I should just split the difference & live on the equator: Received from Finland, Germany, & South Africa

Three cards in through Postcrossing!


That onager came from Neukirchen bei Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany.  The sender likes that my Postcrossing profile is a profile, rather than a “I want” list:

“I’m happy to write to someone who is not just making commands about the stamp, layout, or something else.” 

Amen, sister.

The smiling children were sent to me from Brits, South Africa, and four beautiful words she wrote are making me feel very jealous:

“It is summer now.”


The images from Nurmes, Finland, come from a Postcrosser in Oulainen, Finland, and as jealous as I am of my correspondent in South Africa, I feel the opposite way toward this guy:

“We have 5 cm. of snow right now…”

Brr.  No snow for me!

Stamps, stickers, & postmarks:


I like all 3 stamps, perhaps especially the top 2!