A trio of characters: Sent to Canada, Hong Kong, & Taiwan


Snoopy is headed to Taoyuan, Taiwan, in a Postcrossing Forum Snoopy/Peanuts tag trade.  I am nearly out of the postcards I purchased at the Charlie Brown Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, and I have never seen Peanuts cards for sale here in the U.S.–so I guess my time participating in this trade is coming to an end!  Hey, fellow U.S. people: do YOU ever see Snoopy/Peanuts postcards for sale?  I need a resource!

Astro Boy is headed for Port Coquitlam, Canada, to a swap-bot member with whom I’ve been matched several times.  This time, it’s for a “not your usual postcard trade,” and I think this card certainly fits!

One more “not your usual postcard,” this time the tiger, which is going to a swap-bot member in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong.

All three cards are weighed down with a similar array of stamps:


Sent to Canada, Germany, and the United States

It’s recycling day!  Three very lucky people in the making:


These are so cool. I like these better than the majority of cards I receive.

All of those are going out as a part of a swap-bot “chunk of cardboard” trade, one of my favorite swaps on that site.

Deconstructed Toucan Sam is flying off to Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.  I have been paired with this swapper several times–most recently last week, if you’ll scroll back–and so I thought if even just for the purposes of keeping things interesting, she deserved the very best of this lot.  Both of the cube-craft panels in this post came from a box of Froot Loops. I bought several when this was the prize, and have sent many of them off to friends–but I have yet to construct these myself.

The lizard is heading for Goose Creek, South Carolina, to a swap-botter whose profile was so cool with its professions of love for Pokemon, space/sci-fi, comics, “goofy/offbeat/weird” things, and all kind of fun stuff, that I just knew she would like and deserve this cut-up fun. I wrote to each of these partners, CUT UP THIS CARD, PLEASE!  I really hope they do.

That sweet card on the right is making its way to Berlin, Germany, to a recipient who says she would like to take a road trip throughout every one of the United States. I know if she ever does, she will see a lot of the products featured on my card, which I tore off a box of individual cookie packs I bought last October for the local trick-or-treaters.  The happy chef in the corner came from a package of frozen dumplings.  Mmm, dumplings…

Sent to Canada and the United States

Two more going out in swap-bot trades:


I don’t remember how the bird postcard came into my possession–perhaps in a swap-bot envelope-full-of-postcards type trade–but now it’s on its way to Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, in a “for the birds”-themed trade.  When I saw that opportunity on swap-bot, I remembered the card, and saw my chance to set it free!  I can’t tell you what kind of birds these are; the text on the back is printed in Chinese.  I wrote my message in English, though.

The other swap-bot trade here today is going to Kansas City, Missouri, and it is a “reuse a postcard” one, in which participants are to slap a new backing on a card we’ve received, & send it on to someone else.  I love these, even though I realize that in the end, it does not actually reduce the number of postcards in the house–though it does feel like it when I am sending it out!  I received this bus card from Hong Kong, and in sending it along the pipeline, I was careful to preserve my very favorite part: that snowman stamp!  Hope it doesn’t confuse the post office.

Sent to Canada, Netherlands, & United Kingdom

These are all swap-botty things…


Hey, I see in putting these together to post, I’ve got a Popeye-y thing going on! Can the remaining card be thought of as a Charlie Brown tribute?

The card at upper left goes to Goes, Netherlands, where the recipient mentioned a desire for “funny/weird” postcards.  I thought this sample of my beach photography might please.

Below that is a card bound for Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.  I think this user expressed an interest in art cards, so I pulled out this piece I received in another swap-bot trade, in which users stuff 3-5 postcards in an envelope for their swap-partners’ use.  With my postcard’s target living in a place called “coquitlam,” I couldn’t help but think of the coqui frog–and I told her so.

That Oreo cookie/Popeye Spinach mash-up is for a “chunk o cardboard” trade on swap-bot, a chance I always value for some fun recycling.  Popeye meets Cookie Monster, in a panel of a box of treats I bought for Halloween visitors, and a bag of spinach I wouldn’t have dared offer trick-or-treaters!  This goes out to Immingham, United Kingdom.

Received from: Canada, Finland & Germany

A nice trio, all from swap-bot trades:


Starting with the upper right card, which I love:

From Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, this correspondent tells me:

“I… laughed when I read about your toys on the beach… I put this dino in my balcony garden (made postcards of the shot) and wrote people about ‘how bad the garden pests were this year.’  Too much fun!”

This card brightened my mailbox so much.  It is, I think, the 2nd user-created toy postcard I’ve received since beginning my Postcrossing/swap-bot adventure, and I hope to see many, many more!

The card with the gorgeous lions comes from Garbsen, Germany, a town in the district of Hanover.  What an amazing shot!   I am long overdue to visit my local zoos–and now, to pick up some postcards while I am there.

The last of the trio comes from Rovaniemi, Finland, where the sender tells me the middle bridge on this card translates as “Lumberjack Candle,” and is her favorite sight to show tourists & visiting friends.

Cool stamps on all 3 cards:


I especially love those li’l foxes!