Mark as Logged: Received from England, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Romania, & the U.S.

This time around, I’m sharing some recently-arrived cards, as well as some much older ones that (as far as I know) I haven’t shared previously.  Keeping track is hard!

The “World Famous Brighton Rock” card came from a postal pal in Brighton, England today–and today I learned “Brighton Rock!”  I had to look that up online, because my friend was actually lamenting a familiar situation:

“As for Peanuts postcards, I’m no closer to finding any of them here, so I’ve had to cheat and make my own with stickers that I found in New York last month.  Quite a few of the Hallmark shops where I would normally buy Snoopy stuff from had either shut down or no longer stocked Peanuts merchandise, which was a bit disappointing, but didn’t ruin my vacation!”

Another postal pal, Cindi in Hawaii, knows exactly how to get Peanuts postcards: throw down for mail order from the Charles M. Schulz museum in California!  I love this new “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” Snoopy card.  Make sure you check in at the bottom of this post, for all of the wonderful stamps, stickers, & washi tape from the card’s back side.


The next card shows three guys I am always very, very, happy to see: The Three Caballeros.  It was sent to me from Seattle, Washington, at the end of 2015 for a Postcrossing Forum “request a Disney card” tag, and I haven’t marked it as logged in this space.  The sender drew a fun rubber ducky pic on the back, so be sure to scroll down for that.

Second set of cards begins with another card postmarked in December of 2015, from a Postcrosser in Hong Kong.  She wrote:

“This is a new shop that just opened near my apartment in Hong Kong, and they were giving out some nice postcards.  I hope you enjoyed some dim sum and egg tarts in Hong Kong.  Egg tarts are my favorite!  Also egg waffles.  So good!”

I did indeed enjoy some dim sum while in HK (don’t recall if egg tarts were part of it), and I was in fact looking to buy an egg waffle maker while I was in town!  That didn’t happen, but around the time I received this card, I received one as a gift!  Made some egg waffles just last week, in fact.


That scary, scary monkey card might just have to get sent off to someone else.  It came my way from the Netherlands in a Postcrossing Forum “ugly postcard” trade.  I think this, and 2 or 3 other cards from today’s entry, had been serving as bookmarks!  My poor book!

The snowy card next to the monkey is from a Postcrosser in Japan.  This only goes back to September of 2016.  The sender told me she lives in a small town in the mountains, and she doesn’t have any beach cards, so she decided to send me a snow card.

The last set starts with another snow card, this one recently received from Romania via Postcard United.  The sender tells me:

“I love to spend time in the countryside, where life seems not to have changed in ages.”


We’ve got a food package next, this from another Postcrossing Forum tag, and sent to me from someone in Raleigh, North Carolina, who writes:

“My husband loves lychee and I love mochi.  These were delicious.  Ever had them?  My parents tease me for loving mochi so much.  It’s called dduk in Korean.  They call me a dduk-bo which is essentially a person who loves dduk.  Rice cakes freeze pretty well.

I think it was the weekend before I received this card last month that I’d just been buying fresh mochi treats in San Jose’s Japantown, so this was very timely.

Final card is another from who-knows-how-long-ago, a Postcrossing incoming from Mexico.  There were, as you will see, Doraemon stickers on the back, and the sender explained:

“Here are a couple of Doraemon stickers I was given in Hong Kong at supermarket.  Very nice place and yummy food!  Anyways, this postcard is from my hometown, we have yummy food, too!”

Okay, that’s it for the fronts.  I’ll mark them as logged now, so you won’t have to be bothered with them again.  Now poke around the backsides–so many amazing finds down there this time!postcard014



The Dog is Only Pretending to Ignore that Sausage: Received from Germany, Indonesia, & Romania


The pup was sent to me by my postcard pal in Bekasi Utara, Indonesia.  She had the card printed from one of her own photos, and this is her dog.

The Nuremberg sausages the dog is trying so studiously to pretend to ignore were sent to me via Postcrossing from Berlin, Germany.  The sender tells me it’s “typical German food,” and he also writes…

“There are a lot of different sausages, but for me the Nuernberger is one of the best.  BTW: Nuernberg is a very beautiful Bavarian city!  I like books too and my favorite authors are: Jonathan Frazen & John Irving!”

Finally, thanks to a swap-bot “I’ve Been Here” trade, comes this card from Ilfov, Romania.  Apparently, the sender has been to Bucharest, and she tells me:

“Bucharest is one of the most beautiful capitol of Europe!  If you can come visit us, let me know also.  :)”



I really like those Indonesian stamps.  I am grateful for my scanner, because without the enlarged scans, I cannot make out any of what is going on  in the stamps!  Speaking of which, do you see what is hiding in the center of the German flower? 

I Feel a Rant Coming On: Sent to Australia, Germany, & Romania

I’ve taken a little break from sending postcards, and with only 3 cards currently traveling in Postcrossing (at least one of which I presume lost to the ether), I decided to draw a few numbers.  In doing so, I ran into a couple of my ongoing frustrations with the world of Postcrossers.


That beautiful octopus card is bound for a Postcrosser in Bolton Point, Australia, and I feel horrible about wasting such a gorgeous card on such a Postcrosser.  Her profile is long, but she only mentions her name & region, before launching off into what kind of cards she wants, what kind of stamps she hopes to see on them, and this:

“I prefer to receive cards written IN ENVELOPE if possible.”

NO.  Simply not possible.  Especially not with this attitude:

…don’t bother to send me just two pieces of paper glued together anyhow or cut-out picture from the magazine – I will not register this kind of rubbish. Sorry.

I can’t stand people who say “sorry” when they are clearly not sorry.  Have you ever noticed that whenever somebody starts a statement, “I’m SORRY, but…” they are about to say something rude?  This Postcrosser’s threat to not register Postcrossing materials simply because they do not meet her expectations–well, it should be reported to the site.  For now, I’m just reporting it to you.

Speaking of turkeys, let’s skip down to that card down at the bottom of the image, which is off to its recipient in Neustadt in Holstein, Germany, ALL she says about herself is a mere, “I live in a small town in the nothern of Germany,” and then she launches off into nearly 30 lines of what kinds of cards she wants, and lists of expired cards by year.  For the 2015 cards, she even lists the Postcrossing tracking numbers & user names.  What a… turkey.  These are the times when I wish we could throw someone back in the pool & have a fresh draw.

Lastly, there is the cat card.  It’s going off to someone much less turkey-like in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, who said she might like a cat card.  She does include an extensive list of possible cards to send to her, including the fact that she’s fond of all kind of postcards, but she also puts some profile into her profile, by telling us a few things about herself.  She’s 34, and she enjoys reading, traveling & watching movies.  She also expresses some interest in learning about the person sending her a card:

“you can write me anything from how you feel at that moment to favorite quotes or things that the postcard makes you think of.I would also like to know what your favorite book or movie is.  I look forward to reading you :)”

Well, that’s much better.

Stamps, washi tape, & stickers:


The City of YUM: Sent to Romania & the U.S.

Two cards going out in a swap-bot: “I’ve been here” trade:


This pair is headed for Daytona Beach, Florida; and Rădăuți, Romania.  Yes, I have been to this place, the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas–about 5 times in the space of just over a year, I think!  I was not looking for Ten Thousand Buddhas, but for one great Chinese vegetarian restaurant, and I found it!

This “city” is located on the edge of Ukiah, California, on the site of a former state hospital.  I guess it was a creepy, abandoned place for years prior to its current incarnation; I have a friend who grew up not far from here, and though he also loves Chinese vegetarian restaurants, he has yet to get up the nerve to enter this place that used to spook the locals!

Ukiah is about a two-and-a-half-hour drive north of me, and there’s not much else up in the region, so yes, I did indeed go just for the restaurant: Jyun Kang Vegetarian Restaurant.  And it’s soooo goood!  I especially recommend the “Seaweed Roll, Cucumber, and Carrot with Thai Style Tom Yam Sauce.” Or any of their fried bits, really; healthy in one way doesn’t need to mean healthy in every way. BTW, I don’t know if other people visit Ukiah only for Jyun Kang, but I do know that upon entering the City compound (you drive right under that gate on the top postcard), you stop at the visitor center to sign in (and perhaps buy some postcards?)–and I noticed once in the guest book that the people signing in right before me, also for the restaurant, live in the same city as me!

Stamps, stamps, & washi tape:


Am I So Wrong for Being More Scared of the 2 on the Right? Received from Romania & the United States

A bit of swap-bottery in my mailbox:


So, apparently there is a cereal called Halloween Crunch!  From that little peek we get at the bottom left of the card, I suspect that it contains seasoned Cheetos!  The card was sent to me from Jacksonville, Georgia, part of another chunk-of-cardboard trade.  The sender tells me:

“This is my favorite cereal, Halloween Crunch! I’m eating a bowl right now, and have stockpiled boxes to last me several months after Halloween.  Do you have a favorite Halloween treat?”

I do not.  As I mentioned, I was not aware of “Halloween Crunch,” but I am a fan of the Cap’n.  Though I am not sure of the last time I have consumed it, I am a lifelong fan of Peanut Butter Crunch.  The stuff was not available when I was a kid, at least not in the stores where my parents shopped, so it existed as a rare vacation treat back then.  It tasted better back then.  Heck, the Cap’n looked better back then.

The other card is from somewhere in Romania, part of the swap-bot trade in which we were to list several “favorites.” The sender lists his (I will give the answer, you can come up with the question): Shawshank Redemption, sarmale, guinea pig, purple, Spring.

Stamps, postmarks, washi tape:


Love dat tape.