Food & Clothing: Received from Australia, China, & Russia

An interesting day at the mail box!


The table of food came from a Postcrosser in Sosnovyy Bor, Russia, who writes (in part): “Do you like Russian cuisine?  Have you tasted ‘pelmeni?’ It’s very delicious Russian food…Good luck and Bon Appetit!!” The card includes a recipe–in Russian.  I looked up this dish, which looks like tortellini, and here’s what I found out about these dumplings:

The dough is made from flour and water, sometimes adding a small portion of eggs. The filling can be minced meat (pork, lamb, beef, or any other kind of meat), fish, or mushrooms. The mixing together of different kinds of meat is also popular. Thetraditional Udmurt recipe requires a mixture of 45% beef, 35% mutton, and 20% pork. Pelmeni in Perm (west of the Ural Mountains) are often filled with mushrooms, onions, and turnips instead of meat.Various spices, such as black pepper and onions, are mixed into the filling. –Wikipedia

A Postcrosser in Zhangzhou, China sent me the gotochi card depicting “China traditional costumes.” I know it is a gotochi card, because that’s what the sender told me!  It’s my first, I believe, & I think it’s very cool.  It is very large, and die-cut. The sender tells me she bought it from the Forbidden City in Beijing.

A swap-bot member someplace in Australia sent me a laminated section of a cookie box! This is yet another bit of recycling received through a “chunk of cardboard” trade, and I just thought it was so funny & cool to receive a laminated card.  The sender tells me:

“In Australia, cookies don’t typically come in boxes, and also the ‘street art’ visual style is unique–cookies here don’t typically try to be ”cool.’ The actual cookies aren’t amazing, but hey at least the packaging is neat.”

In rating the swap, I shared my enthusiasm over the surprise of receiving a laminated card.  The sender responded:

“I had another swap postcard arrive laminated, and it was just perfect because it was a rainy day! So I thought that was a brilliant idea, and the cardboardy postcards needed a bit of extra support.”

Stamps, stickers, postmarks & stuff:


Sent to Canada, Germany, and the United States

It’s recycling day!  Three very lucky people in the making:


These are so cool. I like these better than the majority of cards I receive.

All of those are going out as a part of a swap-bot “chunk of cardboard” trade, one of my favorite swaps on that site.

Deconstructed Toucan Sam is flying off to Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.  I have been paired with this swapper several times–most recently last week, if you’ll scroll back–and so I thought if even just for the purposes of keeping things interesting, she deserved the very best of this lot.  Both of the cube-craft panels in this post came from a box of Froot Loops. I bought several when this was the prize, and have sent many of them off to friends–but I have yet to construct these myself.

The lizard is heading for Goose Creek, South Carolina, to a swap-botter whose profile was so cool with its professions of love for Pokemon, space/sci-fi, comics, “goofy/offbeat/weird” things, and all kind of fun stuff, that I just knew she would like and deserve this cut-up fun. I wrote to each of these partners, CUT UP THIS CARD, PLEASE!  I really hope they do.

That sweet card on the right is making its way to Berlin, Germany, to a recipient who says she would like to take a road trip throughout every one of the United States. I know if she ever does, she will see a lot of the products featured on my card, which I tore off a box of individual cookie packs I bought last October for the local trick-or-treaters.  The happy chef in the corner came from a package of frozen dumplings.  Mmm, dumplings…

Sent to Canada & United States

Time again to rustle through the recycling bin to create postcards for a swap-bot “Chunk-O-Cardboard” trade!  I think these are a lot of fun.


Reduce * Reuse * Recycle (There’s a 4th R–ROT–but let’s talk about something more pleasant)

Clockwise from the left:

The first postcard is headed for a swap-botter in Port Coquitlan, British Columbia, Canada, to whom I’ve sent a couple of previous cards. She says she likes surprises in the mail; I hope she’s amused by this little mascot from a bag of taro chips hanging out in front of a pile of pineapple cakes! By the way: after seeing my scan, I noticed I had not trimmed the card neatly; it has since been fixed!

The next card is on its way to Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A., to the person who arranges these wonderful “chunk” trades!  Her card comes from a panel from box of of facial tissues, so cute it demands this second life.

In the final card, we see the character from a bag of spicy peanuts hanging out in sweet territory, a selection of cookies I bought for trick-or-treaters.  The card is going to Somerville, New Jersey, U.S.A., to a swap-bot member who says of postcards, “I have a good sense of humor so even funny and bizarre ones are welcome!” Hope she finds this amusing!

Do you ever repurpose old packaging & such into cards to send to friends (or, I dunno, even strangers)?

Received from Canada & United States

It’s a handful of recycling this time, a trio of cards received through swap-bot “Chunk-O-Cardboard” trades.


That Graze card comes from someone someplace in the U.S. who says about the product, “though their snacks were strange, they sure had good packaging!”  Uhm, yeah; I’d seen advertising for this company, and it seemed like they were overcharging for items I could readily find locally–but wouldn’t want to eat, in any case.

Speaking of things I wouldn’t want to eat, the Nature Valley Granola Bars comes to me from Puerto Rico where the sender agrees with me that this recycled trade “is a very good idea.”  Yup–in fact, I save “chunks” in anticipation!

One more thing I don’t eat is Toffifee.  Love chocolate & hazelnuts, hate caramel & nougat.  The sender of this card is from Canada, & she tells me,

“this is one of my favorite treats that I always buy around Christmas. They are so good but almost too easy to eat, before I knew it I was ready to recycle the box!  I might need to wait another week to get a new box otherwise they won’t make it until the holidays!”

Great stamps all around, and I love that li’l robot sticker. It’s my single favorite thing in all of this!