Recycling Day! Received from Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Indonesia, & Malaysia

This time it’s all about postcards hand-hewn from food & other packaging, and received through trades on Postcrossing Forum and swap-bot. I love them! Sometimes at the supermarket, I’ll see a box of cereal or cookies, and all I can think about is: that’ll make a great postcard. And sometimes, that is the product’s absolute best function!

This wide-eyed panda came from Great Britain, and the sender tells me it is from a “Buttons ice cream box.”

postcard 367

The chocolatey bar came from Dresden, Germany:

I decided to send a card made out of a package of muesli bars to you. I sometimes eat muesli bars as a snack during long days at university. This sort is just granola with chocolate & honey. I prefer them them with additional cocoa flakes though.

Next up, from Malaysia, a very appealing former package. I love mango, but not the dried kind, which, despite the very fresh-looking photos on the box, is exactly what this product is:

It was bought by my mum when she visited Penang (a tourist attraction in Malaysia).

postcard 368

The Tikka Masala box is from the same region–Indonesia this time–and the sender writes:

I’m sending you this instant Tikka Masala spice mix, whereby all you have to do is dump in this mix, some chicken & potatoes, and voila, dinner is served!

The “Carneval” is from Finland, and the sender tells me it is a cookie:

‘Keksej√§’ is cookies in Finnish, ‘Kex’ is in Swedish. They are popular with children. I like them because they are quite cheap and there’s lot of them in the package. ūüôā

postcard 369

I can’t get so excited about the final postcard: a cigarette box. Well, at least something good came out of that whole enterprise. This is from Greece, and the sender writes:

We sell cigarettes in our shop. These superslims came out a few years ago. People can buy a carton or 1 pack. In England they have 10 or 20 in a pack. We have only 20’s. Wish you health, happiness & faith…


Onward & upward: it’s stamp & sticker time! These Indonesian stamps got canceled to within an inch of their lives.

postcard 371

postcard 370

Malaysian stamps make my day.

HK x 3: Received from Hong Kong

Alright, so my memory is not the best. In sending cards via Postcrossing Forum, I try to keep track of whom I’ve tagged & sent cards to, in part so I do not overtag the same person, and in part so I don’t repeat what I write on every single card to the same person. However, in the “offer” tags I’ve been mentioning in my recent posts, where I request a card someone has posted, and they send it to me, I have not kept track.

And thus, I opened my mailbox yesterday to find three cards from the same sender in Hong Kong.

postcard 287

postcard 288

Hong Kong is a busy, packed, overwhelming place–and I kinda love it. I really enjoyed the neon & the street art, and so yes, I did choose to receive these three postcards.

Here are a couple of shots I took of neon & street art in HK:

HK neon

HK graffitti

The postcards’ sender apparently wrote these on three different days. Here are parts of her messages:

As your profile mentioned, you love Chinese food. What’s your favourite? My favourite Chinese food is dumplings.

I’d go with the same answer. Or more broadly, dim sum in general. Here’s a shot I took while in a dim sum restaurant. You’ll see I was more interested in my first taste of HK dim sum than I was in elegant photography.

HK dim sum

Next postcard:

Actually, my first impression to California is grape. My teacher said “California’s grape” is really famous when I was a child.

Huh…I was surprised to hear this. If I were to have to write 10 “impressions” of my home state, I doubt grapes would come to mind. I wonder if teacher was thinking about the grape boycott, or wine, or what.

In my last weekend, I went to restaurant hotpot with my boyfriend. Do you know what is “hotpot?” It is very popular in Hong Kong.

Yes, there are many hotpot restaurants in the Silicon Valley area. And I still like dim sum best.

Stamp time! HK has a lot of great ones. Hey, this Flower Market stamp is from the same series as the Kitchenware Street from a couple of posts ago.

postcard 286

Unwanted, Recycled–and Otherwise: Received from Austria, Belarus, Canada, China, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, & the U.S.

I am SO behind on posting postcards I’ve received. ¬†I grabbed a big handful to scan, and the main theme for most of them seems to be “unwanted cards.” ¬†We’ll soon get to what that’s all about, but I want to be sure to start with two cards I really do like! ¬†Both of them found their way to me in Postcrossing Forum tags.

I just love this sketch of a Hong Kong storefront & apartments; it really takes me there! ¬†The sender asks, “have you tried egg tart before? ¬†It has to be my favorite Hong Kong snacks. ¬†California has always been somewhere I desperately want to visit, and hopefully I can visit there soon!”


That breathtaking mountain view came to me from Shaanxi, China, and the sender tells me it is called Hua Mountain, and “it’s a little dangerous to climb, but because of the wonderful scenery, lots of people still trying and enjoy it.”

Next up, the kitty classroom, comes to me from Belarus, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum “favorites” tag. ¬†I’m so forgetful, I didn’t even remember having marked it as a favorite. ¬†Good thing to check those once in a while!


Another cat, this one riding a tortoise, and it comes to me from France as a regular Postcrossing card. ¬†The sender’s writing is quite difficult to decipher, which is a lesson to me, even though I THINK my printing is neat, that I could stand to try harder. ¬†I thought she wrote that she is in the “Louie Valley,” but a consult with Ask Jeeves (or whomever it is running the internet these days) let me know she probably meant Loire Valley. ¬†Also, if I’m reading this correctly, she hopes to open a bed & breakfast next summer. ¬†Or it could be that she just got back from a waterslide with Santa–I just don’t know. ¬†Well, I do know I prefer the latter.

These next 3 cards all came my way via swap-bot. ¬†The big building is the Fine Arts Gallery in San Diego, California–but the card was sent to me from a swapper in the state of Georgia.

I think the Santorini, Greece, card actually came to me from that locale.  The sender wrote:

“You can walk to the top. ¬†To get to the volcano you can get a small local boat to take you straight there. ¬†Otherwise you can take a tour that includes¬†Thiras√≠a. ¬†When you get to the top, the view of Santorini is incredible! ¬†This is must place to visit if you here. ¬†You can jump into the warm springs if you want.”


The last card of that trio is the boat on the river. ¬†The card was sent by a swapper in Illinois. ¬†She sent it in a “recycled postcard” trade, but if she did indeed but a new backing on a card she previously received, I sure couldn’t tell–and I picked away at 3 of the 4 corners! ¬†When I do these, I always like to leave the original stamps exposed (but on the bottom left of the new backing), as a bonus for the new recipient. ¬†Anyhow, this card’s sender says the scene pictured is the Mississippi River, a sight she’s never seen in person, but that she imagines herself taking “an old time paddle wheel river boat ride down this river, if they still exist.” They do. ¬†No, I’ve not been on the Mississippi, but more than once, I HAVE ridden a riverboat on the Rivers of America.

There’s a tag on Postcrossing Forum called “The Card You Want to Get Rid of,” and if I’d had this next card, I’d have sent it off in this trade, too! ¬†I might just send it out in the next “recycled postcard” trade in which I participate. ¬†The sender is in Tampere, Finland, and she told me, “I find this tag superb; it’s hard to find a suitable recipient to every postcard, but every postcard deserves to travel.”


Another postcard I’d be happy to get rid of is the “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt” card–that comes from Sheffield, England, in a swap-bot trade. ¬† The sender wrote the card on July 11, telling me: “right now it is nearly 10 a.m. and it’s raining, and probably won’t stop for the rest of the day. ¬†Typical UK!”

Still more cards getting no love: the trio below were sent to me together from Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada, in a swap-bot “I Don’t Want These Postcards” exchange. ¬†I’ll have to post them in my page of cars available for trades! ¬†That one that looks like a b&w “magic eye” game will probably have to go out in another round of these “I don’t want it” tags!


This next card came my way from Graz, Austria, in the “recycled postcard” tag I’ve been mentioning, and I may just have scanned & posted the other side here before, but I didn’t mark it as such, so either way–here we go. ¬†In this tag, a person is supposed to slap a new backing on a postcard they received from someone else, & then send it to their assigned partner. ¬†Let this serve as a warning that all glue sticks are not created equal; there was no postcard attached to this backing. ¬†When you flip it over, all you see is shiny streaks. ¬†In any case, I thought you might enjoy reading the hand-written recipe.


Well, it’s just about stamp time, so let me ask you now: ¬†what are your favorite cards this time? ¬†Which ones would you first choose to send off in a trade of recycled or “I don’t want this” cards? ¬†Remember, one good use of a postcard you don’t think anyone else will love, is as a vehicle to send a message to your elected representatives!




The Traveler, the Cook, and the Sailor: Received from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, & the U.S.

This time:

  • Snoopy!
  • Disney!
  • “Word lovers” with nothing to say!
  • Falling apart in the post!


Let’s start with a great pair of cards I actually got to choose, thanks to Postcrossing Forum offer tags. ¬†This Peanuts postcard, with Patty scratching Snoopy’s chin, came from Japan, and the sender wrote, “I hope you will enjoy this card!” ¬†Well, yes… I did ask for it…


The sender in Hong Kong tells me about her local Disneyland:

“(It’s) the smallest one in the world, but it’s still popular, especially with Chinese tourists. ¬†Every day the park is crowded with tourists. ¬†ūüė¶ and I am not interested in it.”

Ha, when I spent a mere 3 nights in HK a few years back (not nearly enough time to properly see the city), I tried like crazy to avoid Disneyland–but everywhere I turned, there was another image or large advertising display for the place. ¬†I finally gave in, & made a whirlwind early-morning trip, before meeting a friend for a dim sum lunch. ¬†Fortunately, my mid-week, early-morning trip yielded a very uncrowded park, with no memorable waits for any of the rides I chose. ¬†I had a great time!

Speaking of tourist zones, look at this cool 3-D card my pen pal in Tokyo, Japan sent to me when she visited Tokyo Tower! ¬†The fact that they had a special mailbox & postmark tells me that Japan is very much more of a postcard-writing-and-treasuring culture than is the U.S. ¬†Now I did, on a recent road trip, see a general store in a little community that had its own postcards, which it would mail for you for free, should you fill one out to someone & drop it in their basket. ¬†I didn’t take advantage of the offer,¬†as I don’t carry an address book on me. ¬†Guess I could have looked up addresses on my phone email app–but I don’t know how many Gs I was getting in that remote area!


The soup comes via a Postcrossing Forum food tag from a sender in Yokohama, Japan, who tells me about the photo on her card:

“This picture of Japanese local cuisine ‘Sanpei-jiru.’ ¬†It’s Japanese sake less soup with chopped salmon and vegetables. ¬†It’s very good.”

A flying whale from Albany, New York, thanks for a Postcrossing Forum “marine life & sea creature” tag. ¬†I see I made a note on the card quoting a line from this Postcrosser’s profile: “I love words.” ¬†Now, why did I want to remember that? ¬†Oh, I see now: the card was mostly blank space on the back, with the only message being “hope you like this card! ¬†I thought it was pretty cool. :)”

So, that happened.



The rug-looking card seems to be a piece of cardboard covered in gift wrap. ¬†I’d have guessed contact paper, but this thing arrived in my mailbox flapping apart, attached only at one end. ¬†This has been a bit of a theme recently. This one came to me from Blitar, Indonesia, thanks to Postcrossing. ¬†The sender tells me I am her first match–she just joined the night before! ¬†She also wrote:

“I am 23 years old, living in a small city in East Java province, called Blitar. ¬†I love reading too! ¬†My favourite is about self development, business/marketing and also recipe book because I’m a chef… I am a food consultant here, my clients are spread in Palembang, Jakarta, Surabaya, etc… so I live nomaden sometimes… Hahaha. ¬†I love traveling too! ¬†My fave Asia destinations are Thailand and Hong Kong! ¬†The food is superb! ¬†I hope someday I can go to USA!!! ¬†That’s my dream destination.”

Finally, there’s the St. Petersburg card, another Postcrossing draw, this time from a 16-year-old girl in Checkhov, Russia, who wrote that she’d just returned from Camp Artek, where she was in the sea squad, and had a great time learning knots, semaphore, and much more.

Okay, enough for now!  Here come the stamps, stickers, & stuff.  See anything you like?



Infinite Crisis: Received from Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, & the U.S.

This time:

  • How do you slap a new backing on a received card (catch & release)?
  • Postcrossers not living in the country Postcrossing think they live in
  • An “inner-national” piece of mail via Postcard United
  • Not covered at all down below, but I recieved two pieces of mail (one a week for the past two weeks) for that house that is not on my street
  • And other stuff

Let’s do this.

Hey, look at this travel poster-themed card from Cindi in Hawaii!  She tells me the art is by Nick Kuchar, who I see has been doing some good work over there for a little while now.


Some more beautiful art now, this one an original piece made for me by a swap-botter in Pennsylvania for a “Earth Day Upcycle Postcard Swap.” ¬†She really got into the theme! ¬†She tells me:

“I’ve always loved this holiday. ¬†I was president of my school’s ecology club, and now I spend a lot of time hiking and camping in nature. ¬†I want future generations to enjoy the same beautiful places as well.”

The line about hiking in nature reminds me of my Facebook friend who always posts a status of “taking a walk” when he is at a mall.


Next up is Hello Kitty, who of course–as you know, if you follow the news–is not a cat. ¬†That’s from Japan via Postcrossing Forum, and I’m not going to transcribe the message, because it’s part of the scan down at the bottom of this post. ¬†Some fun sticker work there, too!

The big red star is a regular Postcrossing card, sent to me from Moscow, Russia by someone living there for the last 5 years. She says she was born in Belarus. ¬†Her member registration is BY–meaning she still tells Postcrossing that she lives in Belarus, and thus officially, I received this card from Belarus. ¬†But I didn’t.

I love that not-snowman beach scene, from a Postcard United member in Jeju Island, South Korea! She tells me the writing on the card translates to “I hope your dreams come true. ¬†Keep it up.”


The Mount Hood card was sent to me from the Medford, Oregon area for a swap-bot “recycled postcard” swap, in which we were to slap a new backing on a card we’d received & send it to our swap partner. ¬†Now, when I do this, I grab a chunk of cardboard (usually from a stamp order), glue it to the back, & cut it to size. Very chunky, heavy, & inelegant. ¬†This sender had some sort of thin white sticker printed with “POSTCARD” across the top, “Please deliver to” on the address side, and “This card handstamped by _________” on the bottom of the message side. ¬†I can see through the sticker that there is writing underneath–but I can’t see it all that well. ¬†I guess I should scan this side of the card so you can see exactly what I’m talking about, but it’s early in the morning as I write this portion of this entry, I’m curled up on the end of the couch with my 1st cup of coffee, and I’m feeling too lazy. ¬†This takes up too much of my time, anyhow! ¬†In my thank-you message to the sender, I suggested I’d like to know about the special (lightweight) backing–but now word back as of yet. ¬†Do you think she designed it herself to print on some Avery sticker paper?

Pooh is from Taiwan, via a Postcrossing Forum tag trade.  Scroll down to enjoy a whole lot of wonderful stamps!

The two recipe cards here arrived blank, in an envelope, along with a signature¬†written in an odd Easter card (no message, just “Happy Easter!,” a signature, & Postcard United ID). ¬†It was sent to me from Chicago, Illinois. ¬†What? ¬†I thought we were only supposed to receive cards from other countries! ¬†Consarn it. ¬†Well, I know there are people who would like to receive these cards. ¬†In fact, I’ve already mailed one out–but those details can wait for a future post.


Time for stamps, stickers, washi tape, & stuff.


I love this huge-man-in-a-little-airplane stamp from South Korea!




It’s All About Having Something to Read When You Flip Over that Card: Received from China, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Russia, South Africa, & the U.S.

From somewhere in the U.S.: I love this Ghostbusters postcard, torn from a toy box for a swap-bot “up-cycled cardboard” trade. ¬†I opposite-of-love the lack of a message; all the sender wrote was “I hope you enjoy my postcard! ¬†HAVE A GREAT DAY!” This is a postcard with a story, and I wish the sender had told a bit of that.


From Japan: Hey, those look like Bugles! ¬†Bugles, the snack–have you had them? ¬†I can’t remember the last time I have, but this makes me want some. ¬†Anyhow, the card came to me via a Postcrossing Forum food package postcard tag, and the sender writes:

“This is one of my favorite snacks. ¬†It’s made of corn. ¬†I like its crisp texture. ¬†You can see ‘TONGARI CORN’ at the bottom of the card. ¬†‘TONGARI’ means cone. ¬†So, the name of the snack is ‘Cone Corn!’ ¬†It is simple and funny, isn’t it?! =)”

See how exceptionally easy it is to come up with something to say on a postcard created from a package?

From Russia: (from the same tag) That yellow panel from a cereal box, if you turned it over, you would see the sender wrote so much that there was almost no room to include my mailing address, which was jammed down into the lower-right corner of the card. ¬†Here’s just a little bit of the message:

“I adore the packaging of products and my room is full of these things. ¬†I have nowhere to put them, but I can’t throw out another box or jar. ¬†It seems this is a disease! ¬†This packaging is from a cereal called ‘Rye Balls.’ ¬†I bought these balls when I first went to the fair in my town last December. ¬†They help me out when I have no time to cook breakfast. ¬†Do you like graphic novels? ¬†‘Blacksad‘ by Juan Diaz Canales & Juanjo Guarnido conquered my heart. ¬†I had to read on the internet, but at the end of 2015, it was published in Russian. ¬†I was so glad!”

That was only about half of the message. ¬†You know, it’s all about having something to read when you flip over that card.

From Dalview, Gauteng, South Africa:¬†That ice cream bar looks pretty good–though I would choose one with chocolate ice cream! The sender tells me about it:

“We absolutely love the Choc Pie ice cream. ¬†Mind you, I love any ice cream. ¬†I even eat ice cream in the winter.”

Well, winter is THE best time to eat ice cream! ¬†After all, it’s loaded with fat, to warm you up.


I especially like this next set of 3 postcards. ¬†This structure is artistic & gorgeous. ¬†It’s from China, and the sender tells me it’s a “traditional house…but most¬†of them are become tourist places.”


From the Netherlands, the reading man:

“I chose this card because I liked the image of this man. ¬†He has obviously read so much that the letters come off of the pages. ¬†I love to read! ¬†Mostly sci-fi and fantasy. ¬†Terry Pratchett is one of my favorite authors.”

Terry Pratchett is wonderful! ¬†I’m overdue to read another of his books.

Oh, look at those fierce piranhas.  The sender is in North Carolina, and tells me:

“I visited Myrtle Beach last summer. ¬†The aquarium was unique. ¬†My favorite part was the jellyfish section. ¬†They changed colors. ¬†The alligator adventure animal park was awesome, too. ¬†We also got our picture taken with two tigers and a monkey…”

Okay, that doesn’t sound like conservation.

From Germany, pancakes.  This Postcrosser writes:

“…I love cooking, baking, and good food. ¬†The word on the front of the card means “enjoy!’ ¬†My favorites are Spanish, Italian, and Japanese food, and of course, the German food made by my mother.”


From Russia: the snow scene is from a brand-new Postcrosser–he tells me this is his first card! ¬†And other than that, a great expanse of snowy-white space surrounding his bit of a message. ¬†I hope he will learn. ¬†It’s the folks who have been Postcrossing or bot-swapping for years, and still can’t manage a message, who make me wonder.

I love that huge fish art installation on the bottom row of the Belfast card. ¬†This came to me from Ireland, of course,¬†and the sender tells me this is where he spent “the holidays.”

Okay, it’s finally time to look at the stamps. ¬†There’s a sideways stamp, from China, showing some flying cranes. ¬†Very nice.



Snoopy x 3, Mickey, & More! Received from China, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, & the US

Lots of fun stuff this time around, from postal pals, Postcrossing Forum, Postcard United, & swap-bot! ¬†It was an amazing day last week, when I reached into my mailbox to find THREE Snoopy cards! ¬†They’re all so great.

2017-04-07 17.23.20a

This big Mickey card arrived on the same day. ¬†He’s pretty awesome, too. ¬†I opted to receive this card in a Postcrossing Forum “you choose” tag. ¬†The sender lives in Germany, and she tells me:

“I’m a big Disney fan (especially of the old ‘classics’ like Beauty & the Beast, Pocahontas, & Aladdin.”

I like those movies too, but I call them modern classics, having been a grown-up by the time they came out!


I wonder whether that deer know that Hello Kitty is not a kitty. ¬†It’s confusing.


Don’t miss the back of these cards! ¬†Cindi creates a beautiful Peanuts overload–and I love that Krazy Kat stamp!


Kitten & bird stamps!  Chipmunk sticker!



Do you have any favorites here?  I sure do!  Well, practically all of them.

Mark as Logged: Received from England, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Romania, & the U.S.

This time around, I’m sharing some recently-arrived cards, as well as some much older ones that (as far as I know) I haven’t shared previously. ¬†Keeping track is hard!

The “World Famous Brighton Rock” card came from a postal pal in Brighton, England today–and today I learned “Brighton Rock!” ¬†I had to look that up online, because my friend was actually lamenting a familiar situation:

“As for Peanuts postcards, I’m no closer to finding any of them here, so I’ve had to cheat and make my own with stickers that I found in New York last month. ¬†Quite a few of the Hallmark shops where I would normally buy Snoopy stuff from had either shut down or no longer stocked Peanuts merchandise, which was a bit disappointing, but didn’t ruin my vacation!”

Another postal pal, Cindi in Hawaii, knows exactly how to get Peanuts postcards: throw down for mail order from the Charles M. Schulz museum in California! ¬†I love this new “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” Snoopy card. ¬†Make sure you check in at the bottom of this post, for all of the wonderful stamps, stickers, & washi tape from the card’s back side.


The next card shows three guys I am always very, very, happy to see: The Three Caballeros. ¬†It was sent to me from Seattle, Washington, at the end of 2015 for a Postcrossing Forum “request a Disney card” tag, and I haven’t marked it as logged in this space. ¬†The sender drew a fun rubber ducky pic on the back, so be sure to scroll down for that.

Second set of cards begins with another card postmarked in December of 2015, from a Postcrosser in Hong Kong.  She wrote:

“This is a new shop that just opened near my apartment in Hong Kong, and they were giving out some nice postcards. ¬†I hope you enjoyed some dim sum and egg tarts in Hong Kong. ¬†Egg tarts are my favorite! ¬†Also egg waffles. ¬†So good!”

I did indeed enjoy some dim sum while in HK (don’t recall if egg tarts were part of it), and I was in fact looking to buy an egg waffle maker while I was in town! ¬†That didn’t happen, but around the time I received this card, I received one as a gift! ¬†Made some egg waffles just last week, in fact.


That scary, scary monkey card might just have to get sent off to someone else. ¬†It came my way from the Netherlands in a Postcrossing Forum “ugly postcard” trade. ¬†I think this, and 2 or 3 other cards from today’s entry, had been serving as bookmarks! ¬†My poor book!

The snowy card next to the monkey is from a Postcrosser in Japan. ¬†This only goes back to September of 2016. ¬†The sender told me she lives in a small town in the mountains, and she doesn’t have any beach cards, so she decided to send me a snow card.

The last set starts with another snow card, this one recently received from Romania via Postcard United.  The sender tells me:

“I love to spend time in the countryside, where life seems not to have changed in ages.”


We’ve got a food package next, this from another Postcrossing Forum tag, and sent to me from someone in Raleigh, North Carolina, who writes:

“My husband loves lychee and I love mochi. ¬†These were delicious. ¬†Ever had them? ¬†My parents tease me for loving mochi so much. ¬†It’s called dduk in Korean. ¬†They call me a dduk-bo which is essentially a person who loves dduk. ¬†Rice cakes freeze pretty well.

I think it was the weekend before I received this card last month that I’d just been buying fresh mochi treats in San Jose’s Japantown, so this was very timely.

Final card is another from who-knows-how-long-ago, a Postcrossing incoming from Mexico.  There were, as you will see, Doraemon stickers on the back, and the sender explained:

“Here are a couple of Doraemon stickers I was given in Hong Kong at supermarket. ¬†Very nice place and yummy food! ¬†Anyways, this postcard is from my hometown, we have yummy food, too!”

Okay, that’s it for the fronts. ¬†I’ll mark them as logged now, so you won’t have to be bothered with them again. ¬†Now poke around the backsides–so many amazing finds down there this time!postcard014



A Burger Topped with Tuna Salad? Received from Germany, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, & the U.S.

I got some cool mail from my post pal in Tokyo, Japan! ¬†And it seems that “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” has been on stage there recently–just look at the envelope she made!


I love that postcard on the right, Pig-Pen & Peppermint Patty dancing. ¬†It doesn’t show from my scan, but that seems to be a photo of original art. ¬†The piece at a bottom, which I’ll use as a bookmark, was her ticket into the Snoopy Museum Tokyo. ¬†She took some photos to show me, but first, let’s take a look at the back of her envelope.


Okay, the photos inside the museum–and of her lunch. ¬†Those statues are so cool!


She told me about her visit (her 2nd time there):

“The theme was ‘Hello Snoopy, Again’ in this season (until April). ¬†Snoopy is good at disguise, so there were many kind of Snoopy art as a vulture, penguin, helicopter, and so on.”

I love the old strips of Snoopy doing imitations. My favorites are when he copies Violet, Lucy, and even Mickey Mouse!

She told me the statue pictured is one of five in front of the museum, and she also told me the food was tasty, but she didn’t tell me what it was. ¬†I asked her, and am still waiting to hear back. ¬†I recognize the fries, & they look good. ¬†Is that a burger topped with tuna salad? ¬†Are those l’il corn dogs?

More postcards, more food! ¬†Especially loving the two cards from Taiwan. ¬†The delicious bowl of noodles came my way in a Postcrossing Forum “Taiwan meets the world” tag,” and the sender wants to talk movies:

“Last week I watched ‘Arrival.’ ¬†It’s interesting, really want to know my future, but impossible.”


The card covered in food illustrations had been in my Postcrossing Favorites, and was sent to me in a forum tag just for favorites.  The sender writes:

“Greetings from Taiwan. ¬†This card shows some of the most representative of Taiwanese foods. ¬†Lucky that you live in California, there are so many Taiwanese immigrants (I was one of them) that offers authentic Taiwanese foods in Cali! ¬†Give it a try! =D”

As I write this, it has been 2 days since my last stop into a Taiwanese food establishment!

The sushi card came to me from Georgsmarienh√ľtte,¬†Germany, via Postcrossing. The sender writes:

“I live with my wife in a small town (35,000 people). ¬†We are both retired and enjoy traveling. ¬†We prefer the sea, mountain hiking, and cycling along rivers. ¬†One of our hobbies is playing¬†p√©tanque, you know? ¬†Now we are waiting for a nice springtime.”

I learned something! ¬†P√©tanque was a mystery to me, and when the description started out by saying it was a form of “boules,” I was more confused, still! ¬†The most helpful description I saw pretty much called it horseshoes, but with balls.

Time for the last set of cards, starting with that lovely lighthouse photo taken by a Postcrosser in Taichung, Taiwan. ¬†This was for a “photo you have taken yourself” forum tag, and the photographer tells me:

“I took the photo in Green Island, a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean about 33 km off the eastern coast of Taiwan. ¬†I love the beautiful place very much.”


The drawing of the two people came to me from Karelia, Russia, via Postcard United. ¬†The sender tells me the illustration is “of the Siberian fairy tales,” but I’m sad to say that she didn’t tell me which one(s). ¬†If you know something, please say something.

Finally, there’s the San Diego postcard, sent to me thanks to a Postcrossing Forum “last trip/vacation tag.” ¬†Flipping it over:

“Greetings from Arizona! I just got back from a road trip to San Diego. It was a lot of fun and I especially enjoyed the tour of the Midway. ¬†Tons of things to see and explore!”

Time for all of the stamps, postmarks, stickers, & washi tape! ¬†As usual, I’m especially enjoying the beautiful Taiwanese fruit stamps. ¬†I had never seen the stamps on the back of the San Diego card before, and I mentioned it to the sender. ¬†She said that during her trip, she found a stamp dealer who was selling old U.S. postage at below-marked price. ¬†Cool!



The fish tape is pretty awesome.

Let’s Start Out Nice, Get to the Sad Meat of the Issue, & End with Beautifully Busy Backsides

Yes, I’ve got a little something to whine about, but I’ll put it off for a moment! ¬†This first trio of postcards is awesome. ¬†I love the retro Goofy cartoon cartoon poster, which came to me from Germany in a swap-bot trade of Disney cards. ¬†The sender told me her favorite Disney character is Belle, and asked who mine is. ¬†Such a pantheon, it’s hard to choose, but I do love Chip & Dale, and Donald, and I have a soft spot for obscure characters–such as Grandma Duck & Li’l Bad Wolf! ¬†OH, and April, May, & June! ¬†OHH, and Morty & Ferdie!


Who’s driving the Peanuts bus? ¬†It came all the way from Hawaii, thanks to “Good ol’ Cindi!” Keep on scrolling down to see the beautiful decorating she did on the back side of the card!

The Little Mermaid card is the product of another swap-bot Disney card trade, and it came to me from a swapper somewhere in Texas who tells me:

“I also love comics. ¬†My husband and I both love the New Archie and I am super into Harley Quinn.”

Okay, let’s take a short break to enjoy something less pleasant. ¬†Another swap-bot trade coming in is one of “free/ad food cards.” ¬†A swapper in Colorado sent me a promo card from a restaurant in Texas she likes. The challenge was that it wasn’t designed to be used for correspondence: it’s printed all over. ¬†She found the solution: to add a sticker to make my address legible. ¬†I’m sad to report she didn’t use the same solution in her message to me; she used red ink, even over reddish brown print, and between that & some creative spelling, I had a REALLY tough time making out the message! ¬†¬†I had to go near a bright light & wag the card from side to side to read the reflection of the words.


Cool robot sticker, though.

Oh, and someone else this time wrote part of her message in green ink.  Honestly: not all of us can read whatever people write, not matter how they write it. #writeinblackinkplease

Let’s move on! ¬†The statue came to me from Hong Kong, in a “Hong Kong to the World” Postcrossing Forum tag, and you’ll see the back below, very decorated in plenty of beautiful stamps, washi tape, & more.


A swap-bot “upcycled cardboard trade” is what brought me that panel from a box of chocolate-ish. ¬†I saw it was rum & raisin, & went “oof” a little inside. ¬†The sender, who is in Canada, writes:

I had this box of chocolates for months before actually trying it. ¬†I put it off because I hate rum & raisin flavour…so obviously I didn’t like this chocolate. ¬†Just remembering the taste makes my stomach turn. ¬†It lives a better life as a postcard now.

You see this group contains the front of the card we discussed earlier. ¬†On to the next set! ¬†I love this “Taiwan Bravo!” card. ¬†Apparently I’d favorited it, because it came¬†to me in a Postcrossing Forum thread in which we are to send the person we tag a postcard from their favorites. ¬†The sender tells me, “I’m a social worker. ¬†Work for poor children. ¬†=)”


I had a really tough time finding out who sent me that Studio Ghibli card at right, so that I could acknowledge its receipt. ¬†The sender did write the tag name, but no name, user name, or date. ¬†Really, there’s a lot of identifying stuff that needs to be written on cards in the trade site game. ¬†Often it’s good to write the important ones twice, as insurance against inky cancellations & machine tears. ¬†I’d entered the particular trade multiple times lately, so used the fact that this card bears stamps from Taiwan to guess at who the sender is. ¬†I sent her a conditional “thank you.” By the way, she wrote: “Ghibli is a nice cartoon. ¬†There are many warm story.”

Last in that set is another from a swap-bot Disney swap.  Those bugs are from The Princess and the Frog, and was sent to me from a swapper in Green Cove Springs, Florida.  She wrote:

I am an avid Disney fan. ¬†I love visiting Walt Disney World whenever I can. ¬†In two weeks I’ll be renewing my annual pass for another year. ¬†I hope you have a magical day!

She used some cool old stamps on her card–and a sticker of Stitch, too.

Last pair of cards: the “CCTV New Headquarter in CBD” was sent to me by a high schooler in Changchun, China. He didn’t note the tag trade thread, but he did write his user name, so that helped me find & thank him. ¬†He wrote:

“Changchun is a city located in northeastern China. ¬†My hometown is famous for winter sightseeing and automobile industry–a city of cars, like Detroit in U.S. ¬†Welcome to China!”

He uses an extremely neat block print.  I should take such care when writing my postcards to be read around the world!


Last card! It’s thanks to Postcard United, and it’s from Budapest, Hungary. ¬†The sender wrote:

The Hungarian Parliament building is the 3th most biggest parliament building in the world.  It is very interesting, because Hungary is a little country.

So much beauty in the backsides: stamps, stickers, washi tape.  Enjoy!



Taiwan’s stamps are so beautiful & colorful.


I really, really like¬†my country’s shorebirds postcard stamps. ¬†I’d love for them to be a permanent offering!