Powering Through the Depression: Sent to Finland, the Netherlands, & Russia

Trying to power through my newly-acquired depressing postcard assortment, I am happy to be sending 3 off to Europe in these new Postcrossing draws.


Those three happy dancers are stepping off to Tomsk, Russia (one of the oldest towns in Siberia), to a Postcrosser who wrote that she would enjoy getting postcards with beautiful men and women (she capitalized that), street scenes with people, and folk costumes.  Think I’ve more or less got that covered, here.  You might also be interested in learning that she loves “Ian Somerhalder, Mickey Rourke, Robert Pattinson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Alan Delon, Heather Graham, Romy Schneider, Tyra Banks, Stone Sour, Twееn Peaks.”

The Postcrosser in Helsinki, Finland says she is interested in ancient history, having studied archaeology and Egyptology. I told her about the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose, California, of which my favorite part is the replica tomb.  A visit to that exhibit is a very immersive, atmospheric experience! Another bit of info about this recipient: she likes classical music, and metal.

That yellow truck is going–by air, I assume–to Jubbega, Netherlands, to someone who says he likes classic cars.  Don’t know if he’d call it a car, but it is a vehicle, and I’m pretty sure one could call it “classic.”  He also states an interesting preference: “*I prefer postcards 10×15 cm*”  I didn’t even translate that, let alone measure the postcard.  I mean, I’m sure you’re a nice guy, fella, but I’m just not gonna measure it for you.

Beasts surrounded by coded speech: Received from Germany, Hong Kong, and Russia


The eerie scene with the blue-glowing trees came my way thanks to a Postcrosser near Düsseldorf, Germany.  Parts of her message are very mysterious: “Music is important for me.  It makes me more.”  Wha’?  And then there is the closing line: “Enjoy your life!”  This is, I think, the second time I’ve received a card bearing this send-off, and each time, I can’t help feeling it might be some sort of a thinly-veiled threat!

The sea lions are more welcoming. They are at an aquarium in Queensland, Australia; the card was purchased during a trip taken by a Postcrosser from Hong Kong, who sent me this card as part of a Postcrossing Forum “marine life and sea creature” tag trade. The sender is a university student who was actually doing some of her studies Down Under, and she tells me, “I enjoyed the time as it was very relaxing.  Unlike Hong Kong, we didn’t have a lot of homework.”

The final card is another Postcrossing Forum tag trade, this time one for food packaging.  What do you think this is?  Some sort of breakfast cookies?  The people are somewhat unkempt, and there seems to be some sort of coffee-for-cookies trade being attempted here… It comes from a sender in Surgut, Russia, who tells me, “at my place there live two cats.”  Uh-oh: more code?



Received from Russia & the United States

A pair of cards worth reading!


The reading dog is a Postcrossing arrival from Novosibirsk, Russia.  This sender thrills me not just by sending a fun card, but actually squeezing in a long, friendly note of substance on the back!

“…I’m from the heart of Siberia–city of Novosibirsk.  I’m pretty interested in your hobbies–they are curious and funny. 🙂  I love reading and I already put the book you mentioned into my ‘must read’ books list.  I also love exotic food, especially Chinese and Indian since I spent one year in China, can say I know a lot about its cuisine. I’ve chosen this funny reading dog for you.  Enjoy it!…”

On the topic of reading, the second card, the card depicting Sikandra, near Agra, is from a swap-bot member in Virginia.  The trade topic had to do with what we read in February, and she recommended Wolf Winter by Cecilia Ekbäck:

“It had me spellbound, an insight to a harsh land and people trying to survive it in 1717 Swedish Lapland.  It felt so real.  One of my favorites so far this year.”

Received from Russia

A new postcard in through Postcrossing!


I love this! The artist is Сергей Белозёров, and more of his art can be seen at belozerov.livejournal.com.

This one comes from Siberia, where the sender tells me that the first snow of the season has already happened, as of October 9!

She also tells me I have an unusual hobby, which is sort of true, and that she likes my photos of marine animals.  This is how she got on the topic of snowfall; her home in Siberia is very far from the sea.