My Sweet Gerbils: Received from Austria, China, & Taiwan

Another day, another 3 cards in through Postcrossing


The beautiful dragon comes from the artist herself, in Beijing, China.  She doesn’t talk about art in her profile, but does say that she loves art history, & collecting illustrations.

The sender of the Italian ad card lives near Taichung City, Taiwan.  Now, I’d rather get Taiwanese content from Italy, than Italian content from Taiwan, but I’ll get over it.  The sender is a four-month Postcrossing member who tells me, “hope you can come here (to Taiwan) and eat snacks in night markets.  People here are friendly.  You live in California, a beautiful place.  One day, I will go there and walk along the coastline.”

And speaking of things I can see along the California coastline: sea lions!  I love them so much.  I took a little drive to the coast & heard their siren calls just days ago.  This card comes from Vienna, Austria.  Yes, from landlocked Austria.  The card was printed over in Berlin, Germany though, and I sure do love it.  The sender tells me that she is 65, and that her hobbies are “book reading, cooking, and my sweet gerbils (2)!” 

Stamps & postmarks:

2015-10-28 17.08.53

Cute & Fuzzy Animals: Sent to China, Japan, & Poland

A few Postcrossing Forum cards today:



The sea otters are off to Warsaw, Poland, to a Postcrosser who had otters on her wish list.  She opted in for the “wish list” half of the “Studio Ghibli – Something from Your Wish List” tag.  She is a brand-new member of Postcrossing!

Snoopy is on the wish list of a trader in Tokyo, Japan who is taking part in the “Far East to America” tag.  She’s the “Far East” half.

The seals & sea lions from the Marine Mammal Center go off to Tongling, China, the “Asia” half of a “USA-Asia” trade.  This Postcrosser included “cute animals” in his wish list–and animals don’t get much cuter than this.

Sent to Belgium, Czech Republic, and Germany

I’ve been letting the numbers of my Postcrossing “traveling postcards” dwindle; it’s time to catch up just a bit!


I would be thrilled to receive these cards, I think they are all so cool!

Working clockwise from the top left, that coastal card goes to a real piece of work in Kamenice, Czech Repupblic, whose profile doesn’t say a horrible lot about himself, but gets into some emotional detail about what he expects NOT to find in his mailbox!

“Prefere to receive interesting and unusual postcard with atmosphere.Please DON´T SEND postcard which are not from your country,no ad cards,no cards with military motive or animals.Thanks … “

He presents a list of things he might like to receive, but is soon back on topic:

“PLEASE NO art, NO selfmade/selfprinted, NO cute or “girlie-like”, NO folded cards, NO sheets of paper(can’t believe that anybody wants to get such “postcards”)- you won’t make me happy with it, PLEASE respect that, thank you! :)”

Okayokayokay!  He DID mention, twice, that he liked landscapes, and thus my landscapey choice for him.  Long list of dislikes leave me deflated, so I was only able to mention a short 10-line message to him (that’s 3-4 lines fewer than my usual average.  The postcard served as its own writing prompt, as the California poppies are in bloom all over right now, and of course I love to go and enjoy the beautiful coastline whenever I can.

That card full of pinnipeds is headed for Dortmund, Germany, to a Postcrosser who lets potential correspondents know:

“I try to draw faces in these times and I need some portraits of people and animals of all kind yet, just to practice practice practice. You will make me really happy, if you find a postcard with portraits of people or close ups from animals. Thank you very much.”

I think this gallery of extreme close-ups of patients at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California should keep her busy!  The center itself is quite busy these days; just moments ago on the radio, I heard yet another update on the rise of baby sea lions washing up on state beaches.

Finally there is that elephant, which if all goes well, will end up in Hemiksem, Belgium.  The Postcrosser there says “I am 46 years ‘old’, but I still feel like 26!” and her list of likes includes .“elephants (pictures and drawings).” At the end of the list is this: “But of course you can send me any card you think I’d like.” This elephant card is the first I’ve sent from a big box of 100 animal art cards I’ve just purchased, and may well be my favorite of the whole lot!

By the way, here are the details of three of my Postcrossing cards most-recently received in their overseas destinations:

* The card I sent to Buxtehude, Germany, arrived in 7 days, after having traveled 5,518 miles. The recipient tells me, “thank you for a wonderful postcard – I love it. I was born and raised near the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, so I, too, love the sea and the beaches and all those amazing animals.”

* The postcard I mailed to Utrecht, Netherlands took 11 days to travel the 5,474 miles to its destination. The recipient writes, “Thank you so much for the card.It’s funny my brother and sister in law are flying of the Mexico tomorrow…Also visiting the beautiful (California) coastal line,where you talking about 🙂 And going to see the elephant seals 😉 …And i’m jealous hope to see them also someday ;)”

* My postcard sent to Taipei City, Taiwan (at the same time as the Netherlands card I just mentioned) arrived after a 12-day, 6,465-mile trip. Its new owner tells me, “thanks for sending the great card! I really like Doraemon!! It’s so cute!!! I hope next time you can have a vacation in Taiwan!!! Taiwan always welcome you!:)”

I can’t wait!

Sent to Germany & Russia

Two more going out through Postcrossing today.  I’ve been letting my flow of cards going out dwindle, and in the meantime, I noticed yesterday I’d made it to 100 postcards sent through the site–which means that they have now bumped up the number I may send out to 11 at a time.  I’m mailing these two out to put me up to 6 out of 11 possible cards traveling.  But enough with the damned stats.


So I’ve now sent just over 100 postcards, but the Postcrosser I’ve drawn in Kronshtand, Russia, has sent over 570!  He’s 55, has been Postcrossing for over three years, and collects postcards & stamps.  He expresses an interest in “postcards with animals, nature, (and) views of your cities and towns…” I thought he may well be interested in this card from the Marine Mammal Center, which has been extremely busy lately with the record number of sea lion pups that have been washing ashore up & down the California coast.  Seems that warmer waters mean fish stay further from the coast, which means mama sea lions must be away from their pups longer, which means pups head into the water for food…

The panda card goes to Buxtehude, Germany, to a teacher of geography & music who describes her hobbies as “travelling, reading, knitting, gardening…taking photographs and music.”  As far as guidance as to what types of postcards she might enjoy receiving, she included “funny cards, cards with meerkats or cute teddy bears, Winnie the Pooh, Paddington bear, cards showing your town or country, cards with artistic photography…”  Yeah, so I think she should like this cute pair exploring California’s Sonoma Coast!