Sent to Latvia, Malaysia, Netherlands, and South Africa

Just sent out several through Postcrossing…


Working clockwise from upper left:

The Coplu art goes to Somerset West, South Africa, where the Postcrosser mentioned liking Coca-Cola advertising.

Astro and his beach-combing dogs (captured at Duxbury Reef Reserve in Bolinas, California) go to Johor, Malaysia, where the card’s recipient says he likes comics.

Bleiswijk, Netherlands is the destination of the book cover card.  The Postcrosser was a bit of a cipher in her profile, and I decided, thus exactly the type of person who might like that card.

The beautiful Doraemon card is awarded to a user in Riga, Latvia who, I think, said something about liking landscapes.  The landscape on this card, by the way, is at Punalu’u Black Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Sent to Belgium, India, Netherlands, & the United States

Four going out, all in swap-bot trades.  This set of destinations pleases me in that it is much more international than I’ve become used to in being a part of swap-bot.


The Paddington card goes to Zwijndrecht, Netherlands, in a “children’s book illustration” swap.  Why, that is exactly what my big box ‘o’ old book cover postcards was MADE for!

The rest of the cards are for a “chunk o cardboard” swap. These are one of my favorites in which to participate, because depending upon my available supply of time & creativity when the swap comes along, I can either send out an unadorned slice of packaging, or I can collage it up to my heart’s content.

The horsey card above came together from an L&L Drive-In calendar and a bit from a Disney travel ad.  It is heading for Zaventem, Belgium.


The fishy card is going to Liverpool, New York.  I put it together using the cover of a junk mail magazine, and a couple of divers from a travel ad.

Finally comes the cartoon-stampy card.  The images were printed off the internet, and slapped onto my chunk-o-cardboard.  Off it goes to Kanpur, India.

Sent to Belgium, Ireland & U.S.A.

Four going out on a swap-bot “illustrated postcard” trade; I’ve dipped back into my big box (but no-longer bottomless box) ‘o’ old book cover postcards to select these:


Working clockwise from the top left:

The coyote card is going out to Tongeren, Belgium, where the recipient declares herself to be a passionate reader, so I touched upon the 5 or so books I am currently reading.  The book pictured on this card, by the way–A Coyote’s in the House–was written by Elmore Leonard, so perhaps I should add it to my to-read list!

The Charlotte’s Web card will eventually land in Dublin, Ireland.  Seeing this book cover made me think of the animated film, and I ended up telling my card’s recipient about my love for movie-going, my snarky movie “review” blog, and the two current movies I’m very interested in seeing: “Dear White People,” and “Book of Life.”

The card at bottom right goes to Richfield, Wisconsin.  The recipient’s profile makes her seem like the type of life-lover who would enjoy receiving just about anything, but she did specifically mention the fantasy genre in her list someplace, and this seemed to fit. I stayed on my “Book of Life” thought, and mentioned how much I enjoy Día de los Muertos, and have attended the huge annual community celebration in Oakland, California many times–though I always go early to, you know, avoid the crowd.

Finally, there’s the Treasure Island card, which is going out to Denton, Texas.  The person getting this card said she likes pirate postcards, and she happens to have written a historical novel involving pirates, so I thought this was a pretty safe–and good–choice.