Received from China, Germany, New Zealand, & the United States

Mail call: cards in through Postcrossing & swap-bot.

postcard112aThe train buzzing past the beach came to me from Tauranga, New Zealand (a trip of 6,521 miles/25 days), where the sender told me that image is of “the only passenger train that runs the length of NZ. It’s a long slow trip!”

The tasty food illustration came to me from Shandong, China (6,104 miles/40 days). The sender doesn’t tell me what these bowls may contain, only that she was writing to me from her college library.

Stuttgart, Germany is the source of the abstract image (another long trip: 5,764 miles/32 days), and the sender expresses envy of my warmer climate: I’m not far from beaches; she’s got snow.  I told her my climate is far from tropical–but I would not switch places with her!

That big cereal box panel comes to me from O’Fallon, Illinois, yet another “Chunk-O-Cardboard” received through swap-bot.  The sender closes with the question, “the man who discovered milk, what was he doing?”  I asked her what made her so sure it was a man.



Received from: Canada, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, and… Tennessee, U.S.A.!

From Canada:


For a swap-bot “art-phabet” challenge. As my correspondent tells me, J is for “Jezus.”

Interesting stamp on that one…


There must be some story…

From Berlin, Germany:


Annually in Berlin, the sender tells me, there is a food & agricultural festival–and this card was procured there.

The stamp:


From Netherlands:


The person who sent this also tucked in a photo she took:


–because I’m a toy photographer, too!

Cool stamp, too. I am assuming this is NOT Tom Brokaw:


From New Zealand:


My correspondent tells me that this postcard comes from Scotland, where she has a cousin who sends her postcard calendars every year. Cool, huh? You can see the perforation at the top, where the card has been removed from the calendar.

–and its stamp:


The stamp, though, is not Scottish. The New Zealand postal authorities would certainly have none of that.

A card from Russia:


I like water. Do you like water? I like water.

I love these stamps, probably more than any others I’ve seen during this Postcrossing/swap-bot adventure.  Of course, the fact that I favor them so much probably has to do with the fact that my memory is so horrible…


So cool. I think perhaps its the entire combination I love, more than any one specific stamp here.

And finally, Tennessee:


Received from New Zealand

Another card received through Postcrossing!  To get to me from New Zealand, it traveled 10 days and 6,501 miles (isn’t it cool how Postcrossing shares those stats?)!


Whoa! Behold the mighty Moeraki Boulders on Koekohe Beach, along New Zealand’s Otago Coast.

Oops, almost forgot the stamp!


I love how the photos of these stamps show off the beautiful detail that just doesn’t get its due at actual size!

Received from: New Zealand, NY, North Dakota, Hawaii, Washington, and Virginia!

WOW! A lot of swap-bot mail greeting me–too overwhelming to scan & post individually! Some really cool cards here.


Whoa! A fun day to check the mailbox!


Wonderful stamps on the card from New Zealand, I love that lenticular space one.

One advantage of swap-bot is that if you like a river of postcards coming in, you can make that happen.  I truly didn’t imagine something like this!  Pretty quick results for a–what is it now?–3-week-newbie.

Received from Motueka, New Zealand

My second postcard received through Postcrossing!  Officially, actually, it would be tied for first, as it arrived in the batch of mail also containing the card from Oslo in my previous post.  I’d already read that card, though, before I happened to lay eyes on this one, making this the second card I SAW from Postcrossing.  It’s exciting that my Postcrossing cards are “at last” beginning to come in.


The sender tells me that she chose this card because she saw on my profile that I like beaches. I do! She says that this is her local beach, and it got voted one of the Top 100 Best Beaches in the World by CNN.

Postcrossing statistics tell me this card took 9 days to travel 6,807 miles.


Great stamps!