This Cow Made My Day: Received from Australia & the U.S.

This cow made my day.


I received it from a swap-bot member in Phoenix, Arizona, but she created the card, she tells me, from a candy box from her pen pal in Japan.  She continues for about 12 lines about her recent postal habits: Mother’s Day cards, pop-up cards purchased, mail art, and more!  And the stamps!  WOW.  We’ll get back to that in a moment.

Postcrossing brought me that Hahndorf postcard from a sender in Adelaide, Australia.  I received it on her 365th day as a Postcrosser!  Mine is actually, apparently, only the 3rd postcard she’s sent in that time.  She says it’s the 1st to the U.S.A.  The other two were to Germany & Russia, OF COURSE.  Oh, Postcrossing, you need to promote yourself to more countries.  This is my 3rd Postcrossing card from Australia; I joined the site in August 2014, and have received one postcard from Australia in each calendar year.

Anyhow, about Hahndorf: the town’s postcard calls it “historic,” the postcard’s writer calls the town “pretty,” so of course I had to look it up.  The small town, it seems, is Australia’s oldest-surviving German settlement, established in 1939 by Prussian Lutherans. If you go there, I read, you will find several German restaurants.  In my city, there is a long-established German deli, and if you order the pastrami sandwich, the lady puts on jack cheese and sprouts.

Make sure you scroll down & look at all the stamps–what a stamp day this was!  That Australian stamp: even with a scan, enlarged as fully as possible, I wasn’t able to tell what the heck that was supposed to be.  Since I was able to read “Queen’s Birthday Golden Wattle Diamond Brooch,” I looked that up, and was able to find a clear image of the stamp, at a very large size & without the cancellation ink.  The only question left now is, why on earth turn that thing into a stamp?

Now, I’m not saying any of the U.S. stamps down here are winners, either, but just look at the assortment of ancient postal issues!  It’s like a little stamp museum.  Where on earth did she unearth these, and how deep is this trove?  Also, it appears they have not been canceled.  I wonder if I dare attempt to reuse them…


You know what my favorite thing here is?  The Australia sticker.

84-day-old Dill Sauce: Received from Czech Republic & U.S.A.


Golly!  I did a double-take after I registed that Postcrossing card on the right, and learned that it took 84 days to get to me! It was sent by someone living near Kladno, Czech Republic, a distance of 5,812 miles from me.  I have a traveling one that I’ve been stressing about; it’s been out on its way to the U.K. for 38 days right now.  I wonder whether the sender of the card I received today has been wondering about its status, or if she finds that’s been the norm for the cards she sends.  She has a chihuahua named Marshmallow, if that is any possible clue as to the answer.

She tells me this recipe is for dill sauce.  I put the recipe’s title through Google Translate, and it told me the language was Hindi.  After I set it straight–only then–it confirmed this is indeed a recipe for dill sauce.

The Buenos Aires postcard came from a swap-botter somewhere near Phoenix, Arizona.  She writes:

“Have you ever been to Argentina?  I went last summer and loved it!  We also got to go to the beach in Uruguay.  What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?”

Stamps & postmarks: