I Want to Live in a Water Home! Received from Czech Republic, Germany, Taiwan, Ukraine, & the U.S.

Time to post a few more of my incomings, before I get snowed under!  May be too late…

Snoopy-Dog-Dog!  It’s another fun bootleg Peanuts card from Pingtung, Taiwan, thanks to the Postcrossing Forum Snoopy/Peanuts tag!


This sender apparently has a problem with stamp adhesion; we’re doing a little better this time, as one of the two stamps she affixed did make it all the way into my mailbox.  I knew one was missing, because in her message, she wrote about the stamps:

“The right side stamp is Taiwan fruit Shakya.  The left side stamp is a scene in the novel which is called ‘The Story of the Stone,’ also called ‘Dream of the Red Chamber.’  It is one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels.”

If you look at the stamp image below, you’ll be able to see that second stamp.  It’s at the very bottom, within the sticker Snoopy’s line of vision.  I looked up that book; at least in the English translation, it encompasses 5 volumes!  Whoa!

As for the fruit–shakya–I looked it up, too.  Also known as custard apple!

Cool ostrich shot!  That’s from a Postcrosser near Sonsbeck, Germany.  She’s 14, she says she’s glad she can write to the U.S.A., and she wishes me a happy birthday.

Cindi went to Maui, and sent me this Pa’iloa Bay card!  I do love a coastal scene with no people in evidence–that’s what I cross my fingers for when I look for a beach to walk in my general region.  A couple of weeks back, when I was in Central California, I ended up in a couple of touristy areas where there was not even any room in the parking lots next to the beaches, so I just kept on going.  No peace to be found there.

Then there is that very cheesy card.  It came to me from Dallas, Texas, thanks to a swap-bot food postcard trade, and the sender writes:

“I spent this morning canning Bread & Butter pickles.  It’s the first time I have used a recipe with Splenda so I’m wondering how/if they will turn out.  Two days ago I canned Kosher Dill Pickles and I have plans for Pickled Squash.  I love food and I enjoy eating cheese.  The different flavors and textures are amazing.”

Okay, now we have the girl walking some paper boats.  It’s from Odessa, Ukraine, and it’s my 300th Postcrossing Card Received!  Also, a few days ago, Postcrossing emailed me to congratulate me on 2 Years with the Site.  I haven’t seen a card in the mail from them, yet.

The insects come from a Postcrosser in  Blatná, Czech Republic. She tells me,

“We have got amazing water castle.  Around this castle is big park with fallow deer.”

I looked up “water castle.”  That means, basically, it has a moat.  I want to have a water home!

Stamps, postmarks, stickers, & washi tape– my favorite stamp this time would have to be that beautiful fish!


“Trials, Gingerbread, Sausage:” Received from Germany, Russia, & Ukraine

This trio of Postcrossing cards in, from a trio of my most-received-from countries:


I really like that seated child image.  It reminds me of the art of Banksy, but this is actually by a German artist known as ALIAS.  The card was sent by a Postcrosser in Nuremberg, Germany (the card taking a journey of 5,777 miles over 10 days), who tells me:

“Card shows graffiti from Berlin.  I live in Nuremberg: trials, gingerbread, sausage… Just retired from managing an IT company.  More time for… will find out!” 

The Venetian Cat (entitled “Venetian Cat”) came to me from Odessa, Ukraine, and it took a full 5 months to travel the 6,390 miles to my door!  Whoa!  The sender writes:

“I live near the Black Sea.  I love the sea.  On summer weekend I often go to swim early in the morning.  But my skin does not like bright sun, so I leave before 10 a.m.  No, I’m not a vampire.  I love warm sunny days in October but I dislike the savage summer sun.”

That bottom card is not a picture print by Currier & Ives: it’s a piece by Boris Kustodiev, and it took 57 days to travel the 5,879 miles to me from Moscow, Russia.

Stamps & postmarks:


I really like the leaves, especially the two on the right!

Sent to Netherlands, Russia, Taiwan & Ukraine

Four more going out to fellow members of Postcrossing:


A bit of variety!

Moving clockwise from the upper right, the card featuring Arthur, Mr. Peabody & Sherman up on a California coastal bluff is a resend.  I noticed on the Postcrossing site that a card I’d sent to Tainan City, Taiwan had expired–perhaps gotten lost in the mail.  I don’t want this Postcrosser to miss out, so I am trying again!  This time, I was able to tell her that since the first attempt, I have gotten to explore the streets of her country–for all of 2 and 1/2 hours (I was able to take advantage of a layover).

That retro painting of Glacier National Park in Montana, which I uncovered in the drawers of my old family house, is now headed to Tilburg, Netherlands.  The recipient, who works for a home-care organization for elderly people, didn’t seem to have a lot of requirements in mind for postcards, simply writing that she likes “the normal kind of postcards. I don’t care for handmade or the folded kind, but I’m happy with every postcard you send.”  I figured she might like this one.

The manatee card goes to a Postcrosser in Ovidiopol, Ukraine, who, in a long list of postcards she’d enjoy receiving, included “exotic fish and marine animals.” I consider a manatee something very exotic, indeed–certainly something I’ve never seen in the wild; I live in the land of seals, sea lions, & sea otters.  I recently received this in a pack of manatee postcards as a thanks for my regular donations to the organization Save the Manatee.

Lastly, there is the card featuring art by the artist Coplu, which is on its way to someone in Novosibirsk, Russia who says she is an artist & would like cards featuring drawings. If you scroll back on this blog, you will see a few other Coplu cards I have sent–and I still have more to send in the future!

Which card is your favorite? I think I like three of them the best…