A little bit of everything: Received from Belgium, Finland, Taiwan, and the United States

Logging in a quick handful, quickly…

2015-09-28 06.33.33

I think I like the Snoopy card best, despite the jean jacket. I’m afraid I had a jean jacket once, too.

From Finland, and the Postcrossing Forum Snoopy/Peanuts tag trade, comes the Snoopy card, which is from Hallmark!  Here in the U.S., there are hundreds of Peanuts Hallmark greeting cards available, but never a postcard in sight.  I wonder why that is.

The century eggs, found their way to me in a Postcrossing Forum “Taiwan meets the world” tag trade.  The sender’s message:

This postcard is scared to many tourists.  It’s named “century egg.” This eggs that have been preserved by being coated with a coating of lime, ashes and salt before being shallowly buried for 100 days.  The lime “petrifies” the egg, making it look like it’s been buried for at least a century.  This is some indroction for this food.

If that’s not appetizing enough for you, check out the delicious noodles on one of her stamps below!

The Kentucky card came from Florida, in a swap-bot “butt-ugly” postcard trade.  The sender assures me, “Kentucky is most beautiful.”

Lastly, through official Postcrossing, and from Belgium, comes the li’l cowboy.


2015-09-28 06.34.34