The Comic Section! Received from Belarus, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, & the U.S.

One of the upsides of being so horribly behind in cataloging my received postcards is that I am at least able to go through the accumulated cards (well, the ones that I can currently find) and do some grouping by theme. This time, it’s some toon-tastic cards, received through all of my current avenues: Postcrossing, Postcrossing Forum, Postcard United, swap-bot, and postcard pals!

First up: B. Kliban! I’m always thrilled to find Kliban Cats in my mail. They surrounded me when I grew up: they were marketed on t-shirts, bed sheets, soap dispensers, calendars, and on & on. The world today could use more Kliban cats. This came to me from a Postcrosser in Cedar Hill, Texas, who saw cards like this one in my favorites.


postcard 375

Every time I look at this image, I notice a new detail.

This Snoopy postcard looks like a piece of original art! The Postcrosser who sent it to me tells me she bought it during a visit to the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

postcard 373

I love, love, love, the style of very-early-era Peanuts art. I was thrilled to get this Lucy (my spirit animal) card from my post pal Cindi in Hawaii. Be sure to scroll down for the stickers, washi tape–and a great Disney Queen of Hearts stamp! And while you’re down there, do be sure to spend time with all of the other stamps, stickers, & washi tape. This is a good post for both sides of the cards I’ve received!

Time to move from Peanuts to Totoro. This wonderful scene came to me from a Postcrosser in Astoria, Oregon, who writes:

I am also a huge fan of Asian cuisine. We lived in Singapore for two years–yum! Ate in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia So much good food–love the crosss-cultural stuff. And lucky now to live on the West Coast–foodie heaven. Food carts are boss. Last weekend ate at a place called DJ’s Vinyl Vegan–it was fabulous. It was part of our weekend eat-fest in Astoria. Also had Scandinavian food at the Midsummer Festival. This weekend too hot to go out. Hope you are getting some good eats!

postcard 372

The other Totoro card came to me from Malaysia via Postcard United, from a sender who tells me that ol’ Totes is their favorite cartoon character.

Next up: a pair of Finding Nemo cards. Let me interrupt myself to say that I was at Disney California Adventure last week, and after many visits having ignored the attraction, I finally went to “Turtle Talk with Crush,” and let me tell you–I am never going to skip over it again! Hilarious! Reminded me of a Paula Poundstone performance (and I’ve been to many).

Okay, the cards. The first of them came to me via regular Postcrossing, from Minsk, Belarus, with the following message:

I am a senior student at Linguistic University where I study the English and French languages and American and British Country Studies. I like traveling, reading books, and birds. I have a monk parakeet (Rudy). He can talk.

postcard 374

The other Nemo card came to me from St. Paul, Minnesota, via a swap-bot “Currently Reading” trade. The sender had a few books going at once, and she listed them for me:

The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter, by Theodora Goss

Enigma: the Battle for the Code, by Hugh Sebag-Montefiore

Blind Ambition: The White House Years, by John Dean

Okay, the last 3 are Sanrio: Hello Kitty Country! I sometimes enter Postcrossing Forum tags where every other person is to receive a Hello Kitty card. Since I do not have any to send, I enter on the receiving rounds…and then promptly say that I’d really love to receive Badtz-Maru (or any one of several other ancillary characters). This first card, sent from somewhere in Japan, stars Badtz!

postcard 375a

The big Hello Kitty card came from Lausanne, Switzerland, and the smaller one made its way from Nakatsu, Ōita, Japan.

postcard 376

Hey, we made it through! now enjoy the stamps, stickers, washi tape, and a few of the messages. Let me know what you liked! I feel really accomplished right now, to have logged 10 more of my back postcards.

postcard 380postcard 379postcard 378postcard 377

From Recycling Bin to Mail Box: Sent to Canada, Japan, & the U.S.

Lots of reuse/recycling/upcycling going on around here lately!  I sent out these cards in a number of upcycling-related swap-bot & Postcrossing Forum rounds.

I made these stamp cards months & months ago (and have shared them here), utilizing some of my most-unwanted cards from the disappointassortment I made the mistake of purchasing.  I sent these two off to Mounds View, Minnesota; and North Conway, New Hampshire.


This mock meat product was just awful–and I have zero aversion to faux meats–the product was just bad.  The package makes a fun postcard, though!  Off it went to Tottori, Japan.


Milk-Bones & Canada Dry going to recipients in Universal City and Houston, Texas.


Same swap here, saltines going to Sweet Home, Oregon, and pineapple cookies to Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.


This next pair is going to Japan.  Okay, the Bay Bridge one isn’t recycled, but it got scanned with a recycled card, so in it goes!


Time for stamps, stickers, washi tape–and a few weather drawings.  Enjoy!







Stinking Marshmallows! Received from France & the United States


Mickey!  I got him from Portland, Oregon, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag trade.  The sender shared a quote she attributes to Mickey Mouse:

“Live every moment as not to regret what you are about to do.”

I only just now realized he probably did not mean that in a malicious way.  I guess I identify way too much with Donald.

Bob the Lucky Charms Guy came to me from Iowa in a food package postcard trade, and the sender tells me:

“Sadly, at 41, Lucky Charms are still my all-time favorite cereal.  I love those stinking marshmallows.”

In thanking her for the cool card, I shared the fact that I missed out on a lot of cool cereal toys as a kid because I dislike marshmallows.  Only recently did it dawn upon me that I could have gotten some exercise by picking all of the “stinking” things out & carrying them out to the trash.

Lastly, from France, thanks to Postcrossing, come those views of Provence.  The sender tells me:

“I love nature, animals, dancing and music.”

Stamps!  The character on that French one makes me think of Egyptian gods.


Don’t let the fresh fruit fool you: Received from China & the United States

The Cheshire Cat came through my mailbox yesterday!

2015-10-09 08.13.12

He came from Wonderland, of course (with a detour through Portland, Oregon), as part of a swap-bot Disney postcard trade.  The sender includes a Cheshire Cat quote:

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

I don’t know where the photo on the top right card was shot, but the card was sent to me by a Postcrosser in Shanghai, China.

From San Jose, California, comes that big recycled chunk of cardboard for a swap-bot trade. Isn’t that box inviting?  This swapper has sent me several “graze” panels before, finally prompting me to investigate the snacks-by-mail service, & ordering a free trial.  I knew when I hit the site I probably would not like it: despite the beautiful fresh fruit depicted on the box, no freshness will ever hit your doorstep.  Dried fruit, sure, but you can easily buy that locally.  Sugary granola stuff pretty much round out their offerings, and a couple of dried “international” soup mixes that lack all authenticity.  What a waste.  I canceled that before they could bill me, and after throwing out several half-eaten packets-o-hell.

Received from the United States

Both of these are from swap-bot trades…


The stamps are for a homemade “stampcard” trade (mine is here), and this comes to me from Oregon.  My very favorite is the guava!  The sender tells me, “I’ve never been outside of the United States, but I get a little thrill with each international letter I get.”

The bookshelves came my way from Alabama, part of a “book read in March” swap.  The sender recommends Submerged by Dani Pettrey: “This is the 1st in the Alaskan Courage series & is a nice balance of inspiration, fiction, & romantic suspense also including some historical info re: Russia & Alaska.  I will read more in this series.”

Sent to Finland and the United States

Two going out in a swap-bot “squeeze it in” trade, in which we were to “write as much as the postcard physically allows!”  Since this is the way I tend to operate already, no problem!


The birds are off to Hillsboro, Oregon, to someone who says she doesn’t collect anything–but seems to own a lot of bird stuff.  She also has a lot of pets, so I started by asking if she spends a lot of time at the veterinarian’s office.  I sure do–and I only have a single pet!

The swapper in Kokkola, Finland listed Jetoy on her list of likes, so this cat is for her. She also says she recently graduated as a pastry chef, and says she has a love/hate relationship with macarons (loves eating them/hates making them), so I asked her if she knew of silvanas, the delicious Filipino frozen dessert cookie that I much prefer to macarons!

Sent to the United States

Two going out in a swap-bot “read in March” trade.


I told both recipients about a book I finished in March: Return to a Sexy Island, by Neil Humphreys.  I described that book earlier, in a previous post.

“The Puffin Puzzle Book” card is on its way to Cary, North Carolina.  My big box ‘o children’s book cover postcards, as I call it, is not all that far from used up.  When I started on swap-bot and Postcrossing just 8 months ago, they were all I had!  Don’t believe me?  Just head to the beginning of my blog.  When the cards were still numerous, I was able to find some component of each cover to match most users’ wish lists.  For today, a book cover postcard is a natural choice for a book-themed trade.

The Jetoy kitty on the toilet card is bound for Oregon City, Oregon.  I’m still dealing with the odd vertical orientation of these Jetoy cards, as I described earlier–I told this card’s recipient I hope the post office machine doesn’t cancel her address!

Do you send Jetoy cards, or any other oddly-oriented cards?  Do you go with the flow, as dictated by the card’s printer–or do you somehow force it into standard post office-dictated format?  I’m really considering doing some flipping on future sends, plus a slapping-on of an address overlay to overcome this situation.  When these first 3 cards I’ve sent reach their destinations–IF these first 3 cards I’ve sent reach their destinations–I will breathe a bit easier.

Sent to: Trollhättan, Sweden & Salem, Oregon

Trollhättan is located 75 kilometers north of Sweden’s second-largest city, Gothenburg.  Trollhättan translates as “troll’s hat.”  — Wikipedia

The Postcrossing card I sent to Germany has arrived!  It traveled over 7 days and 5,765 miles.  Now it’s time to send out another card.  And this time, it’s to: Sweden. The card’s recipient is actually only in Trollhättan for the college semester; she lives near Shanghai, China!  I sent her a copy of the same tiger postcard you see in the previous link.

On to Salem & swap-bot for another “recycled notecard” trade.  And the notecard isn’t the only thing recycled–I’ve been paired up with this recipient before!


This is the Pigeon Point Lighthouse near Half Moon Bay, California. The image is torn from a notecard–one in a set–I received as a donor to the California State Parks Foundation.

Sent to Salem, Oregon

Salem is the capital of Oregon. The State Capitol building looks as if it were assembled using various food containers rescued from the kitchen recycling bin. Reuse is cool.


This one is for a “made by me” postcard swap on swap-bot.  Participants were each assigned two partners; for each of mine, I made my postcards using pages of an old, well-loved & worn-out picture book.  Some things deserve an extended life–or at least a reincarnation!


The person set to receive my card did not mention being an amusement park or roller coaster fan, but reading her profile, I just kinda decided she’d like it fine.

More homemade postcards to come!