Giving ‘Em What They Want: Sent to Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, & the U.S.

Some more envelope-making this time, plus plenty of cards, stickers, stamps & washi tape I really like! See anything you like?  Let me know!  Let’s get started.

Tom & Jerry go to Hong Kong, to a Postcrosser who selected this card from those I showed as available…postcard toon Tom and Jerry

…and the bridge view is off to Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, to a Postcrosser who had marked it as a favorite.  So happy when I enter a Postcrossing “favorites” thread, & I actually have a card a member has marked!

postcard a SF Bay Bridge 1

This card from the PEZ factory & visitor center in Orange, Connecticut was chosen by a Postcrosser in Gloucester, Ontario, Canada, who tells me her husband once visited that site & “bought out the store.”  When I went, the items I most wanted were in the display cases!

postcard a PEZ ad

The next 2 cards, along with the handmade envelopes that follow (and some other things I stuffed in) went to pen/postcard pals in Hawaii & Japan.postcard a The Food That Makes Us chicken rice

postcard toon Bugs Bunny




The California map card is going to a map-loving college student in Hong Kong.

postcard a map 6



Dank. Pricey, but Dank: Sent to Germany, Hong Kong,Netherlands, Russia, & Taiwan

I’ve sent five more down the mailbox chute!  We start with two views of Hearst Castle.

The majestic exterior is a Postcrossing draw going to Texel, Netherlands, and the dank interior is a Postcard United draw which if all goes well will wind up in Magdeburg, Germany.



Rapunzel is headed for Hong Kong in a Postcrossing Forum tag.  The recipient likes Disney princesses.  This is a piece of concept art from one of the “Art of Disney” sets.  Have you ever noticed how the concept art (especially now in the digitally-rendered film age) is so often much more beautiful than the final product?


The Smurfs are off to Novosibirsk, Russia (the third-most populous city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg), in a Postcrossing Forum tag that’s all about looking at your partner’s favorites, and sending them a card you think they will like.  I know she’ll like this card, because it was one of her favorites!

Finally, Fremont went off via Postcard United to Tainan, Taiwan.  The recipient was interested in seeing & learning about local geography, so I told him about the winding canyon road near here that has been so often closed due to mudslides in unseasonably-heavy rains.

And so we have reached that time again: time for stamps, stickers, & washi tape:



Sent to Czech Republic & Netherlands

Two of my Postcrossing cards have been received–I’ll tell you the countries they’ve reached & how long they took to get there, but you’ll have to muddle through my blog to the approximate right date to view the card & read the other pertinent, uh, whatever:

A card I sent to Poland has reached its destination, after traveling 5,913 miles in 13 days.

A card I sent to China has found it recipient–finally–after a journey of 6,237 miles and 40 days.

OKAY, so now I get to send out two more cards!


Two young brothers in Drunen, Netherlands–an 8-year-old & a 4-year-old–who apparently like Smurfs will receive my Smurf babysitter card.  Apparently these two run to the mailbox every day, and whenever they receive a postcard, they stick it on their living room wall.

The guitar card goes to a music lover in Prague, Czech Republic.  He’s been Postcrossing about as long as me–since last summer–and according to his profile, is mathematically-oriented.  Truth is, he had expressed interest in landscape cards, but I thought he’d like the guitar better than any landscape I might have in my stash.