I Hate Ketchup, & I Don’t Like Having to Play Catch Up: Received from Canada, China, Greece, Italy, Singapore, & the U.S.

It’s a silly thing, isn’t it?  I don’t want to have to post huge lots of postcards at a time (like the 8 here today), nor do I want to have to post too often–but I do enjoy having at least one postcard waiting for me when I check my mailbox each day!  I really just need to get over myself.

I just love the first postcard, depicting Singapore‘s Haji Lane.  I love it so much, I asked for it!  I received it in one of the Postcrossing Forum “you choose” tags in which I’ve been participating lately, where we post the cards we have available, and the person tagging us chooses which one we are to send.

I love it so much, because I’ve stood there, myself!  I took this photo:


That mural is on the side of a Mexican restaurant.  Yup, a Mexican restaurant in Singapore.  I can’t tell you how the food was, because I didn’t try it, but I sure did love the mural!



The card’s sender asks:

“Can you tell me what is your favorite food in Singapore?  I like Hainan Chicken Rice and Hokkien Prawn Mee.”

I ate an awful lot of wonderful food while I was in Singapore, but I told her that one meal that stood out as a favorite was the buah keluak at Daisy’s Dream Kitchen.  An interesting fact about buah keluak: it’s a nut, that in its natural state, contains cyanide. It must be treated before it is eated.

The card beneath the Haji Lane card is of Hainan Dongshan Ridge in China.  It comes to me via a Postcrossing Forum China Meets the World tag, and the sender writes:

“Hainan is the southwest province in our country.  It is very beautiful.  I have been there when I was 12 years old.  Maybe you can travel there when you visit China!”

Next up is the reindeer, which is the last card of 3 I received from somewhere around Hartford, Connecticut in a swap-bot trade of modified postcards.  I was pretty proud of the ones I sent out.  At first, I didn’t realize this postcard had been stamped up–and then I noticed the muddy penguins.

Let’s look at the touristy cards next.  The Greetings From Canada card is a surprise from Melissa, and the Lago di Garda is a regular Postcrossing send from Brescia, Italy.  The sender tells me about herself:

“I live near a beautiful lake.  I love painting and I am now studying the Japanese painting.  I remember a beautiful Japanese garden in San Francisco.  🙂  “


I find that “Hello from Cape May, N.J.” card very odd.  Never mind that font reflected off the water: it seems as if the entire thing were pasted together.  Do you think the bird & boat were originally in the photo?  I sure don’t.  This is from a swap-bot “postcard roulette” trade, and the sender writes:

“I saw that you like beaches so I am sending this PC.  It is one of my favorite sunset beaches.  I checked out your flickr photos and must say, I LOVE your toy photos…very creative and fun.  When I’m geocaching, I take photos of a small stuffed bear but the toys are great.”

The next card, depicting a butterfly brooch, is also from the postcard roulette trade, and came to me from New Orleans, Louisiana. What I love about this card is what is on the BACK: 2 old bird stamps & a puffy Snoopy sticker.  You’ll see all that down below.


The last card comes from Greece, & was hewn from a box of cigarettes.  It’s another swap-bot trade, this one of “upcycled cardboard,” and then sender tells me more than I ever wanted to know about cigs:

“We sell cigarettes in our shop.  These superslims came out a few years ago.  People can buy a carton or 1 pack.  In England they have 10 or 20 in a pack.  We only have 20’s.  Wishing you health, happiness & faith.”

I chuckled at that last part, about health.

Okay, time for stamps, postmarks, stickers, & washi tape.  Lots of good stuff down here.