Snoopy Dog-Dog Edition

Catching up? NEVER. But here are another few postcards I’ve received (cough-cough, over the course of a few years, cough-cough) as I take a few moments here & there to do some decluttering. All Snoopy cards this time! Probably all from Japan. Or also Finland. We’ll see as we go, but Peanuts postcards are a rarity in the U.S.

Oh, I’d say this is my favorite of the lot! Surfing Snoopy came to me from Japan, mailed in June, 2018.

Postcard 926

Temple-photographer Snoopy is pretty awesome, too! Sent from Japan in January, 2018. And I always love receiving cartoony nengajo (New Year postcards)! That one is from–can you guess? And sent to me in March, 2018. Hmm, I wonder if ALL of these cards have been laying in repose since 2018…

Postcard 924

Two more… another cooool Snoopy nengajo, obviously from Japan, but it was sent to me blank in an envelope–so I can only guess as to the year. This is a HALLMARK card. What’s up with that? All the Peanuts greeting cards Hallmark sells here in the U.S.–but ZERO postcards!

Postcard 923

Snoopy and Snoopy with a Mustache (yeah, I know) are also from Japan, dunno the year, as the whole card was one of at least 3 mailed together and used as note paper. Awesome to receive and read, way back whenever, but poor right at this moment for forensics!

Down to the last two. Let’s talk about “Rock on Snoopy” first: Japan, 2018

Postcard 925

Last card, then, is the blue one. No date information. It came to me from a post pal in, you guessed it…


E N G L A N D .

Snoopy Treasure! Received from Hawaii

After a somewhat long & stressful work day, that began with me waking up hours early thanks to a vivid (but actually quite useful) work dream, I was so happy to come home to this beautiful surprise envelope from my pen pal Cindi.


I love all three of those stamps.  You know, I grew up on comics–ALL of them.  I used to read every single comic strip in the newspapers.  This lasted until Bill Watterson gave up producing Calvin & Hobbes, my favorite strip.  That’s the day comics stopped being so fun. Now I still do receive a paper–but I don’t always pick up the comic section at all, yet alone read much of what’s in it.  I suppose if more people got newspapers, read the comics, and got vocal about what they loved & why, the comics could–dare I say it–be great again.

Okay, enough of the aside, let’s get back to the treasure!  I love this art atop Cindi’s letter.


Hey, it’s Young Sally Brown!

And here, the treasure amid the treasure!  Suntan Snoopy enjoying some Hawaiian local food: Loco Moco!  I love the sticker.  I might have gasped when I pulled it out of the envelope, I don’t remember.


Now a sticker sheet!  Awesome.


I would love a sheet of Pig-Pen stickers!

Now, a New Year postcard from Japan!  I’ve said it before, & now I’ll say it again: why aren’t New Year greeting postcards a thing here in the U.S.?


Hey, a book mark!  Two, actually!  Which is good, since I never read just one book at a time.


So many details in this package, I need to try to include as many as possible.  Let me show the backside of the letter paper:


And there were these somewhat small envelopes (not quite 4″ x 6″) that were printed for mailing.  Dare I try it?




…and the matching letter sheets…


And, putting a stake in it–washi tape!



What a great way to end a day!  And it was all so overwhelming, I went right to sleep.


Snoopy Treasures Fit for Framing: Received from Japan

Look at what I received from my pen pal in Tokyo, Japan!


Two of my favorites would be at the bottom center of this scan, because I love Pig-Pen & Franklin.  Of course, the 2nd one in on the row above that is great, too.  And the 3rd & 4th ones in the row above that.  And all the rest of them, as well!

Unless you are viewing this on a phone, I think it’s safe to say each of these little cards are smaller than they appear on your screen.  My friend tells me what they are:

HANAFUDA.  It’s one of cards game in Japan.  Honestly, I have never played it.  Moreover, I’m not sure how to play.”

This is most of the cards, but not all of them; I only laid them out until my scanner glass was full.  I took a couple of shots of the box, too:


Aren’t they beautiful?  Here’s what I’d like to do: FRAME THEM.  I’d take them to a framing service, but every time I do that,  it costs an awful lot of money.  Do you have any framing tips for these?  I’ve only scratched the surface of online search results, as I write this.

My friend’s note was written on this postcard…


And she bought the gift at Snoopy Town–something we just don’t have here in the U.S.


Her packages always look so nice:



Cool, huh?  Remember, if you have hanafuda-framing tips, I can’t wait to know about them!

Stickers to My Postal Pals! Sent to Hawaii & Japan

Do you ever get mail from postal pals, and wonder how you can possibly match–let alone top–their creativity, generosity, and/or resourcefulness?  Welcome to my world.  I just have to resign myself to do my best.  I recently sent a little something to friends in Hawaii & Tokyo, who just happen to both be Peanuts lovers.


I remember the “Easter Beagle” TV special being one of my favorites as a kid.  I don’t remember why, but I think I have the DVD around someplace, so I can rediscover the reason.

Fortunately, cool Peanuts stickers do turn up occasionally in a drugstore, supermarket, or card shop, as these two varieties did at the same time about a week ago. Then I made a couple of envelopes; a page from a worn out Richard Scarry book went off to Hawaii…


…along with a postcard that just came into my life a day or so before. I have a bad habit of sending Hawaii-related stuff right back to Hawaii, including this Mama’s Fish House card someone at my workplace apparently didn’t want anymore.

For my Tokyo-bound packet, I fashioned an envelope out of a photo from last year’s Save the Manatee Club calendar.  This is at least the 3rd year I’ve been making sure to have one of these calendars hanging in my kitchen–and for all I know, they keep publishing the same shots every year!


A note on a Snoopy card–because no one at work dumped off any postcards for Tokyo restaurants.

Here are the backs of the envelopes, complete with washi tape & on one, a sticker.  The sticker came from the Marine Mammal Center (a wonderful California organization for which a family member has volunteered; to which I occasionally donate; and to which my Amazon Smile preference is currently designated).


Sent to Slancy, Leningradskaya, Russia

Time for another Postcrossing card to go out!  A rare instance, since I am currently only allowed 6 out at a time, and 1 or 2 of my original cards, 3+ weeks later, have yet to arrive to their faraway destinations.  Every time one does land, it means that a new card is on its way to me–a new card I’ll look forward to receiving!