The Comic Section! Received from Belarus, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, & the U.S.

One of the upsides of being so horribly behind in cataloging my received postcards is that I am at least able to go through the accumulated cards (well, the ones that I can currently find) and do some grouping by theme. This time, it’s some toon-tastic cards, received through all of my current avenues: Postcrossing, Postcrossing Forum, Postcard United, swap-bot, and postcard pals!

First up: B. Kliban! I’m always thrilled to find Kliban Cats in my mail. They surrounded me when I grew up: they were marketed on t-shirts, bed sheets, soap dispensers, calendars, and on & on. The world today could use more Kliban cats. This came to me from a Postcrosser in Cedar Hill, Texas, who saw cards like this one in my favorites.


postcard 375

Every time I look at this image, I notice a new detail.

This Snoopy postcard looks like a piece of original art! The Postcrosser who sent it to me tells me she bought it during a visit to the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

postcard 373

I love, love, love, the style of very-early-era Peanuts art. I was thrilled to get this Lucy (my spirit animal) card from my post pal Cindi in Hawaii. Be sure to scroll down for the stickers, washi tape–and a great Disney Queen of Hearts stamp! And while you’re down there, do be sure to spend time with all of the other stamps, stickers, & washi tape. This is a good post for both sides of the cards I’ve received!

Time to move from Peanuts to Totoro. This wonderful scene came to me from a Postcrosser in Astoria, Oregon, who writes:

I am also a huge fan of Asian cuisine. We lived in Singapore for two years–yum! Ate in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia So much good food–love the crosss-cultural stuff. And lucky now to live on the West Coast–foodie heaven. Food carts are boss. Last weekend ate at a place called DJ’s Vinyl Vegan–it was fabulous. It was part of our weekend eat-fest in Astoria. Also had Scandinavian food at the Midsummer Festival. This weekend too hot to go out. Hope you are getting some good eats!

postcard 372

The other Totoro card came to me from Malaysia via Postcard United, from a sender who tells me that ol’ Totes is their favorite cartoon character.

Next up: a pair of Finding Nemo cards. Let me interrupt myself to say that I was at Disney California Adventure last week, and after many visits having ignored the attraction, I finally went to “Turtle Talk with Crush,” and let me tell you–I am never going to skip over it again! Hilarious! Reminded me of a Paula Poundstone performance (and I’ve been to many).

Okay, the cards. The first of them came to me via regular Postcrossing, from Minsk, Belarus, with the following message:

I am a senior student at Linguistic University where I study the English and French languages and American and British Country Studies. I like traveling, reading books, and birds. I have a monk parakeet (Rudy). He can talk.

postcard 374

The other Nemo card came to me from St. Paul, Minnesota, via a swap-bot “Currently Reading” trade. The sender had a few books going at once, and she listed them for me:

The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter, by Theodora Goss

Enigma: the Battle for the Code, by Hugh Sebag-Montefiore

Blind Ambition: The White House Years, by John Dean

Okay, the last 3 are Sanrio: Hello Kitty Country! I sometimes enter Postcrossing Forum tags where every other person is to receive a Hello Kitty card. Since I do not have any to send, I enter on the receiving rounds…and then promptly say that I’d really love to receive Badtz-Maru (or any one of several other ancillary characters). This first card, sent from somewhere in Japan, stars Badtz!

postcard 375a

The big Hello Kitty card came from Lausanne, Switzerland, and the smaller one made its way from Nakatsu, Ōita, Japan.

postcard 376

Hey, we made it through! now enjoy the stamps, stickers, washi tape, and a few of the messages. Let me know what you liked! I feel really accomplished right now, to have logged 10 more of my back postcards.

postcard 380postcard 379postcard 378postcard 377

The Sun in Finland Only Works Part-Time: Received from China, Finland, & Japan

A nice trio of postcards in:



I’m happy that the Postcrossing Forum “Hello Kitty-Wishlist” trade brought me my favorite Sanrio marketing friend, Badtz-Maru!  Badtz came to me from Yokohama City, Japan, and the sender writes:

“I love penguins, but I can’t believe that Badtz-Maru is a male penguin!  As you may know, Badtz means X, NG, wrong, and Maru means O, OK, correct.”

No, I did not know those things!  I never doubted Badtz’s masculinity, though.

The other two cards are the result of regular Postcrossing draws, and the shark came to me from Tampere, Finland.  The sender tells me that there was no snow at Christmastime, but…

“…now it got really cold, so I guess the snow will come soon.  🙂  With daylight only between 10am-3pm, the snow will light up our lives a bit.  :)”


Finally, from a high school student in Xiamen, China, comes what she tells me is an egg cake, which she tells me is delicious.  Since I can’t read the instructions that accompany the tasty illustrations, I will have to look up the recipe!

Postmarks, stamps, and stuff:


Those stamps from Japan look delicious.

Sent to Canada, Netherlands, and the United States

Three going out, in a trio of swap-bot trades…


Three very lucky people out there in this world…

Pochacco & Friends are on their way to IJmuiden, Netherlands.  This card & the next one go out in a swap-bot “postcard fun” trade.  Directions were pretty specific; they read in part:

“When sending postcards I love to make the backs as extra special as the fronts. In this swap you will send your partner a postcard. This is profile based so please look at your partners profile ! If you haven’t got a wish list or a list of things you like then please make a small one that your partner can use as a guide. It doesn’t specifically have to be a postcard wish list.  On the back you must have the following: The Swap Title. Your Swap ID. 2 or more postage stamps. 1 or more stickers and 1 small strip of Washi Tape or Deco Tape. These can be displayed anywhere you like. Please also add a small note about yourself where you are from and what your likes are.”

–and, ohhh, heck.  I see I am in violation.  I counted denominations to get the stamp combo right:


$1.15 + washi tape. Or as I call it, “tape.”

–but I forgot stickers!  Wait, I DID put a sticker on the next card, because it fit the theme, but the first card just has a pair of ink-stamped images!  AND, my notes–while 14-to-16-lines long–aren’t precisely “about yourself where you are from and what your likes are.” Although they ARE about me & things that I’ve done & things that have happened to me.  WILL I GET GRADED DOWN FOR INATTENTION TO PRECISE FORMATICS?

Breathe, I gotta breathe.

Anyhow, Netherlands.  I saw the recipient liked illustrated cards, so I reached toward my “Animal Box” of 100 illustrated postcards, selected a very nice one–and then saw that the recipient does not like animal potcards. But she does like Sanrio (but not Disney), and I did have this Pochacco! Whew!

You can see that today has been a roller-coaster of emotions for me.

Snoopy & Woodstock are destined for Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to a swapper who listed Snoopy & Woodstock among her many likes.  I purchased this at the Charlie Brown Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, and told her about that experience.

Finally, it’s goodbye to Hello Panda, who is en route to Palm Coast, Florida.  That’s part of a swap-bot food package postcard trade, and as I recently mentioned, I think these Hello Panda boxes are a natural for turning into postcards.