Very Unusual Kitties: Sent to Belgium, Germany, Taiwan, and the United States

Three new Postcrossing draws going out, plus a swap-bot “assignment.” I’ll start with Postcrossing:


The very unusual kitty is on its way to Wuustwezel, Belgium, to a grandmother who is inordinately interested in fairies.  It’s reflected not only in her wall of favorites, but also in her user name!  Sadly, this is the closest I have to magical & ethereal.  I do like the card, and hope she does as well; it would be a shame to waste such a fun piece of art.

That cliff-by-the-sea scene is pretty darned magical, in my book.  It’s going to Taipei, Taiwan, to a mother of two who I think will like this card, as it fits into many of the categories on her long list of favorites.  She introduces that list of favorites, by the way, with the words, “I compare the affection.”

That tourist Palo Alto card is off to Bonn, Germany, to a 68-year-old man who really likes cards featuring architecture & trains.  The one train card I have is a children’ book cover, & I really think it is way too cute for that Postcrosser’s tastes.

The final card–the Jetoy cat–is going to a swap-bot member in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, for a trade in which something about the card should start with the letter R.  R is for Renaissance-y!