“My Husband Does Not Like Your Country:” Received from Germany, Russia, Taiwan, & the U.S.

Mail call!  And there were enough interesting lines from my correspondents this time, that I had a hard time deciding what to entitle today’s entry.  You’ll see.  The first two postcards are regular Postcrossing in-comings, and the second two were received via trades on  Postcrossing Forum.


Hey, it’s a recipe card from Khabarovsk, Russia!  The sender tells me:

“Blini is a traditional dish that is cooked on Maslenitsa.  It is a holiday when people see off the winter.” 

Yay, seeing off the winter!  Good riddance, Buster!

And speaking of good riddance, Buster:

The little shore scene came to me from Hamburg, Germany, and here’s what the sender has to say:

“My dream is to travel times America.  My husband does not like the country.  But my daughter and I will eventually make round trip with no husband.  He love the Greek island.  I can not believe that there is such big houses with you, though I have been there.”

I am glad she clarified “round trip;” for a moment I thought she might just stay here, leaving her Mister to his Greek island.

The building surrounded by cyclists came to me from:

“…an 18-year-old girl from Taichung City, Taiwan.  I will become a college student after the summer vacation.  Because I don’t need to join the test in July, I have much time writing postcards now.  It’s my pleasure to join the (Taiwan Meets the World) tag, it’s interesting for me.  I’m a new member of Postcrossing, so I have lots of things to learn.  Happy Postcrossing, hope you have a nice day!”

Lastly, from Seattle, Washington, comes what the sender tells me is a Black Rock Shooter anime card:

“BRS is an anime released on DVD in 2010.  It’s also a game and manga in Japan.  This chick has blazing blue eyes and a cannon that shoots ROCKS!  Take care.”

Stamps, postmarks, & washi tape: I love everything on the card from Taiwan!



Received from Belarus, Netherlands, & United States

A new trio of cards in today:


The beautiful bird card (White-tailed Tropicbird, by John Audubon) came to me from Minnesota, U.S.A., in a swap-bot “art postcard” swap.  The sender tells me she loves my toy photos, confirming her good taste.  The back of the card is covered with an amazing collection of stamps:

postcard067c postcard067cd

Yes, all of the above on ONE postcard!  Incredible.  I’ve never seen most of those.  Cool whale tape, too, though I am not really showing you most of it here!

The Girl with the Citrus Eyes comes to me from Netherlands via Postcrossing (5,516 miles, 7 days).  The sender tells me the words on the front are a Shakespeare quote: “Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.”  I fear I may be both.  The stamp:


Finally, the food card comes from Belarus (also Postcrossing: 13 days; 5,863 miles). The sender writes only, “Many greetings from Belarus!” The rest of the card is covered with pre-printed text, in what I assume is the recipe for this mystery meal.  Sadly, the Belarussian language has a different alphabet from my own, so I am at a loss to translate! I really like the stamp, though: