Tastes Like Canned Soup: Sent to Australia, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, U.K., & the U.S.

I just got back from Malaysia, and it truly is a food paradise. Sad to say, I didn’t quite make it to every single thing on this postcard! It went off in a Postcrossing Forum food tag to Quzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Food Malysia Food Paradise

The Hainanese Chicken postcard is also from Malaysia, but not procured during my trip. I got it some time ago when I ordered the wonderful book, The Food That Makes Us. A set of postcards came with the book! This card is on a trip to New Taipei City, Taiwan.

postcard a The Food That Makes Us chicken rice

Another food tag, but this recipient in Sendai, Japan, isn’t getting anything nice at all. In brief: Andersen’s Split Pea Soup is a pretty popular brand on California supermarket shelves, so of course way back when I first passed the restaurant–a popular roadside stop in the city of Buellton–I wanted to try their homemade version. Well, do you know what it tasted like? CANNED SOUP!

Food Pee Soup Andersens

Another card I bought in Malaysia; this one goes off in a “not my country” tag to Gunma, Japan.

Malaysia loka made postcards (16)

This is a place I’ve been to, but not in a while; it’s the Hotel King Kamehameha in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and it’s off in a travel tag to Nairne, SA, Australia.

Hawaii Hotel King Kamehameha

Here’s a card I bought at the airport as I was departing for my vacation. I’ve come across a whole lot of California map cards, but I think this is my favorite. It looks even better in person! This one goes out to a postcard pal in Hawaii.

California Max and Oscar

This pair of shiba inus are headed for New Taipei City, Taiwan.

postcard a dogs shiba inu

This card goes to an otter lover in Hamburg, Germany.

postcard California Sea Otter

Another otter card for another otter lover, this one in Shenyang, Liaoning, China.

Postcard A Sea Otter California Coast

Honest John went off in a Disney tag to Ylivieska, Finland.

Disney Villains Honest John

Postcrossing Forum has a number of “send me a card from my album of favorites” tags. I don’t dip in too often because, you know, what are the odds I’ll have a card the person has marked as wanting? Well, it’s happened twice recently (though the second Postcrosser has yet to respond to my tag)! This gator is being mailed to Faches-Thumesnil, France.

Mail a Gator

The lovely merpug is off — by request — to Itzehoe, Germany.

postcard a Greetings from Paradise pug mermaid

Here’s another requested card, this one on its way to Riverside, California.

Red Panda

Ready for a Peanuts Gallery? I’d better send off this 2018 postcard while it’s still topical! Copies go to Itami and Tokyo, Japan.

Peanuts Snoopy Year of the DogThis is the moment when Lucy starts calling for iodine; it goes to a postpal in Peacehaven, East Sussex, U.K.

Peanuts Smak Snoopy and Lucy

Lucy & Schroeder are off to Kyoto, Japan.

postcard toon Peanuts Lucy Schroeder Hey

“My Favorite Peanuts” will go to Jinjiang City, Fujian, China.

Schulz Museum My Favorite Peanuts

The tiger, like one of my earlier cards shown here, is also headed for New Taipei City (but to a different recipient).

John cards TIGER

I pulled another name on Postcard United! The recipient in Hong Kong enjoys images of architecture, so I’m sending her an image of the grand main library in San Diego, California.

San Diego Central Library full

…and another Postcard United draw, this one going to Zheleznogorsk, Russia.


This third Postcard United draw goes to Hangzhou, China.

Frederick C Herrick 1921

This last card makes 23 I’ve chronicled this time around, and its a postcard of Kliban Cats! I love them. This card goes to a fellow fan in Taipei, Taiwan.

kliban snow cats

Stamps! Stickers! Washi tape! Do you see the durian washi tape I picked up on the second leg of my eating vacation: Singapore? Here and there you’ll also see puffy Tom & Jerry stickers, a silly online purchase that was awaiting me when I returned home. Kliban cat stickers also show up a lot in this batch of outgoing cards. I love Kliban cats. Dunno if I’ve ever mentioned that before…

Do you have any favorites this time around? Please let me know about them!



loka made postcards 682loka made postcards 681loka made postcards 680

loka made postcards 683

loka made postcards 684

loka made postcards 687loka made postcards 686

loka made postcards 691

loka made postcards 694

Let’s Just Agree to Ignore One Another: Sent to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Poland, & Thailand

A mere 10 postcards this time! What’s the story with the title? We’ll get to it, but not too much into it–later.

Elephant & Piggie are going to Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan.

Hawaii 571

The recipes from a box of cake flour went to Niigata, Japan. Do you ever try the recipes on a food package? I have, from packages of chocolate chips & cocoa powder. I heard from the card’s recipient, and she does not cook anything from the recipes printed on food packages.

Off to Bangkok, Thailand, in a “marine life & sea creatures” tag, goes this sun star from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I tell the card’s recipient I enjoy visiting aquariums when I travel, and have been to her local, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World.

postcard 343a

Piedras Blancas Lighthouse goes to Saitama, Japan. I go to the area often, but never to the lighthouse; in fact, I just learned you can get a tour! For me, the draw of Piedras Blancas is the thousands of elephant seals. As it happens, on the very day I wrote this postcard, I took a little day trip down there to see the current denizens of the beach.

California Coast Highway 1 with Piedras Blancas Lighthouse

Far, far north of Piedras Blancas are Northern California & its coastal redwoods. This card goes out by request to a Postcrosser in Lublin, Poland, who noted, “blank in an envelope, please.” I’ll ignore that like she ignored my notation that I send my cards stamped and written, as the snail mail gawdz intented. And as I suspected, her “profile”is nothing but a list of cards she wants.

Coast Redwoods rock

For a food tag, this goes to Jakarta, Indonesia. I may have already mentioned that this vegetarian Chinese restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown isn’t the best representation of its genre–but I sure liked getting free postcards!

Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant SF

Aladdin, Jasmine, & Abu are off to Hong Kong in a Disney tag.

Disney Aladdin

This cool Totoro card should end up in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Disney584 b

Franklin is off by request to Taichung, Taiwan. I sure wish he–or any of the Peanuts characters–had won that election!

2017-03-06 08.45.50.jpg

More Peanuts: Li’l Lucy is headed for Yokohama, Japan.

postcard toon Peanuts strip Lucy balloon

Before stamps, stickers, & washi tape, let’s look into my Postcrossing Forum U2U inbox. I just got a thank you from an earlier send to聽Taichung City, Taiwan, with a little museum report:

Thank you so much for the beautiful cards! They arrived at the same time 馃榾聽We don’t have a lot of museums in Taiwan. There are two in my hometown, the science and art museums. But the museums are small and do not have a lot of works contained. I once took my foreign friend there and she said it was boring compared to those in her country. Thank you for always using great stamps 馃榾聽Have a great day!

Peanuts Schroeder Snoopys Home Ice aa

Peanuts Schroeder Snoopys Home Ice



Hawaii 570

Hawaii 572

So Hard to Keep Track, Though: Sent to China, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Taiwan, & Thailand

Lots of cards to show off this time: more than I can actually keep track of, as you’ll see. Mostly Postcrossing Forum tags, with a couple of Postcard United sends. Please let me know what you like!

I love sea otters! This one goes to Bangkok, Thailand–and I am jealous.

postcard 326 a

Trinidad, California goes to Lublin, Poland

postcard a California Trinidad

This beautiful tiger is headed for Hong Kong. Also to Diessen, Netherlands!

postcard020 MORRO BAY

The pelicans should land with a brand-new Postcrosser in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Although he is participating in the forum tags, he has yet to upload a profile, which is always a disappointment to me.

postcard a Morro Bay pelicans

California Coast Highway 1 went off to Larissa, Greece, and the Grinch (from the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden in Springfield, Massachusetts) went to Saitama, Japan.

postcard 360

Uhm, I didn’t do a good job keeping records on this next pair, but one is going to New Taipei City, Taiwan. This stuff is hard.

postcard 361

Here we have one off to Sarsborg, Norway. I hope the recipient enjoys this dramatic coastal scene.

postcard a California North Coast

Time for stamps, stickers, & washi tape. Do you have any favorites?

postcard 346postcard 345

postcard 359

postcard 362

postcard 365

Big Hero 6 & the Unmanageable 8: Sent to China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, & Taiwan

I thought I’d wait to share my outgoing postcards until I had sent out a handful or so–and before I knew it, it’d become an unmanageable 8!


The “Southside with You” movie poster card went to Singapore聽for a swap-bot “movie/TV” postcard swap. 聽I picked up that card at a movie theater, and was not just pleased to have a movie postcard to share–I was also excited to see the movie! 聽When it came out, I did indeed go see it, and really enjoyed the entire thing. 聽I was happy to be able to write about the movie on this card, as this swapper, though she provides a long, long, profile, it’s not about her–but about what she wants, wants, wants. 聽Sigh. 聽Well, one thing she wanted was “vintage tickets,” and though the vintage is probably late 1990’s or later, I glued a few arcade tickets onto the card as a divider. 聽You can see that down below.

Another movie represented in the next card: “Big Hero 6.” 聽That went out to Mumbai, India, in a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag trade.

Hearst Castle is next. 聽It went to a castle lover in Hong Kong, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum USA-Asia tag.

By the way, I’ve started sending out more cards via Postcard United! 聽Astro & the Dogs are headed for Shanghai, China, to a recipient who wrote, “I prefer like: Marvel, Harry potter, Game of Thrones.” 聽Since I had none of that, I sent her Astro Boy, UglyDoll, Battlestar Galactica. 聽I’m sure she’ll like it.

The Jetoy cat is also headed out via Postcard United; it’s going to a cat lover in Bergheim-Fliesteden, Germany. 聽She says she doesn’t like any animals except cats & butterflies. 聽Oof!

She also doesn’t like to receive religious themes–the exact opposite of the Postcard Uniter I drew in 艁贸d藕, Poland, who prefers them. 聽Since I have none of that, I combed his profile for other possibilities. 聽Good News: he writes,

“JAPAN and USA: please send me card from your country (landscapes, buildings, culture etc) – I am fascinated by this.”

–I can help with that! 聽I pulled out the聽Oakland card, and told him a little bit about that city.

Matisse’s “Woman Before An Aquarium” is for a regular Postcrossing draw, and it went out to an art lover in Seremban,聽Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Finally, the tiger went to New Taipei City, Taiwan, in a Postcrossing Forum tag trade. 聽The recipient is a new Postcrosser, an 18-year-old high-school student, and though she provides a list of possibilities for people who really need guidance, she prefaces it with, “no special request for the postcards, they are all surprising gifts to me.”

I just love that.

Okay, have a look at some of the stamps & stuff!





An Assortment to Go: Sent to Brazil, China, Japan, Taiwan, & the U.S.

Let’s get a bunch of outgoings out of the way at once, here.


The two food package postcards are for a swap-bot trade. 聽Have you ever tried pani puri? 聽Mmmm… that card is going to聽Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil, and the聽Saladitas saltines panel went to Browns Mills, New Jersey.

The Rapunzel/Tangled card is headed for Beijing, China in a Postcrossing Forum tag trade to someone who in addition to liking Disney characters, enjoys Marvel characters including Sam Alexander’s Nova. 聽I told her I’m a big fan of the newer Marvel characters, too–perhaps especially Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel.

The coast & castle scene from The Little Mermaid went off to a lover of that movie in Taoyuan City, Taiwan; that’s a regular Postcrossing draw.

How ’bout that wacky retro tennis scene? 聽It’s another card from my ma’s stash, off to聽艑tsu, Japan, in another Postcrossing Forum tag trade. Take a lot at the caption from the other side:


Tiger went out in yet another Postcrossing Forum tag trade to New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Finally, the California card. 聽That was a regular Postcrossing draw, and it went out to Oberschefflenz, Germany–arriving there in about 7 days! 聽It’s just incredible to me sometimes, the time differentials; I have a Postcrossing card out to France, for instance (not all that far from Germany) that’s been traveling for 17 days as I write this.
OH! 聽INSTANT UPDATE! 聽As I was writing this, I got the “Hurray” message that the card arrived! 聽Here’s the message:

Thank you a lot for your amazing postcard of California. I love the illustration on the postcard. A lot of colours, that’s really beautiful!!聽I’d love to visit California. But this summer, I maybe will go to my bestfriend’s home : Wisconsin, Milwaukee! Should be beautiful too.

Okay, time to show a little backside:





What to Eat on a Tropical Island: Received from Germany, Malaysia, and Taiwan


I love that tiny Hainan card! 聽It’s from a couple in New Taipei City, Taiwan, who sent it to me in a Postcrossing Forum “Far East to America” tag, and they tell me:

“Hainan is a tropical island-province of China. 聽Popular holiday destination, it also has some resorts, beaches and foreigners (mostly Russian). 聽The three dishes on the picture: Hainanese chicken rice (it’s a cult food in other SE Asian countries). 2: Coconut cake (looks like a white-jelly). 3: Qingbuliang- no English name it’s a kind of cold, sweet dessert soup. 聽All tastes good and special!”

They had me at “tropical island.” 聽I am freezing in California right now. 聽Of course I will go to Hainan, and eat all of the above & more!

A Postcrosser in Hamburg, Germany sent me that classic (AKA “old”) American film poster card. 聽She tells me:

“Hamburg is the 2nd biggest in Germany. 聽Every year in May we have the biggest harbour festival of the world.”

Finally, thanks to another swap-bot chunk-of-cardboard trade, someone in Malaysia sent me that panel from a box of Essence of Chicken. 聽She writes:

“I will drink this if the day I feel very tired yet need to work over 10 hours. 聽This can make me feel a lot energy.”

I think I may need to pick up some of this.

Stamps! I love the Taiwanese聽ones, at the top.


Book My Trip! Sent to Hong Kong & Taiwan

I really like the Postcrossing Forum location-based trades, where I get to choose the destinations聽to which I send my cards–and the places聽from which the cards I eventually get聽will come. 聽Today, cards went out to two locations at the top of my travel-to list!


On the top postcard, that is a portion of King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel, located in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. 聽It’s an old card from the vaults, and it’s on its way to New Taipei City, Taiwan聽in a “Taiwan Meets the World” trade. 聽The recipient is a brand-new Postcrosser: just on the site a few days, no cards yet marked as sent or received. 聽He says he enjoys traveling, so I sent him this card from a place I love to visit, the Big Island. 聽Love to be there right now, enjoying the warmth. 聽California gets too cold for my tastes.

That U.S. map card is going to聽Hong Kong in a “Hong Kong to the World” trade. 聽The recipient favorited the card when it was sent to another user, & so I pulled it from my pile of available cards for her.

Stamps for the HK-destined card, as the recipient mentioned enjoying stamps:


Yes, it’s a poor quality shot. When I took it, it was just for the record-keeping until the card was received–wasn’t thinking of the blog semi-posterity factor.

Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’: Sent to England, France, Germany, and Taiwan

“Use your profile to write about yourself. 聽Your account’s profile is the place where others can learn more about you, so please enter a few sentences.”

–From Postcrossing Community Guidelines, ‘On using your account’

That is such a big part of Postcrossing: learning about other countries by learning a little bit about people who live in those countries. 聽Also, when you write a profile, that helps people not only get to know you a bit, but also it aids in choosing a card for you, and in knowing what to write on that card. 聽Thus, I was disconcerted by the minimalist profile of the Postcrosser from Bielefeld, Germany. 聽I’ll share her entire profile between the two lines that follow:

Yes, you read that correctly: she wrote absolutely nothing in her profile.

Who is this person? 聽What type of a card might she like? 聽What might I write to this person, who obviously chose to say absolutely nothing to me?

I tried to rationalize her choice: maybe her English is not so good. 聽Heck, there are plenty of people born here in the U.S., whose families have been in the country for generations, whose English is not so good, but they still manage to be prolific on Postcrossing & swap-bot! 聽No, English is the language of Postcrossing, and even people who admit their English is terrible manage to bang out a rough paragraph or two, perhaps with the help of an online translator.

Maybe she is brand new? Yes, surely she is brand-new, and just hasn’t quite gotten to this bit. 聽Nope. 聽She has been around for over three years, and has sent out over 1,600 cards.

In a last-ditch effort to suss out which card I might send her, I went to see her favorites from her wall of postcards. 聽It was in that section I learned that in three years of Postcrossing, she has not favorited a single card.

It is this Herculean lack of effort that made me take the drastic measure of sending her “Tiger Markings,” the card at top left in this photo.


L’il Cartoon Girl is absolutely appalled.

I’d feel horrible about it, except for the fact that I so totally do not. 聽For all I know, she will love this! 聽It’s a draw from聽Animal Box: 100 Postcards by 10 Artists, and if you read the reviews of that set on Amazon, you’ll see that depending upon whom you trust, only 30 to 70 of the images are worthy of their postcard status. 聽One reviewer even said she used the fine card stock of these pieces to create her own beautiful cards to send out! 聽But like I say, maybe the recipient will love this. 聽I would have no way of knowing.

I also didn’t knock myself out on the back: whereas most of my messages are 13 or more lines of tightly-packed writing, this time around I managed to fill the space with (to paraphrase) hi, greetings from ___, Happy Postcrossing, me. Yes, I still separated the address from the message with a strip of washi tape, but just a plain colored strip. 聽My most extravagant move was that I still put two rubber-stamped impressions in there. 聽Hope she doesn’t hate them–I’d have no way of knowing.

The owls are from the same box as the hot mess tiger pattern, and they go to a Postcrosser in聽South Yorkshire, England聽who said she would love to receive owl cards. 聽It was my absolute pleasure to send this to her. She also said she enjoys lists, so I wrote her a list of…

8 Movies I’ve Seen in the Last 2 Weeks

  1. Ant-Man
  2. Grandma
  3. The Martian
  4. Sicario
  5. The Intern
  6. Black Mass
  7. Singh is Blinng
  8. Pan

The wonderful tiger is headed off on a trip to聽La Bouilladisse, France. 聽The recipient enjoys dollhouse miniatures, so I hoped she might be amused by a peek into what the residents of her dollhouse might espy while on photo safari.

Lastly, for a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag trade, the piece of art from Wreck-It Ralph goes to New Taipei City, Taiwan. 聽The photo below shows the stamps, stamps, & washi tape I applied to the back of that card.


Received from Italy, Taiwan, and the United States

A trio of cards have been waiting to be posted here:


The first, and my favorite of the three, is that illustrated card, which came via Postcrossing, and was sent to me from New Taipei City, Taiwan. 聽The sender writes:

“I’m glad to introduce my favorite place, Jioufen, in Taiwan. 聽Long long time ago there were only nine families in Jioufen. 聽Because “Jiou” means nine, so people call this place “Jioufen.” 聽In 1890, someone finds gold near Jioufen, and then a lot of people want to find gold in here. 聽But “now” you just can find many beverages and snacks in the streets. 聽If you have a chance you should experience by yourself. 聽Maybe you can find gold in Jioufen?”

If by “gold,” she means those delicious beverages & snacks, well, count me in!

Two bakers baking came to me from Sardinia, Italy, part of a Postcrossing Forum trade. 聽There’s a long note on the back, but I was not able to make out much of the handwriting. 聽I was able to understand that the bakers here are wearing a traditional costume (“which of course nobody wears anymore nowadays”), and are making a traditional bread made of durum wheat flour, made in 聽big round shapes, and is very thin and crisp.

Finally, the portrait came to me from the St. Paul, Minnesota area, part of a swap-bot “Zazzle Me” trade, in which swappers were to send any custom-printed cards. 聽I’ll note here that for the cards I’ve had made from my own photos, I did not use Zazzle. I have ordered a couple of t-shirts from that company, and the quality is just awful. 聽If I were to take a photo of the image transfers–and more importantly, the areas surrounding them–you would know what I mean. But this is off-topic. Back on! 聽The sender of this card tells me:

“I love Zazzle cards! 聽And I love old photos of Native Americans, they’re so fascinating!”



Sent to Germany, Taiwan, and the United States

Busy with four cards, for three trades.


The stamp collage is one I made for a swap-bot “stampcard” trade. 聽It’s going to a recipient in Liverpool, New York. 聽All the postcards coming through my mailbox, it was nice to have a way to put some part of them to use! 聽Many of the stamps came from my incoming swap-bot/Postcrossing cards, while a few were far older ones I’d had laying around. 聽This is only half of the stamp collage I made; the piece was two-postcards tall, so I guess the other half will be showing up here at some point.

Two more swap-bot cards, both for an “all creatures great & small” trade. 聽The birds go to Westminster, Colorado, to a swap-botter who wants no cat cards. 聽This is why the cat card card is headed for Hessen, Germany. These animal cards are the 2nd and 3rd I have sent from my recently-purchased box of 100 animal cards. 聽The cat, like the elephant I sent out 1st, is one of my very favorite cards in the whole box.

Finally, the lobster. I went back on to the Postcrossing Forum, and found a “Marine Life and Sea Creatures” tag, and am sending this to the previous person to sign onto the tag, a Postcrosser in New Taiwan City, Taiwan. 聽In case you were wondering about this creature, the caption on the card says, “BULLSEYE LOBSTER (Enoplometopus holthuisi), rare, but wide-spread reef animal found from Hawaii to Australia.”