Accio Postcards: Received from Singapore & the U.S.

I finally received a Harry Potter postcard from the Singapore Philatelic Museum!


It’s been 4 months since I drew a pic of Harry Potter on a postcard for their special exhibition, & mailed it off.  I was beginning to think they weren’t going to write back!  Perhaps they were waiting until their new Potter exhibition opened before responding, but they did send the card!  You can read the note they wrote me in the scan below.  You’ll see the museum has its very own postmark.  Cool!  Can’t wait for the next chance to correspond with them–but to be honest, this isn’t as fun as their Peanuts exhibition.  🙂

The other 2 cards are from a swap-bot “modified postcard” trade I recently entered.  The elephants came to me from Greenville, South Carolina, and the super-retro mountain card from San Antonio, Texas.  I think the latter of the two is especially well done.  Still waiting for one more on this trade, but apparently I couldn’t wait to share.

By the way, one of the trees on the mountain card fell off, and I’ve already applied it to an outgoing postcard.  It’ll be showing up again here, eventually.


Another Trip to the Museum! Sent to Singapore

I happened to click on the Postcrossing Blog–something I don’t often do–and I was sure glad I did: I learned that the Singapore Philatelic Museum is ready to send more postcards to snail mailers around the world!  They’ve got a Harry Potter exhibition coming up this fall, and are soliciting postcards from fans.  Send them a Potter-related card, and they will reciprocate (though not with a Potter card; licensing issues, you know).

Harry Potter

When the museum had a Peanuts exhibition some time ago, I sent in a card, and received a nice one in return.  I don’t have any Harry Potter cards, but I chose one of my stamp collages I rescued from the Disappointassortment:

POSTCARD641a to Singapore Philatelic Museum

I thought the museum folks would appreciate that.  On the back, I Potterized things with a quick drawing & recollection.

2016-08-06 11.53.18

You can see some smearing in the address field; that’s another issue with the Disappointassortment: in addition to the cards’ other ills, many of them feature a glossy coating on the back.  Luckily, I didn’t smear the ink as much as I could have.

Looking forward to seeing what the museum sends me in return!  Last time, it was a very fast turnaround, so I should have an answer before long.

Have you ever exchanged postcards with the Singapore Philatelic Museum–or any other institution, for that matter?

Special Collection from the Museum! Received from Singapore

I’ve received my postcard from the museum!


Only 3 weeks ago, I posted about the Singapore Philatelic Museum, its special Snoopy exhibition, and its offer to send “an exclusive museum Peanuts postcard” to anyone who sent it a Peanuts-themed postcard.

I’m excited to have a new & very cool Peanuts postcard to add to my collection–and I really like the stamps!Postcard417

To the Museum! Sent to Singapore

I’ve never been happier to have a stash of Peanuts postcards to send.


I took a rare peek at the Postcrossing Blog, and learned that not only is the Singapore Philatelic Museum holding a special Peanuts exhibition right now; people who send them a Peanuts-themed postcard will receive “an exclusive museum Peanuts postcard” in return!

As I’ve mentioned before, Peanuts postcards are nearly impossible to find here in the U.S.–they are just not made for general use (mine came from making the long haul to Santa Rosa, home to the Charles Schulz Museum & its two gift shops).  It’s funny–you can go into any Hallmark store, grocery store, drug store, or post office & find an array of greeting cards with these characters, but no postcards!  Meanwhile, I am receiving Peanuts postcards from Postcrossers in other parts of the planet–most of those cards pretty obviously licensed & legal.  What gives?  Do Americans just not buy & send enough postcards to make it cost-effective for the licensees, or are they just not daring & creative enough to try–or what?

In any case, I provide this info so that you can send the Singapore Philatelic Museum a Peanuts postcard, if you have one.  Heck, if you send me one, I will send you one back, too!