.  So cool!

That ghost card–picked from my big box ‘o’ old book cover postcards seen so often on this blog–is going to Sandwich, Illinois.  Yeah, you read that right.  Do you want to know what that city is named for?  Sandwhich, New Hampshire. Seriously, I looked it up.

The card is part of a swap-bot “postcards through the alphabet: G” trade, and I started to tell the recipient that I am not interested in reading about ghosts, but then I remembered the Topper books by Thorne Smith.  Funny stuff.  Have you ever read them?  Or perhaps you’ve seen the movies or TV series.

Sent to: Germany & Switzerland

Two of my Postcrossing cards have been received:

To Russia, traveling 27 days and 5,543 miles;

and to Netherlands, traveling 8 days and 5,462 miles.

Some difference in travel time, huh?  The struggles!

Now I get to mail out two new postcards, and the locations I have been assigned are Munich, Germany, and Lucerne, Switzerland.  These two people have both been specially-selected to receive–

–“The Usual!”

postcard020 MORRO BAY

Very, very lucky people!