A Few of My Favorite Things: Received from China, Japan, & Russia

Three wonderful cards to share this time, representing some of my top favorite categories: toons/toys, food, & animals! One of these arrived months ago, the other two just yesterday, all via Postcrossing Forum tags.

First postcard is this very large one from Yokohama, Japan. I love this old-school Astro Boy artwork.

postcard 313

The sender’s message on the back is intact in the scan below. As you’ll see, she writes of a toy museum in her town. I would love to visit. It made me think of one I have visited, the MINT Museum of Toys in Singapore. It also makes me think I should organize my own toys. Heck, I should organize my everything.

Some delicious food ahead, from Xi’an, China:

They are one kind Chinese pie on this card. There are many tastes: Chinese leek & egg, blanched garlic leaves & egg, Chinese leek & beef, Chinese sauerkraut & carrot. I like the fried taste.

postcard 314

Love that squirrel, sent to me from a Postcrosser in Russia! She tells me:

I love animals so much! By the way, squirrels are very common animals in Russia.

Time for a look at stamps and washi tape! Isn’t this an interesting trio of toy stamps on the card from Japan? I just looked them up, and they are from Hungary (the sender posted this card to me inside an envelope).

postcard 312postcard 315

Sent to Shanghai, China

My first homemade card since my last one!  This is for a swap-bot “handmade postcard swap.” The recipient is an artist who seems to have eclectic tastes & a good sense of humor, so I decided to send her my baby, with which I am very pleased:


Yes, as a matter of fact, I DID bust out the Mod Podge for this. The materials for this collage come from a couple of discarded packages, and a pair of worn-out & retired books.

If you like this kid & his more-famous female counterpart, stay tuned, because they will be showing up in cards I plan on mailing over the next few homemade swaps!


Sent to Seattle, Washington

Okay, this card has nothing to do with Postcrossing or swap-bot; I actually sent it to a friend of mine who is known as a squirrel whisperer.  As I wrote on the back, when I found this squirrel card in my postcard stash, I thought: why would I send it to some complete stranger, when I can mail it to the strange person I know?


I absolutely love squirrels, but I don’t want to feed them. They are brilliant & agile & perfectly able of fending for themselves, plus, I’ve read coverage of incidents at a local park where bold squirrels jumped into strollers to grab the kids’ snacks right out of their little hands. Simultaneously hilarious & scary.

I shared a Facebook link on the flip side of this card to my friend; it’s about a squirrel I heard about last night while listening to NPR.  Sneezy the Penn State Squirrel lets his special human friend dress him up while he snacks.