Spirited Away to the Sea: Received from Germany, Japan, & the United States

Look at the stamps!  Look at the tape!

2015-10-01 06.04.38a

Look at the big blue blocks protecting the privacy of both sender and recipient!

I love the Peanuts & chipmunk stamps, and the Studio Ghibli tape.  That’s the backside of a postcard I received from Suzuka-Shi, Mie, Japan, part of a Postcrossing Forum Studio Ghibli trade.  Since I have no Studio Ghibli cards to offer, it’s good the other half of that trade is “something from wishlist,” and I had something the person I tagged wanted.  I think this is the first Studio Ghibli card I’ve received!  Makes me want to go grab my copy of Spirited Away & revisit that world.

2015-10-01 06.03.22