Today’s Catch: Received from California & Georgia

Two in, both thanks to a swap-bot “sender’s choice” postcard trade:


The sand dollar card comes from Stone Mountain, Georgia.  I appreciate how it seems that the sender might’ve read my profile & attempted to match a card to something I said I like (sea life/beaches).  Scroll down, & you can read the Oscar Wilde quote she wrote on the back.

The other card came to me from a swapper in Sacramento, California.  Look below & check out the cool date/weather ink stamp she uses!

Stamps & stuff:


LOL, I blacked out the word “swapping.”  I must have gotten distracted mid-edit!

Donald & the Mail Art: Sent to Taiwan & the United States


Donald is on his way to Su’ao Township, Taiwan (Su’ao Township, located in southern Yilan County, Taiwan, is an urban township that is famous for its seafood restaurants and cold springs. –Wikipedia).  The card is part of a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag thread.

The next two cards are for a swap bot “not your usual postcard” trade.  All it meant was that we could send anything but touristy cards, but I decided to go the crafty route, with a couple I’d had laying in wait.

The stampy card went to Lowell, Indiana.  Back in April, I sent this one’s twin (identical, though not identical–uh, read on) to Liverpool, New York.  I had created a single collage of stamps, and then cut it into two postcards, sending one out  for a swap-bot “stampcard” trade.  The remaining twin has now also been sent out into the world.

The fishy card is a multiple-birth, too.  This one went out to Stone Mountain, Georgia.  It’s been just a couple of weeks since I created a sextuplet set of fishy cards, prompted by a swap-bot trade instructing participants to make a fish tank postcard.  That first card went out to Enterprise, Alabama.  Here goes 2 of 6; so you can expect to see more swimmers coming through!